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 The fate of Kidron

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PostSubject: The fate of Kidron   The fate of Kidron EmptyFri 23 Jan - 9:36

=============== WORK IN PROGRESS ===============

Marinez and Blood'Gunner was in there platoon ready to move towards the front-line as the empire moves to attack them on Kidron, as hundreds of soldiers ready up and droids switch on. General Lance from the platoon ordered to move to  the forest as soon as possible as the empire moved to strike. General Lance was a 6 feet tall bulky guy
that had his fair share of war, his battle scars show around his face, his short black hair and wear a Republic officer uniform. Within an hour we set up forward line. Marinez told his men to abroad the walking for debriefing. scouts was sent out ahead to see where the empire deployed and readying up for the war ahead. Marinez looked as his squad forming up as 10 solid havoc squad including Blood'gunner, Marinez asked 'We ready for this men' then men shout 'Ready, Sir' the moment of truth has come to save Kidron. Later scouts came back and reported the location of the empire army marching towards the city, General lance ordered all troops to intercept them before they get to close to the city. every man went to the front-line. Marinez was briefing the upcoming fight within the walker transport, all they hear is legs of the mechanical beast walking to towards the battlefield then the minute they heard a explosion outside meaning we are now in combat, Marinez shouted at the pilot 'Stop the walker we need every men out there' the pilot hit the button to open the door from the back hatch Marinez squad saw blaster fire from both side firing across the battlefield, he see soldiers fighting back and getting shot, corpse was everywhere and Marinez rushed his men out to attack, 'Flak right and move as a team, take out there heavy droids and don't let there Sith get near you' as they rushed out into the forest there were hundreds of empire soldiers and droids, they even have many Siths attacking too. As team sweep across the field  shooting down imperial soldiers they moved forward. A Sith charged at Marinez then shouted 'focus fire on that Sith' the team turned there weapon as the Sith charges head long with the full havoc volley, The Sith deflected some of the attack but there was too many so the Sith killed in a single volley. 'Move!' as Mainrez pointed his finger forward to the empires walker. he looked around more soldier were dying from the platoon, explosion blow and shaken the ground throwing dirt and earth everywhere even on Marinez armor as he covers his head with his arm but Marinez knew he couldn't keep them all alive as he was focusing keeping his squad alive. the day was long and far from over as the battle carried on. both side suffered heavy casualties yet the fight carry to see who wins, general lance called for more reinforcement but they wont arrive till another hour so we had to hold the line till they do, so general lance issue an order to defend and hunker down so the empire cant push forward, Marinez found a perfect defensive position to defend all flanks as his team settled in they defended where they were., it was huge rocks and plenty of trees for cover. com-chatter was crazy every squad was suffering loses and the empire slowly pushing though the line. Marinez ordered 'We need to hold here as long as we can' Marinez saw 2 fallen soldiers and told Yorne 'Check on them' Yorne ran and pulled the fallen soldiers into cover and checked their vital sign 'K.I.A. Sir!' 'Dam!' havoc1 shouted 'Incoming' as Marinez saw 2 to 3 squad of droids and soldiers lead by a Sith heading there way. As Marinez sees imperial soldiers coming, there was blaster fire coming from behind hitting the enemy, Marinez turn his head round and saw Nova and Titan squad rushing in an attack formation then the squad leader shout 'Marinez bring havoc up on the right flank' 'Roger!' Marinez shouted as he pointed his squad in the right. As they push forward the imps already retreated. Marinez looked up and there were republic fighters and drop ships coming in showing reinforcement has arrived led by a Jedi master and 2 knight bring in fresh troops. Marinez platoon regroup at a HQ camp nearer to the city. the Jedi Master was a big well built Mirialan wearing a republic troop armor and with 2 light sabers and both side of his wrist. he was known as Master Bulotan, on his right was a Jedi knight with a single light saber
wearing a Jedi combat robe and mask so Marinez couldn't tell what race he from. then on the left was a female Chiss Jedi finely built and wearing the same combat robe as the left jedi knight. they walked into the HQ camp with General Lance to be ready for the next plan of attack but an hour later the Jedi knight summoned Marinez to HQ camp, as Marinez walked in he saw general lance arguing with the Jedi Master then stop as Marinez came in. The Jedi Master ordered 'You have been summon back to the Jedi council for new orders' Marinez was shocked to what he just heard. 'With respect Jedi Master, we are in a middle of war here and am not leaving this fight' 'Its only you they want the squad will remain here to carry on their duty, Blood'gunner will take command in your absence' Marinez didn't like it but orders are order. 'Yes, sir!' as he left and started walking to the shuttle. The Jedi summon havoc squad to be told whats happening and their next order. Marinez boarded the shuttle then took off. To Be Continued...
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The fate of Kidron
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