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 Possible Force Attacks

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PostSubject: Possible Force Attacks   Mon 14 Jul - 8:54

Force Pulse
The user concentrates and lets out a wave of force that locates any living creatures in front of the target up to 50m. Enemy force users can cloud themselves against this.
Required: Force 8
The user sets up a telepathic link with one or multiple living targets. The link can be activated from a distance but is easier when the target(s) is close by and cannot be forced on other force user. The  link can be maintained up to a distance of 1 km. Take note that upholding this has a penalty in combat situations of -1 force for each person. This penalty works for the one upholding the connection and not for the receiver.
Required: Force 5
Judgment sight
This technique lets the user’s eyes glow with an eternal light and allows the user to see in the dark. This technique also bolsters the user’s allies for its powerful effect it gives when seen being used. It is often called Judgment sight because the people seeing this get a feeling of being judged.(Training this unlocks its counterpart Demonic vision.)
Required: Force 8
Demonic vision
An intimidating technique to scare and/or demoralize the target for as long as it is activated. This technique is rarely used by Jedi and often frowned upon because being graded as a grey force ability. By focusing the force in the user’s eyes and visioning the defeat of your enemy let your eyes glow red and gives off a demonic feeling which scares the targets. (Training this unlocks its counterpart Judgement sight.)
Required: Force 8
Language Absorption
You can use the force to (forcibly) learn a language from another creature. If the target is unwilling you have to force your mind on the target’s one.
Required: Force 5
Use on unwilling target: DC Force vs DC targets Willpower
 Last Resort
The user enters a very emotional state while sacrificing defense for speed. The user does double the amount of damage he normally does but receives double the amount of damage when hit.
Required: Force 5, Strength 10
The user project a certain image over to the target. This image can be anything what the user requires. It can be used to hide, confound, distract, disguise, terrify and many other things. The difficulty depends on the size of the illusion and last up to a few hours or until it is broken. This ability can be used on an area or on a single target.
Required: Force 10
Use: Depends on size of the illusion and its target.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Force Attacks   Tue 15 Jul - 23:56

Force Pulse looks like Force Sense to me.
Telepathy is used to communicate with others mentally. I think that penalty is too small for using it in combat. Establishing connection between two minds should not be that easy.
Judgment sight Just turn light on your helmet or activate lightsaber in dark and there you go.
Demonic vision This I can use but I need to change the name and the gameplay and it should be dark side force power.
Language Absorption Language Absorption, I don't see way of implementing this as a force power. First of all, we don't have language system installed, but if anything, this could be turned into an equipment that translates languages.
Last Resort This idea can be used.
Illusion This is related to many mind force powers and needs special dedication.
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Possible Force Attacks
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