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 Zemalia Application (Approved 19.Jul.2014.)

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PostSubject: Zemalia Application (Approved 19.Jul.2014.)    Fri 18 Jul - 8:44

Name: Zemalia
Legacy Name: Xyana
Guild Name: Republic of Starlight
Race: Mirilian
Age: 54
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Height: 1.6 M 
Weight: 67.6 KG
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black
Skin: Green
Physical Markings: Facial tattoos 
Birthplace: Dantooine
Class: Jedi consular
Advanced Class: Jedi Sage
Skills (Crew Skills): Diplomacy, Bio-analysis, Investigation  
Alignment: Neutral good
Personality: Zemalia is kind and outgoing, she acts younger than her age around friends, however she can be just as lethal to her enemies as she can be good to her friends. She is not afraid of a fight and will not back down easily. Her study and dedication to the force have made her very wise.
Motivations: Zemalia is a Jedi master though her loyalty lies more with its continued survival and her study of the force than the specific Jedi code. She is loyal to the Republic and certainly has no love of the Empire itself. Though the study of some Sith relics and the nature of the dark side is also something in which she takes interest. She is dedicated more to the force itself than a specific light or dark side.
Gear: Black Jedi robes, has hood but usually wears it down. Black gloves, scarf and boots. She wields a purple staff saber and a personal datapad holding all her personal records.

Personal background: Unlike the majority of her race Zemalia was not born on the Mirilian home world, her family were in fact peaceful settlers who had taken home on the world of Dantooine.
As many of her race are force sensitive by nature it was no surprise to her parents to discover that their daughter was strong in the force.
Although the Jedi enclave on the planet of Datooine had been destroyed by Darth Malak long ago, some Jedi still made pilgrimage visits to the world, as a quiet reminder of the past events. A lesson that the galaxy should never forget.
Tales of the heroic deeds of Jedi Exile Meetra Surik still carried from time to time among the settlers of Dantooine, how the brave Jedi knight defended the people of Khoonda from Azkul and his pack of vicious mercenaries.
In the very start of her youth the people used to tell their children that if they did not behave, the soul of Azkul would get them.
At the age of six years old Zemalia was discovered by Jedi visiting the planet. Her parents always had good relations with the Jedi and it was a great honour when their daughter was taken to begin her training.
Zemalia's connection to the force greatly impressed her masters, by the age of 10 she was able to lift multiple objects with the force at the same time. 
After many years of training Zemalia passed her Jedi trials at the age of 18, she walked the path of a Jedi consular and created her first green lightsaber.
Zemalia under took many diplomatic missions for the Jedi council acting as Republic ambassadors helping to bring futher worlds into the Republic.
After several years of service Zemalia was made a Jedi Master, she created herself a new lightsaber. A lightsaber with a purple colour crystal, the blade matched her eyes.
Master Zemalia was the one who discovered Lin'drala Nightingale on Alderaan and brought her to the Jedi for training.
Zemalia served as Lin's master for a short while, but after the sacking of Courscant and the destruction of the main Jedi temple Zemalia was called to service too often for many diplomatic situations across the galaxy.
To this day Zemalia remains good friends with Lin'drala and would be more than happy to help her young friend if called upon although their ideals on the force itself are anything but the same. 

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PostSubject: Re: Zemalia Application (Approved 19.Jul.2014.)    Fri 18 Jul - 18:32

Nice to see the first Jedi Consular Sage. Note that you say her alignment here is Neutral Good. That is still light side on the character sheet. If you want neutral on character sheet, her alignment can either be Lawful Neutral, True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.
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Zemalia Application (Approved 19.Jul.2014.)
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