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 Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate

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PostSubject: Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate   Thu 15 Jan - 17:56

Personal Records 
Renita Nightingale -Diary of a Space Pirate

Ask yourself... what does it truly mean to be free? To do whatever you want whenever you want, is this true freedom? Or is freedom perhaps much much more? 
These are the records of a scoundrel, a smuggler... a pirate. 
I looked to the stars and all I saw was blood and war, the chaos of the conflict brought upon us all by the Empire and Republic. 
My sisters broken apart by the so called force, split by the very essence of a light and a darkness that ultimately proved to be the undoing of our family.
No more I say No more! A Nightingale endures... that was always our families way but now no more. 
My name is Renita Nightingale... the last true Nightingale.
I shall bow to no banner, no Supreme Chancellor... no Sith Emperor.
And while my sisters go about tearing apart the galaxy... I shall live my own life my own way. 
The galaxy is at the mercy of the corrupt... the mad and the barbaric... but there is always another path for those with the backbone to grasp it with both hands. 
When I was young my own father tried to take my freedom away by forcing me to marry. I refused... so he disowned me. So much his legacy meant to him that he would cast aside love of his own daughter in the name of some duty and yet now he is dead and I am not.
I left that life behind me long ago and I shall never return too it. 
To those who lay claim upon the galaxy I shall lay a claim of my own... I shall bring corruption to those who are corrupt, I shall take from those who are blinded by greed, I shall cut off the hands of those who grip the galaxy by the throat. All life should have the right to be free. 
Perhaps there may yet be hope for my sisters... but if they are truly bound by some mystical force there is little I can do to help them. 
By fortune and hard work I have found myself with my own ship which I named the Vipers star.
I have smuggled goods and stolen supplies across the galaxy on both sides. I have betrayed and been betrayed by many such is the life of the underworld. 
These records will serve purpose so the galaxy will know. Not every Nightingale so easily submitted to the banner of their rulers...

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PostSubject: Re: Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate   Thu 15 Jan - 20:59

Chains Amongst The Trees
A Grasp For Freedom

The Vipers Star touched down upon the forest world of Kashyyyk, a landing platform that was held up high amongst the giant trees. 
Slowly the ships landing ramp came down and a lone figure emerged. 
A women in a long black coat stepped down onto the wooden floor of the landing platform, a hat held in her hand.
She observed the area for a brief moment then pushed some buttons on a device that was on her wrist. 
The landing ramp returned up to its original placement behind her securing the ship. 
Slowly she put the hat over her head and took another few steps forward to be met with a sudden interruption. 
A huge wookiee dropped down in front of her who had been patiently waiting sitting in the trees, Renita however did not even flinch. 
"Really Jakarro still trying the same old tricks I see... You know you pulled that on a stranger that might simply blast your furry hide." She shrugs at him.
The wookiee makes a few chuckling like grumble sounds before answering her. *Wookiee translation* 
"Oh come now Ren... You stroll onto my homeworld like some sort of mighty Jedi, you would deny me a bit of fun like they seem to do?" 
Renita sighs. "No I guess not... but come on now you better have good reason for making me drag the Viper all the way out here, I know I owe you a favour but still this was pushing it."
The wookiee whines and then replies *wookiee translation* "Alright Alright... still bossy small one I see...  though know I would not of brought you here to my world without good reason you see... The Imp swine have set up a secluded base here they are using to abduct and take my people off world as slaves, you and me are going to shut it down and help my brothers and sisters escape."
Renita pauses for a moment, her fist tightens at the mention of slavery but then a sudden realisation hits her. 
"Hey look big guy... you know I hate slavery for sure but the two of us taken down a whole Imp base seems a bit of suicide mission don't you think?"
The two carry on walking but Jakarro responds to her while again laughing to himself. *wookiee translation* "Awww are you afraid of a few Imps... but no of course we will not be going alone, others owe the mighty Jakarro favours as well... I have brought the small furry one and the hunter droid to my home."
Renita looks at him almost in disbelief... "Wait wait wait, you are telling me you brought Treek and BH-X1 here as well?"
The wookiee grumbles and gives her a nod of complete seriousness. 
"Well... alright then, these imperials are not gonna know what hit them." 
Jakarro and Renita continue along the walkway. Fortunately Wookiee hunters from the small town of Gorrowoko had passed through quite recently meaning the way had been cleared of most dangerous wild life. 
The two made there way to a lift that would take them down to the planet surface what the Wookiees called the Shadowlands. Below the others were waiting for them.

Renita and Jakarro had descended down into the depths of the Shadowlands, a small camp fire lay lit before them. 
Jakarro let out a growl as they approached the camp. Suddenly a small furry creature rolled out of a bush aiming a small crossbow at the two of them. 
*Wookiee translation* "Relax little friend..." Jakarro looks around "Where is the droid one?"
The ewok quickly returned the crossbow onto her back. *Ewok translation.* "BH went to scout ahead chief, feeding co-ordinates to his location, scoping out base before we attack"
"Huh same old hunter droid always needing to get the head start..." Renita smiles at Treek. 
"Good to see you again Treek." She tilts her hat at the little ewok as show of respect.
*Ewok translation* "You too boss lady! We should make haste with wind! Bucket friend wait for us!"
Treek turns and begins moving further on after BH-X1 who was already ahead waiting for them. Jakarro stomps out the little camp fire and makes his way after her. 
Renita brings her blaster into hand she rotates it in a display of skill to herself. "Never thought I would be raiding an imp base with A wookiee a droid and whatever Treek is..." She thinks to herself smiling at the prospect of it all under the face cover of her mask. "I love this life..." She says quietly to herself then quickly follows on after the other two.

Before long the three of them came to a small hill over looking the Imperial facility...All of a sudden a figure emerges out of stealth behind them. 
"Target analysis complete - status friendly... Hello Jakarro I have been monitoring the state of affairs of all indigenous life forms been held captive in the imperial base, freeing them has statisically 85% chance of success... however successful escape with minimum casualties is much lower." 
Renita turns to face BH-X1 "Oh come on now BH you know I don't like it when you tells us the odds..." She smiles happy to see another old acquaintance. 
"Bzzzt... sufficient it is to see you again subject Nightingale... restrain from further statistical analysis I shall, know that survival odds are quite significantly increased though casualties seem inevitable conclusion." 

Jakarro speaks *Wookiee translation* "Let us cut the reunion short and get to work that is my people the imp scum is holding in there, truly weak warriors target the old and the children..." he growls angrily.
BH-X1 nods at Jakarro he holds his hand out straight holding a device that display a holo image of the imperial base. 
"Subject Treek must enter this vent of the base here." a red highlight appears on the holo, a wall next to a power generator is specifically marked.
"Make your way through the narrow passage into this control room, you will find the system that will allow you to open the gate for Subject Jakarro and Subject Nightingale to gain entrance as well as for the other indigenous life forms too escape... planting explosives on the power generator and detonating them at the correct moment will prove vital as this will make the imps locking the base down impossible." 
The group continue to go over the plan... "What about you BH, what will you be doing?" Ren enquires. 
"I shall possession myself at exactly this point." The droid point at the edge of the hill they are standing on. "From here I shall provide maximum sniper fire and range support when the attack begins."
Renita nods, "Alright, just be sure you don't miss." 
"Bzzzt... I am not programmed to miss." the droid responds. 
Treek double taps her hand on her chest. *ewok translation* "Good then we are ready to return wookiee people to the trees!"
Jakarro snarls in agreement and pulls his blaster rifle into hand from his back. *Wookiee translation* "Now filthy Imps pay the price for harassing the people of the mighty Jakarro!"
The plan was set in motion. BH-X1 took his possession and prepared to lay down sniper support. Jakarro and Renita moved down to the lower trees and remained hidden waiting for the gate to be lifted as the signal to move in and attack. 
Treek began to discreetly make her way towards the wall vent. 
A single imperial was standing guard on a watch tower with a spotlight...
Treek moved herself into range and pulled a blowpipe from her satchel loading it with a toxic sleeper dart. 
She moved closer then threw a rock to distract the guard, he quickly turned and pointed his blaster at the sudden movement giving her all the chance she needed. 
Treek blow into the pipe and the dart flew swift and silently penetrating the watchtower guards armour and he immediately after fell back unconscious.
She proceeded to throw an explosive device on the power generator and then climbed up and threw herself into the vent. 
"Alright lets hope our little friends is still as good as people say..."
Renita says to Jakarro, the wookiee simply nods in response focused on the fight that lay ahead. 

Exactly 45 seconds later...

The gates of the Imperial base suddenly became wide open... this was quickly followed by an explosion as the device on the generator was detonated. All the search lights around the base came dark and suddenly blaster fire could be heard as the wookiee cages inside began to open.
"Now!" Renita yelled, her and Jakarro charged forward through the gate into the Imperial base. 
Imp soldier begans to run out into the slaver camp courtyard. some of the wookiees that had been set free began to rip them apart with their bare hands... 
As Renita ran through the gate she drew her blaster pistol into hand, she opened fire skilfully taking out several of the troopers with each shot. 
She rolled into cover and threw a fragmentation grenade at the Imp bunker entrance taking out a group of the troopers.
Jakarro did not stop, opening fire on the Imp troopers he charged at them, Jakarro activated his own personal shield harmlessly making a few blaster bolts bounce off him as he got into close combat range and began beating the troops with his rifle.
Treek made her way down into the courtyard by leaping from the control room window with a custom paragliding device she had carried in on her back. 
As she jumped down she set the trajectory of it towards another group of imp soldiers that were firing from cover. She had placed an explosive mine on each side of it. Treek dropped down from her device harmlessly and then detonated the mines as it collided into the group of imperials wiping them out.
Several of the Imperial soldiers had mounted turrets above on the watchtower walkways and began to open fire on the battleground below. 
"Bzzzt Target Acquired." 
Bh aimed his sniper rifle and opened fire on the imperials taking place on the walkways. Each kill was a head-shot of flawless marksmen proficiency.
Suddenly a huge explosion took place from inside the base itself, blowing out some of the huge base doors from the inside. 
As the smoke cleared a huge imperial walker emerged... the Base commander at its helm. 
A woman's voice emerged from a speaker... "Your little raid ends here, these slaves are the property of the Empire, desist and depart at once!" 
Jakarro roared in a furious anger. *Wookie translation* "My People are property of no one Imperial swine! ARGHHHHH I shall purge your from my home!"
Jakarro and Treek began to fire at the walker, several wookiees who hard armed themselves did the same.
"Prepare for immediate incineration!" 
The base commander announced over the speaker... Renita rolled out of cover and began sprinting around the courtyard, she saw the walker powering up its flame-thrower weaponry.
"Ugh I got a bad feeling about this..." 
Fortunately the unlikely heroes had the watchful sniper processor of BH-X1 watching over them. 
"Hazardous weapon system detected... New priority matrix... Disable flame-tech device."
The droid took aim and powered up its rifle for a huge blast, it successfully managed to damage the walkers weapon rendering the power of the flame thrower useless.
"Blast it!" 
The imp commander yelled in frustration. 
"Alright its now or never..." Renita charged forward at the walker, its blasters were still functioning but the young Nightingale was skilfully able to avoid the fire.
As she got close she fired a harpoon from his blaster pistol at the walker which then immediately lifted her up off the ground, she climbed on top of it. 
Renita opened the hatch holding a thermal detonator in hand... 
"Here a small token to the gracious Empire from the kind hearted people of Kashyyyk." 
Renita smirked activating the Detonator and dropping it inside the hatch and quickly closing it again.
"Systems eject! Ejec..."
The commander was interrupted by the explosion blowing the hull of the walker and her into pieces. Renita jumped down and rolled into cover as the Detonator went off. 
There was a huge victory roar from the wookiees as any remaining imps had fled into the trees and would surely fall victim to the wild predators. 
The battle was won!

The wookiees that had been rescued from the slave camp returned to their homes, very few of them had been killed in the raid of the base. 
"Bzzt, calculations of high casualties risk was accurate... Imperials show 0% survival ratio." 
Renita laughs... "I swear BH-X1 you are the only droid who could convince me that droids do infact have a sense of humour."
The 4 of them headed back to the walkways amongst the upper trees and out of the Shadowlands.
The local village held celebration of the good news though Renita would not stay...
She returned to the Vipers Star and brought the loading ramp back down for her to enter, as she was about to board her ship and depart she was interrupted from a voice behind her. 
*Ewok translation* "Leaving so soon boss lady?" 
Renita turned to see her three allies stood behind her. Treek was sat happily on Jakarro's shoulder while BH was stood there proudly arms crossed and the powerful rifle on its back. 
"Ah Treek You know how it is... No rest for the wicked and all that." She smiles at the bunch. 
*Wookiee translation* "A party with the mighty Jakarro is no rest!" 
Renita laughs "That is probably true my friend."
BH-X1 steps forward "Subject Nightingale is not the only one who must now depart... sensors indicate live bounty target in this area protocol must engage." 
The droid suddenly activates rocket boots and ascends into the air, its vessel quickly swoops past and it boards it safely disappearing off into the sky.
"Show off! Still waiting on you to come claim that bounty on me BH!"
Renita slowly takes off her hat and takes a step onto the Viper stars loading ramp. 
"You and me are even again now right?" She asks Jakarro.
The wookiee does not growl or make any sound he simply nods in a respectful manor showing honour of the debt that was owed.
Ren smiles "Sure you don't wanna hitch a ride Treek?"
*Ewok translation* "Most kind to offer boss lady but would rather stay... Celebrate victory with Chief."
She pats Jakarro on the head, he growls with annoyance... 
Renita nods, she turns and boards the Vipers star and the boarding ramp rises back up. 
She makes her way into the cockpit and fires up the ships systems. She smirked as she thought to herself
"Yep I defiantly love this job..." 
The vipers star ascended. The Ewok and the Wookiee waved her off as the ship flew off into space. 
Renita saw from her cockpit as fireworks from the wookiee village flew into the air in celebration but before long she was out of the planets atmosphere. 
"Now then... Where to next..." The hyperdrive on the Vipers Star activated and the ship vanished into space.
To be continued... 
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PostSubject: Re: Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate   Tue 3 Feb - 9:25

The Smuggler Alliance
Gathering of Villainy

Well hidden within the Abrion Sector in the Outer rim the planet Rishi was a safe haven for those who did not follow the banner of the Republic or the Empire. 
Smugglers, Pirates and Underworld traders from all corners of the galaxy would dock at Rishi. 
The Vipers Star was on Rishi, a gathering had been called. An invite to many of the most notorious pirates and most cunning smugglers in the galaxy. 
Renita made her way through the busy crowds of people to the outskirts of the spaceport of Rishi. A single building with a Rodian and a Houk guarding the entrance seemed like the right place. 
As Renita got close the Rodian recognised her. "Well, well if it isn't the captain of the Viper Star herself." The Rodian smirked. 
"You know who I am... I suggest you move out of my way." 
The Houk stood there and laughed at the Rodian. "The little girl talking tough to you hahaha." 
The Rodian punched the Houk to shut him up, then turned his focus back to Renita. "Give me one good reason why I should." 
Renita grabbed her blaster pistol with lightning fast reflexes and shot the rodian down dead on the spot, she holstered her pistol and then moved her hand onto her hat and tilted it slightly. "Because I never ask nicely more than once."
The Houk coughed in shock, seeing his dead Rodian buddy... "Ugh boss is gonna be pissed." he scurries away quickly and Renita made her way inside.

She made her way to a room where several ship and pirate captains were already gathered, soom seemed to be in heated debate while others sat talking quietly plotting all kinds of deeds. 
A smug looking fellow turned around... "Captain Renita Nightingale... I believe you still owe me a debt." The man spoke as he slyly made his way over to her. 
Smoothly he rubbed his hand down onto her ass and grabbed it.
Renita stood still for a moment and played along, she rubbed her body against him. 
"Dengo Ven..." She giggled playfully. "I believe that debt was paid... when you sold me out to the Empire and cost me some valuable cargo." Here tone suddenly had turned serious and she delivered a swift knee into the man's testicles and smacked him with a back hand across the face.  
Dengo groaned in pain and fell down onto his back. 
A Mirilian woman suddenly fired her blaster into the air as the bolt burned into the roof. 
"Enough! The last Captain has joined us, let us get this meeting under way." 
The room fell silent as all attention turned to the Mirilian. 
"Wait! This man is an Imperial spy, any plans you make he will rat us out to the Empire."
A smile comes across the Mirilian's face. 
"Dengo Van maybe many things... but he is no Imperial spy. As a matter of fact he is a double agent, something he is rather good at unlike his way with women." 
The room fills with laughter as Dengo rises back to his feet he dusts himself down. 
"It was a trick... A coy to gain the Empire's trust. I sold you out on that run but I had every confidence you would escape."
Renita clenches her fist... "You got my ship scratched by blaster fire and she had just been given a fresh shine on the Durasteel of the hull!"

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate   

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Renita Nightingale - The Diary of a space Pirate
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