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 Lin'drala Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)

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PostSubject: Lin'drala Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)   Mon 30 Jun - 4:41

Name: Lin'drala Nightingale
Guild: Republic of Starlight
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 1.70m
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Long white blonde
Skin: white
Sexuality: Bisexual
Physical condition:
Body is kept in fine shape due to many years of training and dedication, affinity to the force also gives her a sense of well been.
Birthplace: Alderaan
Class: Jedi knight
Advanced Class: Jedi guardian
Skills: Diplomacy, Investigation, Bio-analysis
Alignment: Lawful good
Dedicated and Loyal to those around her. Loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Order. Generally kind and forgiving to others. Can also be fun and enjoy herself when given times of peace. Enjoys looking at beautiful things.
Arisen to Jedi Master Lin'drala seeks to serve those around her so that she might bring peace to the galaxy and end the suffering of so many. She will seek to do only what is right and just. However despite the Jedi code Lin is not afraid or does not frown upon love.
Wears her own personal white Jedi master robes. She also wears a headband given to her long ago, clear for all to see when she pulls down her hood. Wields a Tythonian Master Lightsaber with a magenta colour crystal.
Background story:
Lin'drala was born on the planet of Alderaan along with two other of her sisters. She grew up enjoying the peace and beauty of the planet, her family often tried to keep their children away from the planets political affairs. Her mother and father Kelinara and Marcus Nightingale were however secret allies of House Organa. Lin'drala was one of three daughters, her two sisters are known as Renita and Mileetra. For many years the Nightingale family had no idea that Lin'drala and Mileetra were both force sensitive. There had been no force sensitive member of the family in over three hundred and twenty-seven years. Lin'drala was the oldest of the three sisters. At the age of 11 while playing with her sisters, a rabid Killik stumbled far from its former nest and into the Nightingale home. The creature saw the children and ran at them but Lin'drala held out her hand and managed to some how hold the Killik back using the force, her power had began to show itself to her. The Killik was confused greatly and fled from the area in fear. A Mirilian Jedi consular was visiting Alderaan at the time known as Master Zem Xyana, she felt the event occur through the force and found her way to the Nightingale residence. After several days of discussion and deliberation Kelinara and Marcus finally agreed to let the Jedi master take their daughter to be trained in the ways of the force. Unfortunately Lin'drala was not the only one of the three children to be force sensitive, for one of her sisters held inside her heart a much more hidden and secret darker power which remained hidden for many years. After much training under many teachers, ten years after she was taken she was an official Jedi knight. Sadly the hidden power within Mileetra revealed itself. Mileetra betrayed and murdered the Nightingale family shortly after the war on Alderaan had begun. Renita was able to escape and told Lin'drala everything that had happened. The situation was dire but the remaining Jedi council gave Lin'drala permission to seek out her sister. When Mileetra and Lin'drala finally faced in confrontation, the young girls that both of them knew each other from so long ago no longer seemed to exist. The two sister fought on the planet of Alderaan, the battled between the two raged on for a whole hour until finally Lin'drala gained the advantage by slicing the double bladed lightsaber of her sister in two. Mileetra however would not surrender, she unleashed a storm of force lightning upon Lin'drala. At first Lin attempted to defend herself with her lightsaber, but her sheer power ruptured the hilt of the blade rendering it useless as its vital parts were fried. In turn this caused Lin'drala to counter the dark side powers of her sister by using the force herself. Master Zem had taught Lin'drala the force technique of Tutaminis, which allowed her to defend herself from the lightning attack. The two sisters were locked in combat through the force until finally the energy built up around them and erupted in a huge explosion. When Lin'drala awoke her sister was no wear to be found. She returned to the council who bestowed upon her the rank of master for her resistance of the dark side and loyalty to the order. Lin'drala now a Jedi master forged herself a new lightsaber with a magenta crystal given to her as a gift from her younger sister as a way of saying thanks for not giving up on their family. Since then she has served the Republic ever since, quite often as a military commander. She would stand by the Republic against the empire to whatever end.

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PostSubject: Re: Lin'drala Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)   Tue 1 Jul - 1:14

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Lin'drala Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)
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