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 Marinez Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)

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PostSubject: Marinez Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)   Mon 30 Jun - 6:07

Name: Marinez
Legacy Name: Starlight
Guild Name: Republic of Starlight
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 12 stones
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: short, black
Skin: preach
Physical Markings: none
Birthplace: Nah Shadda
Class: trooper
Advanced Class: Commando
Skills (Crew Skills): artifice, slicing, archeology  
Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies
Personality: Brave, Kind and Caring
Motivations: Reforming the team and bring order to chaos
Gear: Mk-5 medic trooper Armour, assault cannon and medical probes, blaster pistol
Background Story:
Marinez was brought in a military family, Father Blood'Angel and mother Sueki, Marinez had 2 little sister Abyssknight and Youngone for some reason both his sister was force sensitive but he was so he joined the republic force. He had neutral leadership and skills as a soldier as he progress he was notice my the Havoc squad commander and requested him to join the team. During the time he was young and inexperience in many things and learning to be a great soldier took time. As time went by the Havoc Squad was disbanded as most of the squad went AWOL. Marinez became lost and knew i needed answers as he try to find his team but a officer of the republic requested to assist the jedi order and reform my own team, the officer told me another team will be looking for them. Marinez later had this 1st member in this team was Blood'gunner which he grew to love as time spent together helping the Jedi order. One day both was on a mission for the Jedi order helping on taris, something went completely wrong was they both patrolled the caves on the outer city. There was a earthquake and made a cave in. then a Jedi came nearby and help us while we was trapped that's when Marinez met Lin'drala
Personal comment: Good person with a lot of caring.

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PostSubject: Re: Marinez Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)   Tue 1 Jul - 1:14

You may wish to look at Motivation and Alignment, because they conflict each other.

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Marinez Application (Approved 1.Jul.2014.)
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