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 Mileetra Nightingale Application

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PostSubject: Mileetra Nightingale Application   Tue 20 Jan - 22:16

Mileetra Nightingale

Name: Mileetra
Legacy: Nightingale
Guild: Republic of Starlight 
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 1.70m
Eye colour: Formerly dark blue, turned light violet.
Hair: Dark black long hair
Skin colour: White
Sexuality: Bisexual
Physical condition: Very agile and flexible after many years spent training as a Sith. Mileetra is in extremely fit condition even for those of a young age. Her beauty is matched only by her deadly nature. However after a recent encounter with the loyal companions of her sister an explosion resulted in Mileetra taking a blow to the head. Physically she is still in remarkable condition but her prowess of been able to use such potential may now be lost to her maybe even for good.
Birthplace: Alderaan 
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advance Class: Sith Assassin
Skills: Diplomacy, Artifice, Slicing.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Personality: Consumed by the dark side of the force Mileetras passions fuelled her power. From Sith guidance she became adapt to allowing her emotions to flourish. Selfish and over confident like most Sith also making her head strong and very devious in her ways. 
Mileetra respects strength and power, she stops at nothing to achieve her goals and is never afraid of making what some would consider a heartless choice. 
Motivations: Her hate for her sister Lin'drala aspired to levels beyond all boundaries. Mileetra's soul goal came to be breaking the will of her sister and watch in pleasure as she would ultimately fall to the dark side before taking pleasure in ending her life. 
Training under Darth Jadus further sharpened her self confidence and tactical mind. She strives to be recognised for her power. 
Mileetra sought to reforge her families legacy from the fires of war expecting the Nightingales of the future to become strong and flourish under the rule of the Empire. 
Gear/Attire: See image above. Mileetra wields a double bladed lightsaber she forged herself. The blade is powered by a violet Hurrikaine crystal. 

Background story: Check diary forum for greater detail. Mileetra is one of the three Nightingale sisters that remain in the galaxy. Born from a legacy that has carried much influence in the history of the galaxy. 
When her older sister Lin'drala was discovered to be force sensitive by a Jedi master visiting the world of Alderaan, Mileetra could not help feel Jealous and also abandoned inside. 
Her sister seemed so willing to leave their family behind the ideology in her mind began to twist and corrupt her.
Mileetra herself soon discovered that her sister was not the only one with power... One night Mileetra awoke from a nightmare, A tall black robed figure in an eyeless white mask reached out to grab her in a dream. 
In terror Mileetra awoke screaming as she jumped up in her bed she fired lightning from her hands which fried the door wall console in her room. 
Her parents had heard the commotion and ran to check on her... seeing the destruction it soon became clear to them that Mileetra was force sensitive. 
Unwilling to lose another daughter to the Jedi, Mileetra was locked and hidden away by her parents. 
Other than her younger sister Renita, Mileetra lost all contact with the outside world for two years. 
At the age of 17 deciding that she had been imprisoned for long enough Mileetra with the help of her younger sister escaped from her home. 
Guided by the force Mileetra came across a young Sith lord by the name of Lord Nelkor who fell for the young Nightingale sensing her power and admiring her beauty. 
The Sith lord took Mileetra as a trophy from the planet of Alderaan sensing she could be a mighty apprentice. 
After several years of secret training and preparations at the age of 21 Nelkor finally dispatched his prize to the Sith trials on Korriban so that she might officially be recognised as Sith and take her rightful place at his side. 
As fortune would have it Mileetra would in time become the personal apprentice of a far more powerful master... Darth Jadus. 

OOC comments/Final points of significance: The recent RP episode and IC events will have greatly influenced this character. 
The transmission from former NPC to been introduced as a playable character will require several nerfings of power and other factors which will be agreed too. 
Events in the episode have thrown this characters potential totally up in the air. Note this background portfolio of alignment, motivations and personality are written to the point of her defeat at the hands of Jag IC. 
Many crossroads lay ahead and for her right now personality wise anything maybe possible. 
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PostSubject: Re: Mileetra Nightingale Application   Wed 21 Jan - 0:25

Mileetra is great character it's good to see her being converted from NPC to PC. Note that she will not have stats like she had as NPC, she has to follow default rules as any PC in the RP GUIDE, with one exception, she has option to unlock only 1 power from the Season Finale that she had as NPC. This unlock does not give the power automatically, requirements need to be met and cost needs to be paid. Unlock only allows you to buy the powers rank, it does not give you power ranks for free.
Tip: I've read her diary and its great, you could use signature to link your diary for everyone to have easy access and find. See Jag's signature for example, he does not have a diary but has useful links in signature.

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Mileetra Nightingale Application
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