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 Sicilia (Approved 7.Nov.20014.)

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PostSubject: Sicilia (Approved 7.Nov.20014.)   Sun 2 Nov - 10:23

Name: Sicilia aka Widow
Legacy Name: Zavara
Guild Name: Republic Of Starlight
Race: Zeltron
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 55 kg
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Pink and White
Skin: Pink
Birthplace: Zeltros
Class: Smuggler
Advanced Class: Gunslinger
Skills (Crew Skills): Artifice, Biochem, Treasure Hunting
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Seductive, Carefree
Motivations: Seeking and enjoying the thrill of adventure and combat
Gear: 2 Rangemaster Blaster Pistols, Black Widow Sniper Rifle

Personal Comment: - While being a carefree person. She is not afraid to use her looks and skills to get what she wants. She believes that when an oppertunity presents itself to take advantage of someone, you have to take it. This is proven by her use of her races ability: Pheromones and the Elixir of Infatuation. Using both on unsuspected beings to obtain whatever that she desires.
- She is able to create the Elixir of Infatuation and carries a few vials of the substance on her at all times.

Background Story: Sicilia was born 17 years ago on the home planet of her species, Zeltros. Following her birth, she grew up in a traditional family. Both her parents were Zeltrons and she had a younger sister, who she spend her entire youth with. When the time came to go to school, it was discovered soon after, that she possessed of an incredible intellect. Opting for a special educational program, she was able to graduate from secondary school at the age of 14. Moving to college she choose Biomedical sciences, following into her races specialty. Coming into the age where her race’s ability Pheromones would activate, she went looking for something exciting. Wanting something else then all the partying and drinking that her race was known for she choose for something more on the adventural side. Knowing of the social standing of her race, she opted for something which she would be able to use to protect herself. Looking for someone to teach her, she eventually found an old friend of her father who agreed to teach her Martial Arts and how to handle a gun. Enjoying this immensely, she combined this with her studies and even learned how to shoot with a sniper rifle.  Something which was rare for her species. Combining her hobby with her studying she was able to graduate on the age of 18 with a specialization in bionics and her races own  unique biological physiology. It is here where she learned to create the Elixir of Infatuation. Using her skills and her looks, she obtained a place in an advanced medical team who did further research into Cybernetical replacements, revalidation and stabilization techniques. Further improving her medical knowledge while also continuing to improve her shooting skills. After 2 years of learning and at the same time working she was able to buy the guns she always wanted to have. Reaching her goal of learning everything she could while being in the team, she left when her contract expired. Now having completed both of her goals, completing her studies and buying the equipment she desired, she left to travel the galaxy, learning with small steps how to use her knowledge and abilities in the field, while not being in a controlled environment.  Helping with her medical skills when the situation presented itself or otherwise learning to finally enjoy her life and her own instincts of having fun. Quickly adapting to the new lifestyle she soon started to use her Pheromones to get whatever she wanted. Because of this she quickly gained the nickname the Widow because of her actions which resembled the animal ( taking advantage of simple minded men and soon after that discarding them) and her own Black Widow sniper rifle she used for when the job called for it. Completing the odd job once in a while she gained the reputation of a dangerous and beautiful adversary who wasn’t afraid to use all of her skills to the highest degree. Her last known contract was a security detail on the planet Coruscant. What happened to her after that is unknown.  

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PostSubject: Re: Sicilia (Approved 7.Nov.20014.)   Fri 7 Nov - 3:46

Finally a Zeltron!

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Sicilia (Approved 7.Nov.20014.)
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