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 Blood'Gunner (Approved 1.Aug.2014.)

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PostSubject: Blood'Gunner (Approved 1.Aug.2014.)    Fri 18 Jul - 12:36

Legacy Name: Starlight
Guild Name:Republic of Starlight
Race: Sith pure-blood
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Weight: 67kg
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Skin: Red
Physical Markings: None
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Trooper
Advanced Class: Commando
Skills (Crew Skills): Biochem, bioanalysis
Alignment: Light
Personality: alittle rebel and with sense of justice
Motivations: Marinez
Gear: Mk-3 Boltblaster armour set, assualt cannon, thermal grenade, Blaster pistol
Background Story: Blood'gunner was a former elite troop squad in the Empire, she left the Empire and defected to the Republic at the age of 19 because after the death of millions of innocent life's under the Empire commanders orders. She joined the Republic tactical Squad for Taris later on. She made many friends and lost many during her stay in Taris till one day she was out on petrol and saw a squad of soldiers being attacks by rakghouls, she manage to save them but the lost was heavy, one of them was Marinez himself, she got along well and did many mission together, later she fell in love with him.
Personal comment: she always refuse to give up.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood'Gunner (Approved 1.Aug.2014.)    Fri 1 Aug - 2:35

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Blood'Gunner (Approved 1.Aug.2014.)
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