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 Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale

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PostSubject: Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale    Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale  EmptySat 6 Dec - 8:22

A Return Home

Alderaan... a planet I once called home so long ago, now I will walk upon its surface once more, though in truth it is not the first time I have returned home as a Jedi. 
The council acknowledge my leave of absence after the crisis with Brontes ended for which I am very thankful, though I am unsure why I feel the force calling me here once again.
Perhaps in time things will become clear...

Upon landing back on the planet surface I felt a tremor in the force, almost like an awakening I just know something has returned. 
Mileetra is here I am sure of it, though why she would be back here of all places is a larger question to me still.
In her nature of the dark side compassion for a old family home seems unlikely, though still she is only human and perhaps even after all this time the darkness may not have driven the light out of her completely, I simply cannot say.
I think often of the crew of the vigilance beacon, perhaps I should have brought Barracudas with me... Separating from her so soon after such a confrontation with Brontes may have been unwise, even more so now that the battle has changed Axo forever.
That man was truly astounding in so many ways, he deserved better than what he has become, I hope even in the state he was left in at least part of his humanity will remain strong. 

I returned to the remains of my old family home today, though no surprise nothing much had changed since last I was here. The snow had fallen of the ruins of an old life which now feels as cold and lost as the memories I try so hard to cherish, all it seems was in vain. 
A jedi must learn to seperate themselves from the pain, and the emotions... too often we lose ourselves to loss and regret. 
Even if I am able to save Mileetra in  the end and restore her to the light,the fact will not change that she is the one who betrayed our family and destroyed all those we loved.
Forgiveness if the jedi way and even should the time pass that I do forgive her again will not change what she has done. 

I must admit I miss the vigilance beacon, that ship had become more than a ship to me. It is my home, the crew are like my new family. 
Marinez, Blood'gunner, Axo and Barracudas stood by me for so long.
We achieved so much in a short amount of time and I have reflected on it a lot during my time away from them.
The snow is beginning to fall heavily again now, I need to head further on through the mountain past, the feeling in the force grows stronger in that direction.
My personal communicator seems to be unable to make contact with anyone from here, though I did pick up a few strange singles on an encrypted transmission though I do not have the means to decode it from here.
The council will likely send people to search for me if I am unable to send word to them soon, though I fear this may compromise my mission even more. 
Mileetra is a matter I must deal with, it would likely be best if I take care of the issue alone, I do not wish to drag the crew into a personal matter. She would not hesitate to kill any of them and that I will not allow.
May the force guide me...

Barracudas 55
Axo 30
Marinez 20
Blood'gunner 20
Sicilia 5
Jag 0
Ceviran 0
Zemalia 0
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale    Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale  EmptySat 6 Dec - 22:40

The Blood of Nightingales 

Datapad files transmitting...
....                           Codex entry upload complete.

Hello, these are the personal records of Jedi Master Lin'drala Nightingale, I hope you find knowledge in the words you seek.
Many centuries ago, my great great great grand father settled on the world of Alderaan. Our family name was not known and times were peaceful. 
But sadly, that soon changed. A great war came upon the galaxy, The Great Hyperspace War. 
Two republic explorers known as Gav and Jori Daragon came across a hidden evil that would set events in motion that would bring untold chaos to the galaxy even to this day. 
Upon the capture of the two explorers Naga Sadow schemed a plan, convincing the other Sith that invasion from the Republic was inevitable and that Gav and Jori were merely a sign of what was to come. 
Sadow's dream of an empire across the stars ignited as he convinced everyone the only way to defeat this great enemy would be to strike first. 
From a mighty meditation sphere Sadow commanded his forces in the depths of space.
Though has fortune would have it, in response to the Sith Empires Invasion, my ancestor decided to make his own mark on the galaxy even though our name remains mostly hidden. 
Commander Gallex Nightingale, conscripted to the Republic navy from the world of Alderaan several years before the war took up arms to defend the Republic. 
Naga Sadow's forces successfully invaded Coruscant, Gallex stood along side republic forces and the Jedi order, and as chance would have it the Republic forces were able to drive Naga Sadow's forces back to the location of his very meditation sphere at Primus Goluud. 
The star itself went super nova destroying Sadow's battle meditation sphere and Gav daragon along with it.

Sadow himself fled back to Korriban but as he arrived there, he was betrayed from within by Luddo Kresh.
As the two Sith fleets engaged in battle, the Republic fleet arrived catching both of the imperial fleets in the cross fire and successfully wiping out both.
Naga Sadow managed to escape once more but in essence the war was won.
The Senate ordered a mass purge of the Sith, republic forces invaded the red world of Korriban and drove them away into the unknown depths of space.
When asked to take part in the mass purge of Korriban and other Sith worlds, Gallex refused and returned to Alderaan where our family would endure.

Many years passed the Nightingale family continued to live out its days in peace. Taken away from her family a few years after her birth Kinsara Nightingale was taken to the core world of Coruscant to learn the ways of the Jedi and study the force. At first she did not understand, but as she grew with age she took her teachings of the force well and enjoyed her adulthood in respectful harmony, that was  until war once again broke out in the outer rim. 
Under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate, the Mandalorian people undertook a mass crusade resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths across many worlds.
When the Republic and the Mandalorian forces finally engaged the Jedi order did not seek to get involved. 
The Jedi council insisted on patience, declaring war was not the Jedi way and that they should not be involved again. 
Two Jedi knights, Disagreed... 
Revan and Alec two established Jedi knights of the order openly spoke out against the will of the Jedi council. 
They insisted that allowing the outer rim to suffer and die was not the Jedi way and that the Republic would surely fall without Jedi assistance. 
Kinsara was still a padawan, but she was inspired by the ideals of Revan and Alec, the Jedi should defend the innocent from those who would butcher them. 
Her own Master Kel Sandrach at the time had sadly fallen ill and was in a state of a coma. He was unable to try and talk any other sense into Kinsara.

After just a week of crafting her own lightsaber, Kinsara joined with Revan and Alec and several others of the order who all joined the war effort against the Mandalorians under Revan's command. 
Fighting along side the Republic and her fellow Jedi Kinsara was successful in aiding to push the Mandalorian forces back. 
Like many of the other Jedi who joined the cause Republic troops fell under their command. 
Because Kinsara was so young and inexperienced however, she was placed with fellow Jedi Padawan Zendor Naraxus. 
Fighting in many battles Zendor and Kinsara became a skilled reliable team, from young padawans to veteran Jedi warriors forged in the fires of war they fell in love. Forsaking even more vows of the Jedi code and embracing in their desires for each other.

Towards the wars end a huge final confrontation broke out above the Planet of Malachor V. 
Fighting between Republic and Mandalorian forces broke out both in Orbit  and on the ground. 
Jedi General and acting Commander Meetra Surik led her forces in battle against the Mandalorian forces. 
The fighting on the ground was a bloodbath, even for the most experienced warriors such as Zendor and Kinsara survival was not an easy goal to achieve. 
an explosion in the midst of the combat separated the two Jedi lovers and their forces had become split.
A mass of orbital strikes from the fighting above tore the ground apart and many were wiped out from the explosions but the worst was yet to come.
Kinsara and what few of her troopers remained were able to make it to a Republic evacuation point.
Word spread that the order to fire the republics secret weapon the mass shadow generator had been given, panic soon endured and it become every man for themselves as many attempted to flee for their lives.
Zendor continued to dispatch Mandalorian after Mandalorian in search for his love unaware that she had made it to an evacuation shuttle. 
in midst of all the death and chaos Zendor lost all sense of his love through the force. He cannot find her or feel her presence anywhere, rage began to fester inside of him which soon transformed into mortal grief. 
All he was able to find was the remains of her cloak that had been torn off and damaged in the mass amount of explosions that separated them, his passions and grief slowly became void and total darkness. 
Kinsara herself made it to orbit just in time at the heat of the huge space battle, the mass shadow generator was activated the devastation that soon followed...
The gravitational forces along with the raging fires crushed everything, the plant was completely destroyed along with many ships in  orbit. 
Shaken badly Kinsara and her forces managed to escape the blast... her lover however was not so lucky.
Believing the love of his life to have perished Zendor simply knelt down on the ground and waited for his fate, his will to live shattered and his resolve utterly crushed, the mighty jedi warrior lay broken on the planet of Malachor V as the mass shadow generator consumed all life.
It was believed that he simply perished, but as fate would have it the weapon was not successful in wiping out all life... Though the man that lay there on the surface of the planet was Zendor no longer, and soon his hunger would grow... (Nu sua tave jena'tes  visa natura kash vartotijas) 

With the Mandalorian fleet now utterly broken Revan himself took the final fight against Mandalore the ultimate slaying him in single combat and thus finally ending the war or at least so they all thought.
Upon his death Mandalore warned the great Jedi knight that the Mandalorians had been tricked into attacking the Republic by a much greater and dangerous foe... the True Sith Emperor. 
Revan and Alec gathered all the forces they had left and insisted the fight was not yet over, as Revan led his followers into the unknown regions.
Discovering that Zendor had apparently perished on Malachor V when the weapon was activated Kinsara was heart broken , however she felt life inside of her, and she soon came to realise that she was carrying his child. 
Like few others Kinsara went into exile after Malachor V, she abandoned Revan and his cause for the sake of her own child. 
She returned once more to her homeworld of Alderaan to her own family estate. 
Explaining the whole situation to her aged parents they agreed that she could live and raise her child there under the condition that the whole affair remain secret and that she would abandon her ways as a Jedi. 
Having little other choice Kinsara agreed to their terms. She used the force to destroy her lightsaber and burned her Jedi robes. 
More time passed and Kinsara gave birth to two twin boys. 
Fortunately for her it was discovered not long after their birth that neither of the boys were force sensitive and had nothing to fear.

Meanwhile the Republic had become to the verge of collapsing, Revan returned from the unknown regions with his force and Alec transformed, they had fallen under the shadow of the dark side, and now to our knowledge, the shadow of the Emperor himself. 
Revan's will was strong however, the task set before him to discover the star forge was a success, but in the process it broke the Emperor's control. 
Now with a full army and the power of the dark side at his hands, Revan began to forge his own Sith empire. 
Alec became Darth Malak and became the sworn apprentice of the new dark lord of the Sith.
The Jedi civil war that would endure after that would bring the Republic to its knees. 
Fortunately for the Republic Malak betrayed Revan which in turn resulted in Revan's capture at the hand of Jedi Bastila Shan. 
Revan's mind was badly damaged but the efforts of the Jedi were able to save his life and restored him to life with a new memory. 
The Jedi retrained Revan in the ways of the force, and then used him to re-locate the star forge once more. Even when he once again discovered his true identity, Revan remained loyal to the republic saving Bastila Shan from the dark side, and utterly destroying Malak and the Star forge. 
Though overall for the republic this would prove to be a small victory.
As time passed on Revan began to remember more of his former self... He would soon vanish from known space not to be seen again for 300 years.

The remaining Sith forces from the Jedi civil war soon reformed, under the command of the Sith Triumvirate (Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya.) and once again soon began inflicting chaos upon the galaxy. 
Many Jedi gathered on the planet of Katarr to try and resolve a huge disturbance that emerged in the force... Even on the planet Alderaan in her exile Kinsara also felt the disturbance. 
Sadly the gathering of Jedi attracted the likes of Darth Nihilus to the planet. The Sith lord then proceeded to consume the entire planet of all life except for the life of one. 

Nihilus walked on the remains of the planet Katarr and discovered  the one survivor... Visas Marr a Miraluka who's life he spared and enslaved her as a twisted form of apprentice. 
The loss of so much life rippled echoes through the force, And the Sith forces began hunting down and destroying every jedi they could find almost completely wiping out the Jedi order.
Feeling so much suffering and loss through the force Kinsara decided it was best to leave her home on Alderaan. 
As long as she remained there her family and children would be in danger, she would not allow harm to befall them for the sake of the jedi. 

Kinsara bid her two sons farewell and left them in the care of her own family, as always the Nightingales would endure even if the republic should crumble.
Attempting to remain hidden from the Sith Kinsara headed to the outer rim and sought to hide herself on the planet of Kaon.
Unfortunately she could not conceal herself from the eye of a Miraluka. 
Visas Marr sensed Kinsara and a connection to her master from the past, Nihilus too felt the connection through the force but all he now cared for was feeding his hunger, he dispatched Visas Marr to find Kinsara and return her to him so he could feast... 

Visas successfully discovered  Kinsara on Kaon but her own presence was no secret to the former jedi. 
The two exchanged several words, but Kinsara had no desire  to fight and Visas new what her master would do to her.
In the end Visas fell for a ploy by Kinsara, who made a quick motion as if she was reaching for a weapon, Visas responded by striking her down slaying Kinsara were she stood.
The former Jedi smiled as her body slowly fell lifeless to the ground, she allowed herself to merge with the force and would no longer be in danger from Nihilus or any of the Sith.

Visas returned to her master, who was most unsatisfied that she had failed in bringing Kinsara to him alive... He punished her with torture and other unspeakable arts as retribution for her failure.
As the republic and the jedi's struggle for survival went on.
Kinsara's two sons would grow up to have children of their own, as the family continued on Alderaan.
Ffortunatelyfor the Republic with the Nightingales out of the fight for the time, the Jedi exile Meetra Surik returned to aid the Republic and under some guidance of Kriea/Darth Traya. She succeeded in defeating all three Sith of the Triumvirate and utterly wiped out the planet of Malachor V once again with the secret Sith academy hidden there. 
When Meetra Surik defeated Darth Nihilus who finally succumbed to death, the story of him and Kinsara was truly ended... And although it seems something of a tragedy, their children's children would go on to achieve great things of their own and write their own stories among the stars.
The Nightingale legacy endured.

End of records... 

Barracudas 55
Axo 30
Marinez 20
Blood'gunner 20
Sicilia 5
Jag 0
Ceviran 0
Zemalia 0

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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale    Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale  EmptySun 7 Dec - 5:24

The Tears Of Alderaan

Log update...
The force has begun granting me visions, past, present and future it is as though the force itself is evaluating my life.
Memories long forgotten which I now considered irrelevant come flooding back.
A wave of heavy snow fall came over the mountain pass last night, I took shelter in what looked like an old trader hut. 
I have not felt this cut off from the rest of the galaxy in such a long time. Alone here where so much began and so much ended. 
Perhaps it was a mistake to return home alone, I greatly miss the company of my allies. 
I am still not sure why the force has guided me back here... I wondered perhaps if this is a side effect, that maybe Dread master Brontes cast on me, but then no, it cannot be I sense no essence of dread or any of the same disturbances I felt when dealing with her in the past. 

For whatever reason old wounds are been re opened, every time I close my eyes I see the past.
The day I discovered my true power with the force... I was just a young girl, barely in my teens. No snow was falling that day and the wind was never more than a gentle breeze upon my face and through my hair. 
I was outside, both my sisters were there, Renita and Mileetra... We played for hours chasing each other until the light of day began to fade. 
As the last of the sunlight was creeping down behind the mountain side, a Killik seeker, deranged and crazy stumbled out of the trees, I had never seen one so close to our home.
Renita screamed, it tried to grab her. She ran faster than I have ever seen her move at me crying for help.
I yelled at the Killik telling it to go back, but for a moment it simply stood there and did nothing, its cold gaze slowly fell upon me.
Mileetra froze, all of us were in shock we had no idea what to do.

All of a sudden the Killik let out a sort of terrifying screech, I remember it charging us, Renita was holding my hand but then she screamed and let go, the Killik leap at us. I threw my hands in the air and screamed I thought I was done for... but at that moment I felt something in me, like a spark had set a light to a great fire that was about to take hold.
I had closed my eyes, but when I re opened them the Killik had frozen mid leap, it floated harmlessly in the air, and then I realised it was me. I was holding the Killik in the air somehow, the creature no longer screeched in a display of aggression or anger but began to make a new sound of fear and terror.
I made the motion of a push with my hand and shut my eyes for a moment once more. When I opened them again the Killik had flown backwards, but was now free of my grasp. The beast quickly scampered away back into the trees and it would not threaten us again. 
Though... that is when everything changed. 
My sisters were afraid of me at first, never before had they seen such power. Even I was afraid of myself, I had no idea what I was capable of, but then a feeling of safety came upon me as though the force had rapped around me a warm blanket.

When we returned home my sisters told my mother and father everything...  My mother... She immediately broke down crying for reasons which I could not understand why. If I had not been blessed with this gift surely we could have been killed by the Killik.
A Jedi was visiting Alderaan the same day this had happened. She turned up at my house saying she had felt a disturbance through the force, that she had felt my awakening. 
The Jedi Zemalia had found me, she explained to my parents the great risk it would have been for me to remain where I was, untrained and undisciplined I could hurt those who I cared for by accident, and so in the end my parents agreed. 
Zemalia would take me away and I would be trained in the ways of the force.

Renita was very young at the time and could not understand why her big sister had to go away, I remember she cried for hours, each tear drop felt like a boulder crashing into the sea. 
Mileetra was upset too but  in a different way, it always seemed like there was something she was hidden, I guess it was clear that I was right about that.
At any rate the snow should become more clear very soon and I will press on further, I must have faith that the force is still guiding me or it will have all been for naught. 
I must trust that it will guide me for a purpose and that I will be back with the others soon.

Master Lin'drala out.

log updated ended

Barracudas 55
Axo 30
Marinez 20
Blood'gunner 20
Sicilia 5
Jag 0
Ceviran 0
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale    Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale  EmptyMon 8 Dec - 9:09

Music: 4/10
Story: 9/10
Xp Reward: +25

Obviously lot of time and effort invested in this. Not to mention the connection with the lore, and directly involved with the story and time-line history that only person who played kotor series can create this with such depths. I enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to see more. This post can be deleted after your next entry, because it will not fit with the content. While this is not exactly the character's diary, and reaches far beyond what it should have been, it is done more than well enough to earn reward, and serve as an example to other role players, showing how far our creations can reach into the stars if we place ourselves in the eyes of our characters. Great job.
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale    Diary of Lin'drala Nightingale  EmptyTue 9 Dec - 3:51

Cataclysm Of Destiny
The Battle Of The Nightingales 
(prologue and diary entry)

Lin'drala continued her journey through the mountain pass, following the calling of the force. Soon the snowfall became heavy once again and the path became hard to follow. 
She continued to press on against the flow though eventually the route ahead became blocked, 
it seems she had become lost from the path as there appeared to be nothing from a rock face in front of her. 
"Impossible... I walked this route many times in the past...ugh!" She holds her head in frustration.
Suddenly her mind is filled with more images from the past...

(flashback start) 
"They were our family... And you betrayed them... You murdered them!"
A figure in a black hooded cloak, stood before her with her back turned. An ignited red staff saber in hand, as the building and dead bodies lay burning around them.
"Hahahahaha!" A twisted evil laugh echoes through the air, though the figure does not turn around.
The women speaks. "Seems now I have a new family... One that grants me unlimited power to crush whoever I please." holding her staff saber with one hand, the hooded figure raises her left hand into a fist as a spark of purple lightning chargers over her, clearly displaying her confidence and power.
Lin'drala ignites her own lightsaber "Why! Why would you do this!?"
The hooded figure brings her left hand back down and falls silent for a moment, the sound of her voice suddenly changes and she replies, "Oh come now sister, for fun of course!"
Mileetra suddenly grips her staff saber with both hands she turns and leaps at Lin'drala spinning through the air she goes to strike her. (flashback ends.) 

"Huh... what..."
Lin opens her eyes, she was still knelt down in the snow... She recognised an opening in the rock formation she didn't see before. The snow was still falling all around, wisely she headed into the passage to take further shelter.
Once inside she touched her face for a moment to focus then pressed on. 
The calling of the force was beginning to feel unstable to her, the echoes and disturbances caused her much turmoil.
The passage led her deeper onward inside the cave passage through the rock face. There were blue and purple crystal formations around her. 
Such tunnels were usually infested with Killiks, it was surprising to see one so untouched.
Lin made her way close to the cave wall, she slowly reached to touch one of the crystal formations when she was hit by another flashback once again.

(Flashback start)
"Oh come now big sister is that all you have, has it been so long since we played together." Mileetra laughed mocking her in the midst of combat. 
She rotated her staff saber in a motion of circular flurries towards Lin'drala who was sharp on the defensive.
Her blade locked against that of Mileetra's. 
"Your taunts will not succeed in breaking me, while you have allowed yourself to become corrupted I stay true to the light, your falling has caused you to destroy all of those who loved you, and in doing so you are destroying yourself."
Mileetra took no notice of Lin'drala's words of the light side. 
Their battle raged on, Mileetra displaying her acrobatic astounding offensive with her staff saber while Lin maintained an almost unbreakable defence. 
The fight escalated to the very cliff side not so far from their family estate. 
Flashes of collision as their blue and red sabers collided again and again.
Suddenly in a crucial strike, Mileetra's over offensive gave Lin an opening.  Lin'drala quickly countered one of her sisters strikes and was able to sever her staff saber in half with a slash of her own, Lin followed through with a sudden kick knocking Mileetra back, her hooded cloak fell back showing her red eyes and corruption of the dark side. Lin pointed her blue blade down at her standing victories in their duel. 
"Surrender now Mileetra, it is not too late... forsake this madness and embrace peace, face upto what you have done I can help you."
A devilish grin came across Mileetra's face as she burst into laughter... "You think you have won?"
Lin had her lightsaber pointed at Mileetra still, "Please... dont make me strike you down."
Mileetra's grin and laughter suddenly stopped, her corrupted eyes stared into that of Lin's. 
"You poor ignorant fool you cannot even comprehend my power!" 
Suddenly a blast of lightning fires from Mileetra's hands, Lin is barely able to defend from the attack with her lightsaber rendering it useless, but also the sudden burst of light was blinding. 
When she looked again Mileetra was simply gone... (flashback ends.)

Again Lin re opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She looked onward, and continued her way into the caverns. Ahead it appeared the cave grew and opened up into a huge chamber where yet more of these crystal formations remained.
Lin made her way into the chamber, suddenly her senses became much more clear as if they were been amplified. 
In the centre of cavern a grey hooded figure knelt down in meditation, the robe was slightly torn. 
Lin'drala slowly made her way towards the figure who seemed to either be unaware or apathetic towards her presence. 
"Hello...?" Lin spoke making sure her presence was known. 
The figure before her did not respond until Lin was only several meters behind her.
Slowly the figure arose to her feet and pulled down her grey hood, revealing her black long hair. She turned around to face Lin.  "Hello sister..."

"You!" Lin quickly reached for and ignited the magenta blade of her lightsaber bringing it into hand.
Mileetra simply took a stance of thought for a moment bringing her hand to her chin and slowly rubbing it for a moment before speaking. "A new colour it seems, very pretty big sister just like you." She chuckles with coldish intent. "It seems my little trick last time did not damage that pretty face of yours too much... Though I suppose now its my turn." 
Mileetra pulls out a new staff saber she had forged, the new power crystal visible in the middle behind a decorative looking core. 
She ignited both ends of the blade, two furious beams of purple energy emerged from both ends. She held it out in a stance similar to that of the temple guards in her left hand clearly displaying her pride in its creation... "Rather pretty too wouldn't you say?" She smirks.
"What are you doing here Mileetra... Why have you returned?"
"Why dear sister... I was waiting for you of course, surely you have felt it too or you wouldn't be here." she laughs understanding that Lin is completely lost.
"Explain yourself..."
Lin responds in a serious voice not allowing the childish antics of her sister to throw her off focus. 
Mileetra looks back at her bringing her lightsaber back down to her side. 
"Oh very well guessing games can be rather dull after all. You are here and I am here because the force has willed it for it to be so. The past has never left your heart and mind trapped in that moment so long a go, and unfortunately it has not left mine either seen as you just couldn't be a good little girl and die." 
Mileetra sighs. "Still I guess its more fun this way and after all I am sure we would both rather be finally rid of this annoying bond."
Lin'drala shakes her head. "It doesn't have to be this way... sister, we grew up together just let go of your hate... Why do you hate me so much that you would destroy everything we once held dear?"
Mileetra suddenly grows angry as if she took offence to the very mention of their childhood, "Because you are weak! And yet you have dabbled in powers far greater than what you should have been able to wield. Your pathetic sense of justice and self righteousness disgusts me, and despite all your dedication to your so called light you still could not save our family and you still cannot see... I shall restore our families name to greatness in the galaxy as I crush you and your precious Republic!"
Mileetra suddenly rushes Lin'drala with great speed... their lightsabers clash briefly but Mileetra quickly hits Lin'drala with a quick backhand slap knocking the Jedi master off balance staggering her.
"Pathetic fool..."
Mileetra suddenly channels lightning through her body down through her hands into her staff saber, she brings the blade up high and quickly spins it with immense speed unleashing an overloading blast at Lin knocking her flying backwards. 
Lin smashes into one of the crystal formations, and Mileetra jumps down watching in amusement.
Lucky for Lin she was just able to avoid direct impalement from the crystals, though her side was slashed rather badly.
She crawled back to her knees amazingly still holding her own lightsaber gripped firmly in her hand.
"Aww still alive are we..." Mileetra laughs, "I suppose you always were a stubborn one." Mileetra de-activates her staff saber and places it back in her grey robes. She begins channelling her energy into a final blast to finish off her sister when suddenly the ground begins to shake, followed by the sound of a huge explosion.
Crystals suddenly began to fall down from the ceiling smashing onto the ground. 
"What in the... Damn it, it seems entombment and bleeding to death will have to do for you after all. Farewell big sister, I do hope you find the apparent peace of the force you desperately seek for as you die." Mileetra laughs once more then suddenly vanishes into the shadows of the cavern.
"Ugh stop..." Lin clutches at her side, managing to barely stumble to her feet, leaning against the wall she attempts to make her way out of the cavern as the walls continue to crumble and the crystal formations smash down onto the ground.
After a painful and frightening few minutes Lin was able to make her way back to the entrance in the rock face, even successfully defending herself from several crystals with her lightsaber even while wounded.
She stumbled outside into the open air but fell down onto her front. She crawled forward through the snow away from the cavern as the rest of it crumbled away and became sealed. 
Lin pulled out her holo recording device activating an emergency message on a republic frequency, but it was unlikely that it would reach anyone through the interference that was causing her problems before.
She activated her personal log... 

Log entry...
It seems my fears have been truly brought into realisation, my sister was indeed here and it almost seems as if the force has guided me to my doom... My sister attacked me in our confrontation successfully catching me off guard, I have sustained quite a bad injury, I do not know if I will be able to make it much further though I shall trust in the force.. *cough* *cough* I am not afraid, should my body succumb I shall embrace peace.
My padawan I now speak directly to you. If you find these words then be mindful, I shall always be with you and I shall always watch over our crew... our family. 
It was an honour to have taught you and my only regret is not trusting you with the information of where I went before I left. 
You will become a great Jedi do not ever let doubts way you down, be forever aware of the dark side but do not give into despair. 
Wait I... I think I hear something... In the distance... (Encodes distress signal that Axo maybe able to detect should the Vigilance beacon be brought into Orbit.)
I shall leave this data packet hidden here, you should be able to figure it out you are smart.
To the crew of the Vigilance beacon I hope you all continue the fight For the Republic... 

Recording end...
Encoded files Broadcasting... (Help me Axo... You are my only hope...)

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A Masters Revelation

Lin'drala knelt down near the camp fire she had made. She looked across the way Mileetra lay there still sleeping. It would seem either the sedative Sicilia had given her was working, or perhaps her injury itself was still keeping her from awaking.
Lin took a deep breath before looking back into the fire. 
She closed her eyes and the words of the Jedi code came into her mind. 
"There is no emotion,there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There... there is no death. Only the force." 
She spoke softly to herself, Lin re opened her eyes expecting to be looking back into the flames of the camp fire. 
Instead she found herself looking back at the flames of her old home, the Nightingale estate Mileetra had destroyed. 

Lin looked around... she suddenly spotted a white haired woman approaching the burning estate. 
Her robes... Her lightsaber... it soon became clear that she was looking at herself. 
After the confrontation with Mileetra and her escape, Lin returned to the devastation that her sister had caused. 
She watched as her younger self drew slowly closer and closer. Tears were falling down her face. 
Her young self past right through her... 
"My family was murdered by someone I held so dear in my heart... I remember I had never felt so alone in the galaxy."
The young Lin'drala made her way to the remains of her dead parents.
Suddenly the flames of the burning estate were gone. Night became day and the fallen bodies were gone. 
Lin'drala turned. She saw her young self standing on a hill near by that overlooked her estate. She made her way over to her. 
The memories came flooding back to herself, she remembered as she cleared the dead from her home. 
She carried each of them one by one and berried them, she took both of her parents to the hill and berried them both together. 

The young Lin'drala stood there at the grave of her parents.
"I'm so sorry father... mother... I failed you both... I could not save you."
She fell to her knees. Again more tears came down her face. 
Lin was about to walk over to herself and place a hand on her shoulder when suddenly another figure in a black robe walked past her. 
This person did exactly that, a green hand emerged from the robe of this newly present Jedi as she placed her hand on the younger Lin's shoulder.

"It was not your fault Lin'drala you were not present here when your sister attacked there was no way you could have known in time."
A younger Zemalia stood present, providing support to her student. 
"Even so... I couldn't stop her, Mileetra escaped. I failed."Lin looked down at the graves.
"No, you have been successful in more ways than you know, remember what I taught you. True light is only ever defeated what it allows itself to be overcome by darkness. Such is the darkness that overcame your sister. Despite her actions you did not strike her down in hate or revenge. You have resisted something that would break most."
The young Lin looks up at her old master. 
"But they are still dead... resisting the dark side or not will not change that."
Zemalia moves her hand from Lin's shoulder and onto her face wiping away the last tear that was slowly streaming down her cheek. 
"There is no death, only the force... We should rejoice for those who merge with the force. Do not let emotion be your only guide for the path it will lead you on will sometimes lead you to no where at all."
Lin slowly rises to her feet. "You.. You are right they are at peace now, but still... how did you know to find me here?"
Zemalia smiles at her. "We are connected you and I as so often happens with a master and an apprentice, though I was not the only one who was looking for you and I did not come here alone."
"What do y-..."
The young Lin suddenly turns around, it looks as though her younger self is looking right at her until another figure makes it way through Lin'drala. She walks closer to the two Jedi and the graves and slowly removes her hat. 
Lin'drala says in disbelief... 
Renita takes one look at her older sister and at first says nothing... she throws her arms around her hugging Lin.
Zemalia steps back and bows her head respectfully silent at the reunion. 

"Dear, dear little sister... its really you."
Lin slightly pulls back to get a look at her, it had been many many years since they had last seen each other. 
Renita smiles. "I missed you Sis... things really did fall apart after you left... I wish we were meeting under better circumstances."
Lin turns to Zemalia. "How... how did you find each other?"
Before Zemalia can answer Renita speaks. "Searching for you of course..."
Zemalia nods. 
"It is the will of the force that brought you back together for this moment, no mere chance could have forged the right circumstances."
Renita and Lin both turned back to the grave of their parents. 
"It has been so long since I was home and saw either of them... Father never forgave me when I left home after refusing to marry. Still I hope they at least find some peace together now at the end."
Lin takes a breath and speaks. "I am sure they have but still this is not the end... We are their legacy. We must go on."
Renita pats Lin on the arm and slowly starts to walk away. 
"The Jedi... the Sith... and the Pirate. Hmmm great legacy."
She says in a small form of her amusement. 
"Pirate?" Lin says in shock. 
"Hey come on now sis... girls gotta make a living somehow besides, dancing is not really my thing, and oh by the way."
Renita pulls out a shiny magenta crystal from the pocket of her long coat and throws it over to Lin. 
"Here a little something I picked up a long time ago. I always planned on giving you this some day."
Ren puts her hat and face covering back on.
"Thats it leaving so soon?" 
Lin says holding the Magenta crystal. 
"Yeah sorry Linny you know how it is, no rest for the wicked and all that. Though I promise I shall try to keep in touch when I can." She winks at her then turns to Zemalia and tilts her hat at her as a gesture of respect.  
She turns to walk away and takes two steps before stopping again briefly and looking back at Lin. 
"Oh and for what it is worth... Thank you... for not killing Mileetra. I don't know if you will be able to help her but still all the same... thanks."
Lin manages a smile and nods at Renita who turns back around and takes her leave. 
Zemalia retakes her place back next to Lin. 
"Let this be one final lesson I have for you my old friend. In this galaxy, there are other powers the can be just as strong as the force itself. Family is one of those things, always remember that... For even when they merge with the force you are never truly alone for the force is always with you."
The Mirilian Jedi master suddenly turns, she looks directly at the Lin'drala who had been watching the images of the past unfold before her eyes. 
The younger Zemalia smiled at her before the light of the sun suddenly burst into a flash of white light covering everything... 

Lin suddenly takes a deep breath as her eyes re open. She was looking at the camp fire. 
Quickly she glances to check on Mileetra who was still laid sleeping. 
Lin takes another breath and thinks for a moment. 
"I know what it is I must do."
She speaks quietly and softly... "I, forgive you. My Sister."
Her eyes close again as she returns to her meditations awaiting to see if the crew of the Vigilance Beacon will be able to find them.

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Days Of A Padawan
The Shadows Of Voss

As the doors of the council chamber opened, Lin'drala and her master Zemalia made their way inside. 
The Jedi council had summoned them personally, the situation seemed most urgent. 
"This isn't going be one of those formal council check ups is it master? I promised a friend I would help him with his lightsaber training while we are back on Tython."
Lin'drala asked in curiosity.
The mirilian Jedi master looked down at her padawan and smiled. 
"Already eager to teach others while still learning yourself?" She shrugged as they slowly walked into the chamber. 
"Right now your guess is as good as mine but we are about to find out, patience now." 
Lin'drala nodded at Zemalia. "Yes master." 
The two of them made there way into the middle of the council chamber were several of the orders highest master were sat waiting including the Grand master herself. 
Two of the council members were already in discussion it seemed. 
"You are jumping to conclusions Master Braga! We do not know anything of their intentions just yet."
The Kel Dor Jedi master shook his head "Nonsense, their cryptic approach to the whole affair clearly shows there is more to the matter than they are letting on."
The Togruta Jedi master expressed a look of disbelief. "The Voss people are renowned for been a mystical culture. Their connections to the force along with their peoples' ways confuse many. Including you it seems" 
The third Master present who was Master Jaiden simply face palmed and sighed while the other two were in debate. 
"Please enlighten me as to when you became an expert on the Voss people Bela Kiwiiks." 
Braga crossed his arms. Before either of them could speak further Grand Master Satele interrupted. 
"None of us are, that is why we cannot allow this oppurtunity to go to waste. Master Xaraya and her padawan have arrived."

Zemalia and her padawan both bowed before the Jedi council. 
"You summoned us masters?"
The 4 council masters turn and look at the Master and her padawan standing before them.
"The council has received a very important message from the people of Voss. Here study and see for yourself." 
Satele waves her hand and the holo device activates replaying the message so that Zemalia and Lin might hear. 
The blue holo image of a male Voss appears and he speaks his message to the Jedi. 
"Hello and respectful greetings members of the Jedi. I am Toron-Ka honoured mystic of the Voss people. How much you know of our ways to me is uncertain but know I was granted a vision. You shall send two Jedi to the Voss, the vision showed me both of our peoples learning and trying to understand each others ways. Voss rarely welcome outsiders but this case demands that we make an exception. I eagerly await your response and to meet the Jedi you send to us. Toron-Ka out."
Zemalia had brought a hand to the side of her chin while studying the message. Lin'drala could not help but feel a sense of excitement as she watched it. 
"As you can see this is a very rare situation we have found ourselves in, usually the Voss are very sceptical about meeting with Jedi, their own culture means a lot to them." 
Master Kiwiiks also spoke "I have read some of your work on interpreting the force Master Zemalia. Your theory of the force been constantly whole and never actually divided into light and darkness is why I suggested to summon you here and to send yourself and your padawan on this mission. The Voss people themselves are what you would call following a grey path, they do not aspire to either the light or darkness." 
Zemalia smiles at Master Kiwiiks "You honour me master thank you."
Master Tol Braga shakes his head. "Such ideas and theories are not the Jedi ideology itself. We should send someone who's beliefs are more clear such as one of the head Jedi librarians
to ensure the Voss are given a... correct. Understanding of our ways."  
Kiwiiks quickly responds and her and Master Braga engage in a few more debated words while Master Satele turns her attention to Lin'drala.
Lin smiles as she sees the grand master looking at her. Satele speaks.
"And what do you think Padawan Lin'drala?"
Lin is caught rather off guard by the question been asked to her, but she thinks for a moment and quickly gathers her thoughts. 
Hearing Satele speak Braga and Kiwiiks also looked at the young Jedi as did her own master.

Lin'drala softly responds. "The force is a part of all living things, The Voss want to hear our knowledge as well as share their own. The light can act as a guide to all who wish to follow it but we must also remember patience and not to offend people for their ideals after all our goal is to bring peace not conquest over philosophy." 
Satele smiles at the padawans response. Zemalia cannot help feel impressed by her student. 
"I think those are some of the wises words to grace the council all morning." 
Master Kiwiiks bows her head respectfully as does Master Braga. Master Jaiden cannot help but smirk in a form of agreement. 
"Indeed young one very well spoken indeed."
Lin'drala bows in respect of the comment. 
"Well then I believe it is settled, Master Zemalia and Padawan Lin'drala shall go to the Voss people and fulfil the vision of the Voss mystic Toron-Ka. May the force be with you on your task."
The council all stands and bows in agreement, Zemalia and Lin'drala do the same. 
"We shall not fail you masters." 
Zemalia and Lin'drala both arise and take their exit of the council chambers.

Master Braga cannot help but give Zemalia a concerned look as she leaves the chamber. 
"A strong padawan... no doubt... But I take concern with the master, such Gray Jedi beliefs are dangerous and often expose one to corruption... I do not trust her."
Satele turns to her fellow council member. 
"Only time will truly tell, for now we have other concerns to take care of. I can only hope that you are wrong."

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Days Of A Padawan
The Shadows Of Voss

Lin'drala and Zemalia's shuttle emerged out of hyperspace at the Planet of Voss. 
"Master Jedi, we have arrived." The pilot announced over the intercom. 
Zemalia and Lin were both knelt down together in deep meditation in Zemalia's quarters. 
Hearing the announcement Zemalia broke from her meditation.
She slowly arose to her feet and replied over the intercom. 
"Thank you Captain, we shall prepare to depart."
The Mirilian turned her attention back to Lin'drala who was still knelt down. She placed a hand on her shoulder. 
"We have arrived my padawan, come let us make ready."
Lin'drala's eyes flickered open, she took a deep breath and arose to her feet. 
"Yes master... Though I was wondering something." 
She looks her master in the eye. "Why do you believe that the force is not split between light and darkness?" 
Zemalia smiles. "The force consists of light and darkness this is true, but I believe it is a simplification and perhaps a misunderstanding to say the force has both a light and a dark side. Those of us who wield the force may certainly have a light side and dark side but the force itself is well... the force. Otherwise we are saying that the force itself by nature is in conflict with itself, which then aspires to suggest that peace is indeed a lie... Which in turn gives our enemies greater reason to make war. For true peace there must be balance. Perhaps our time with the Voss here will help you understand that the galaxy is not all simply light and darkness."
Lin'drala thinks upon her masters words. She can see the wisdom in her point. 
"I see, thank you I shall try and maintain an open mind as we speak with the Voss."
The master and her padawan readied themselves as the shuttle came down to a landing in the city of Voss-Ka. The shuttles landing ramp descended and Zemalia and Lin both disembarked.

"Hail and most respected greetings Jedi. I am Toron-ka, the one who foresaw the vision of your coming here."   
The Voss mystic had come to greet the Jedi in person as they arrived. 
Zemalia and Lin both bow in respect. 
"Honoured mystic of the Voss people such a privilege this is to be met in person by a Mystic. I am Jedi Master Zemalia Xaraya and this is my Padawan Lin'drala Nightingale."
Toron-ka nods respectfully then gazes at Zemalia, she smiles at him. 
"Is something wrong?" 
The Voss Mystic blinks then quickly answers. "Oh no please I ask forgiveness. It is just I have never seen a Mirilian in person before. Your tattoos are very aesthetically pleasing."
Zemalia laughs. "Thank you Toron-Ka your words are most kind."
Again he nods in respect. "If you would please follow me, we have much to discuss. I have authorized us transportation to the Shrine of Healing. We can begin our discussions there."
The Mystic turns and makes his way to a speeder that will serve as their transport. The two Jedi follow behind him. 
Lin'drala smiles to herself quietly. "Master I think our Voss friend may have a crush on you."
Zemalia shakes her head. "Now now, stay focused my young padawan."
The three of them together made their way inside the speeder and before long they arrived at the Shrine of Healing. 

"This is a very beautiful planet." Lin'drala said. 
Toron-Ka smiled and turned to the young Jedi padawan as they were entering the Shrine of Healing. "Indeed the Voss have always aspired to be a people of peace and tranquillity but sadly even the most beautiful of objects still cast their shadows."
The Mystic and the two Jedi continued to make their way down the long hall into the Shrine itself. 
Suddenly there peaceful visit was interrupted. 
"Get outta my way!" a huge beast of a creature grunted as it sprinted round the corner pushing past Zemalia. 
The creature pushed her off balance but Toron-Ka was able to catch her before she fell to the ground. 
Other voices soon started to echo around. "Thief! Gormak in the Shrine of Healing! For shame! Destroy the intruder!" 
The Yells came from several of the Voss security at members at the Shrine who were in pursuit of this creature. 
Lin'drala quickly reacted activating her blue lightsaber she ran after the beast. 
"Hold it right there!" She yelled. 
"Wait Lin'drala hold on!" Zemalia got back on her feet and activated her purple lightsaber. Her and Toron-Ka ran after the young padawan. 

Lin'drala had chased the Gormak outside of the shrine it self. She watched as three more of the creatures appeared in the distance. 
Seeing that the creature had no intentions of stopping Lin'drala threw her lightsaber with the force which slashed the Gormak's leg causing it to topple over. Lin'drala's lightsaber span safely back into hand. 
In response the three other Gormak Charged at Lin'drala to recover their own. 
"Argh! We Kill outsider! Corruption must be removed!" 
The Gormak began to fire their weapons at Lin'drala. "Uh oh... that is not good... I have a bad feeling about this."
She fell back onto her defensive Soresu stance deflecting the blasts of energy back, one of the Gormak seemed to be wielding a heavy cannon which was laying down some heavy fire. 
The Injured Gormak started to crawl away towards the other three with whatever it was they had stolen.
Too busy deflecting away the blaster fire the young padawan was unable to continue running after him. All of a sudden one of the Gormaks threw a strange beeping device at Lin'drala. It was a thermal detonator! 
The beeping intensified as it came down and roll on the floor in front of Lin'drala.
"Ermmm...." Lin was still deflecting the blaster fire as the detonator exploded. 
The Gormak laughed and cheered but then the dust from the blast cleared. 
"Master!" Lin'drala yelled. 
Zemalia had force leaped in front of Lin'drala and successfully resisted the harmful energy of the blast by falling back on her knowledge of Tutaminis. 
"Grrrrgh! Corruption!" The Gormak yelled, they quickly turned tale and ran seeing they were outmatched. 
Both the Jedi de-activated their lightsabers. "Lin'drala are you alright!" 
She turned and quickly examined her padawan. 
"Y...Yes master I'm fine... but the Gormak got away."
Zemalia lets out a sigh of relief. "Next time my dear child when I shout for you to wait, then wait! A Jedi's life maybe sacrifice but that does not mean we should rush to our demise."
Lin'drala nods "I'm sorry master please forgive me." 
Zemalia smiles and puts her hand on the shoulder of her padawan. "You are unharmed and there is nothing to forgive. You are young and brave my friend but remember bravery and rash action may often travel hand in hand."

Toron-Ka finally caught up with the two Jedi. "My friends are you unharmed!?"
A bunch of several Voss soldiers followed closely behind him. 
"We are fine but the Gormak it seems were able to escape."
Zemalia replied. 
"They will be heading back into the Gormak lands, we shall pursue them!"
The captain of the Voss soldiers yelled. They made their way passed the Jedi after the Gormak. 
A messenger from the Shrine had sprinted all the way out to Toron-Ka and the Jedi. 
"Mystic Toron-Ka! Mystic Toron-Ka! Please return to the shrine at once, your sister was injured in the Gormak break in."
Toron-Ka froze for a moment in almost disbelief, without  a word he began sprinting back to the Shrine of healing. 
Zemalia and Lin'drala looked at each other concerned and quickly followed after him. 

When Zemalia and Lin'drala made it back to the shrine of healing, an older looking voss in grey robes was waiting for them. 
"Over here Jedi. Come."
Toron-Ka had already made his way inside to see to his sister.
"But what about Toron's sister?" Lin'drala asked.
The old Voss turned and look at her. "Do not worry yourself outsider, my daughters life is in good hands. Now come speak to me."
"Your daughter... So you are Toron-Ka's father?"
The Voss nodded at Zemalia. The two Jedi followed him into one of the chambers of the Shrine. 
"Please sit." He asked of them. 
Lin looked at her master and they both sat down on the floor of the chamber. 
The old voss pulled down his hood and turned to face them. 
"I am Domon-Ka a high shaman of the Voss. As you have guessed Toron-Ka is my son and is known as a Voss mystic... however I am afraid we have not been completely honest with you."
Zemalia's eyes narrowed slightly. "What do you mean?" She asked.
Domon-Ka coughed before speaking, "You may well know how important a Voss mystic is to the Voss. Our whole way of life revolves around what a mystic may see. Toron-Ka is no mystic... His twin sister Korah-Li is."
Lin again looks at her master then back to the old Voss. 
"With all due respect, we Jedi are peacekeepers and came here only because we were asked too. We have no harmful intentions towards your mystics or any of the Voss."
She says with a serious voice. 
Domon-Ka coughs some more before responding. "Forgive for the deception it was not you in particular we sought to protect my daughter from. We know of your war with the Empire all too well and anything that might provoke them in an act against the Voss would destroy our neutrality and thus end the peace of Voss."
Zemailia nods. "We understand, you still have nothing to fear from us. Though I strongly ask of you for no further deception."
Domon-Ka closes his eyes and takes a breath. 
"Well there is one more thing about the vision. We..."
The Voss Shaman was interrupted before he could continue. 

"Father, Father!" Toron-Ka emerged into the room. "The Gormak creatures were successful, our healers are doing what they can for her but now it seems her life is tied to the fate of the Gormak ritual... We have to stop them or she will be sacrificed when they summon the nightmare!"
Domon-Ka turns and raises his hand at Toron-Ka "Peace my child! Peace! We knew this was a possibility, as I was about to inform the Jedi her vision was unclear. But we shall not give into despair for we know there is still hope. I shall go and stop the Gormak from succeeding in their ritual."
The Voss Shaman holds out his hand and pulls a beautiful staff into his hand with the force. 
Toron-Ka freezes again as he looks at his father... "But... you know what the cost will be... You will die!"
The Shaman places his hand upon the side of his sons face. 
"If that is what it takes to spare my children from the cursed monsters it is a price I would pay a thousand times over... Now return to your sisters side and watch over her."
Zemalia arose to her feet. "The vision that brought me and my padawan here showed us working together, Lin'drala and I will assist you in stopping the Gormak anyway we can."
Lin'drala stands up along side her master and nods in agreement.
"I welcome your assistance my friends, but I must warn you. I cannot guarantee your safety."
"A Jedi knows no fear, there is only harmony and we shall help bring your family back to peace."
All of the other three present smile at the young padawan. "I am afraid where it is we are going... all shall know fear."
The Shaman makes his way out of the chamber expecting the Jedi to follow him. 
Toron-Ka taps Zemalia on the shoulder as she goes to follow his father. 
"I just want to thank you for helping us, you display courage and compassion many Voss believe impossible in outsiders." 
Zemalia smiles and bows her head at him. "The Jedi way is to serve."
The two Jedi follow on after Domon-Ka. 

After half a days journey the Shaman and the two Jedi had travelled deep into the Nightmare lands. 
There were closing upon the very dark heart of the planet itself.
Zemalia knelt down and touched the ground. 
"The force is so strong in this place... Though I sense much corruption... Darkness is strong here."
Domon-Ka stood next to her. "Yes. The Voss do not simply rely on light or darkness to guide us. The power of the Voss comes from both but even so. There is always corruption wherever darkness hides."
Suddenly they were interrupted by a sound of a rustling from the growth that lay ahead. Both the Jedi ignited their lightsabers. 
The sound drew closer and closer until suddenly a Voss trooper emerged and collapsed from out of the growth. 
"It... its coming..." He laughs uncontrollably. "It will rise! The corruption will die!"
The Shaman slammed his staff down into the ground, he quickly crouches down and grabs hold of the Voss soldier. 
"Speak sense, the ritual... Did they perform the ritual!"
The Voss laughs some more and almost appears unable to breath. "Ritual yes yes... Soon... it shall awaken glorious Nightmare Pilgrim!" The Voss suddenly falls back dead.
Domon-Ka punches the ground and arises back to his feet, he again summons his staff to hand. 
"It seems we have little time. Come we must hurry."
Lin looks at the dead Voss. "But what about..." She is interrupted.
"The Voss shall return for the fallen later. The matter at hand must be the priority."
Zemalia looks at her Padawan. "We should proceed carefully stay close to me."
The two Jedi follow the Voss Shaman until they finally come to a strange looking ruin. 
The entrance had been blocked by rubble as if someone had attempted to recently block passage to any who would seek to enter.
"Hmmm Master Jedi if you would be so kind to assist me here."
Zemailia nodded as she took her place next to the Voss Shaman. 
Lin'drala kept a close watch, but also watched in awe as her master and Domon-Ka reached out with the force together lifting and separating the rubble from the entrance so that they might proceed inside. 
The Shaman pulled up his hood. "Come..."

Together the three of them made there way inside the ruins. There were scattered remains all over the place. Ancient droids, Gormak and Voss all laid out on the ground. 
Domon-Ka coughed as he spoke. 
"Be on your guard... We may uncover much older and fouler things than Gormak in the ancient places of this world."
They came to the doors of a large chamber that had been shut. 
Several Gormak lay dead outside, one of them was sat up against a wall barely still alive.
Lin'drala recognised him. It was the Gormak she had slashed with her Lightsaber throw. 
It laughed as they got near to him. "You are too late... hehehe... Idiot Voss you bring outsiders to their doom. You are truly corrupt."
Domon-Ka crouches down and grabs the beast by the throat. "You fools... what have you done! You think this creature will kill only Voss... It will destroy us all!"
"Voss die... Corruption will be purged."
The Gormak falls silent and the lights in its eyes vanish as it dies. 
Suddenly there is a roar of a mighty beast and the doors to the chamber fly open. 
Domon-Ka sighs he grips his staff and arises to his feet. 
"Jedi... the ritual is at its climax, the beast is taking form... upon its full resurrection my daughters life will end and the creature will go spread havoc upon all life. Together perhaps we can stop it but to do so you misunderstand... my life shall be the price. The death of a Voss is the only way."
Zemalia nods at Domon-Ka "We gave you our word and we have come this far, we shall stay with you to the end my friend." 
Lin'drala holds her lightsaber firmly in hand. "There is no death only the force... that is the way of things. I am with you my master."
There is another huge roar through out the ruins. 
"Come then let us fulfil my daughter's vision... together!"
The three of them charge into the chamber to face the Nightmare Pilgrim. 

Red and purple flames and lightning crash around all the chamber as the ground shakes, again the beast of corruption roars. 
Its eyes fixate on the three newcomers of the chamber. 
"For the Voss!"
Domon-Ka yells as he takes his staff and charges at the beast. The Jedi follow beside him with their lightsabers in hand. 
The creature lets out a blast of red lightning. The Jedi defend with their lightsabers as The Shaman spins his staff and dismisses the energy back with the force. 
The beast lets out a furious roar as more of it begins to appear and take shape. 
Domon-Ka continues to charge forward. He leaps and smashes the beast over the head with his staff. 
Lin'drala saw the beast grow twisted claw like vines that it attempted to whip and slash the Jedi with. She was able to defend with her lightsaber. 
The Creature fired another blast of energy in her direction but Master Zemalia stepped in once more. She was able to shield both of them from the attack. 
The three of them fighting together were gaining the advantage. 
"I sense the creatures energy it is beginning to fade!"
Zemalia yelled. 
"Yes my friends, yes! Keep it up we shall drive this beast of Nightmares back into the abyss!"
The Skirmish of the battle carried on for a few more moments, Dormon-Ka sensed his opportunity to strike.
He span his staff in hand with immense skill and channelled his powers into it. 
Suddenly he struck the creature and then smashed his staff down onto the ground, a furious storm of white lightning emerged from it driving the creature back.
"You shall not threaten the balance of this world!" 
He cried. The ruins continued to shake, and the Jedi continued to defend themselves while watching the scene of the Voss Shaman driving the creature back unfold. 
Unfortunately rubble from the ceiling started to collapse. A section of it was right above Dormon-Ka... before he had any chance to react the rubble came down crushing him... 
Another voice suddenly echoed in the room. 
"Father! No!" Toron-Ka appeared in the chamber. Part of his father was still visible from under the rubble, he ran over to him but he displayed no sign of life. 
Lin'drala and Zemalia ran to Toron-Ka attempting to shield him from any of the beasts attacks. 

Toron-Ka sees the staff of his father laid on the ground, his power was still channelling through it, in that most darkest of moments the young Voss found his courage. 
Suddenly he could feel his power, Toron-Ka summoned his fathers staff into hand. Lin'drala and Zemalia watched. 
"Toron what are you doing! Its over we need to  get out of here now!"  
She cried to the Voss. 
Toron-Ka turned to her and smiled. "Now I understand my friend... I know what must be done. Thank you again for all what you have done but now to me it has become clear."
With the staff in one hand, he uses his spare hand to grab Zemalia by the waste. He pulls her in and kisses her on the lips. Zemalia barely able to react cannot help but embrace his kiss before he pulls back again. 
"In the end, perhaps we are all Voss." He smiles. "Farewell... Perhaps the force shall guide us together again one day."
The young Voss lets go of Zemalia. He takes hold of his fathers staff in both hands the white lightning continues to burst out of it and drive the Nightmare Pilgrim back. 
Toron-Ka charges and leaps the white lightning staff penetrates the head of the creature and suddenly an enormous clash of red and white energy erupt.
The Nightmare Pilgrim is consumed and driven back into the void taking Toron-Ka along with it. 
In shock from the whole display... Zemalia was froze until she felt her padawan pulling at her arm. 
"Master we have to go! Run, run!"  
Together the master and the padawan run as fast as their legs could carry them until the touch of daylight was upon their faces once more. 
The ruins began to crumble and collapse sealing away anything that remained inside...
The two Jedi returned to Voss-ka.

Lin'drala and Zemalia were standing back at their shuttle preparing to leave and return to Tython and report back to the Jedi council. 
Their quest on Voss was over. 
Korah-Li arrived at their landing platform. to see them off and Thank both of the Jedi in person.
Lin'drala turned to see her approaching. 
"Well it is good to see you have recovered from your injuries."
Zemalia hearing Lin's words also turns to see Korah-Li. 
The Twi'lek mystic smiles and speaks. 
"I owe that to you my Jedi saviours. You have fulfilled my vision, indeed a great honour this is. For you and for the Voss."
Zemalia looks down at the ground for a moment. 
"And what of your brother... your father, both of them are gone."
Korah-Li closes her eyes and nods. 
"That part of the vision was always certain. The Voss shall mourn their passing as they died for our people,without them Voss-Ka would have been destroyed..."
Korah-Li pauses for a moment. "Though I sense you also had some feelings for my brother, it is quite rare for such attachments to form between an outsider and a Voss. Know that he cared for you in his heart and I shall care for you in mine."
Zemalia looks Korah-Li in the eye and smiles. 
"Thank you for your kind words, but we Jedi are not allowed to form attachments. We care for all life and I shall rejoice for their passing for they shall now be at peace with the force."
Korah-Li bows before the Jedi one last time. "Go then my friends, return to your fellow Jedi and tell them what you have learned here, may peace between the Jedi and Voss remain for many years to come."
Lin and Zemalia bow in response. 
"Take care Korah-Li perhaps we'll see each other again some day."
The Voss Mystic smiled at the young padawan as Lin and Zemalia boarded their shuttle. 
Within moments they were back in orbit and out of the planets atmosphere. 
Lin spoke with Zemalia back in her cabin on the shuttle. 
"Master... I... I have to know. Did you love Toron-Ka?"
Zemalia sighs. "There was a moment... a moment I looked into his eyes and everything felt right with the galaxy. But inside myself I knew it could not be... embracing when he kissed me was not the Jedi way but at the same time it did not feel wrong."
Lin'drala thinks for a moment then gives her Jedi master a hug. 
Zemalia was shocked and caught of guard by it but took comfort in the support shown from her padawan. 
"I understand master, don't worry about it. Besides the council dosen't have to know exactly everything. Though I do understand why they try to forbid us from forming such attachments."
Zemaila smiles. "Ah Lin'drala... my sweet, kind young student. I sense great things for you my friend. Come then let us meditate. We shall be back at Tython before long."
The two of them kneel down and resume their meditations. 

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