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SITH MARAUDER Sith%20Marauder_zpsjqpaxxsb

Sith Marauders were fueled by hatred, rage, and cruelty; the Marauders would typically use Force Rage when entering a battle, entering a battle-fury fueled by the dark side. Thus, most Sith Marauders could duel any average Jedi, toe-to-toe and win. Wielding two sabers and unmatched aggression, Sith trained as Marauders slice through enemy ranks, dealing death with merciless efficiency. Able to intuit precisely how to attack in order to maximize every strike, their adversaries become victims in the blink of an eye.

Whether annihilating a squad of Republic troops or cutting down a single Jedi, the Marauder sees and exploits every weakness to exact the greatest toll. Never hesitating, never faltering, there is no swifter bringer of pain and damage in the galaxy. Marauders gain fury when they take damage and defeat foes. A full stack of fury can be used to trigger abilities like. Berserk. When the marauder has fury their eyes start glowing red. Sith Marauder skill in tech can match those of Jedi Sentinels.


Hit Points Per Level: 10
Base Attack Bonus: Medium
High Saves: Reflex
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber, Short Lightsaber, Sword, Short Sword, Pistol
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Force Points Progression: Medium
Feat Points Progression: Medium
Tech Points Progression: Medium
Skill Points: 6 per level
Class Skills: Aim, Awareness, Computers, Defense, Demolitions, Mechanics, Medicine, Persuade, Piloting, Stealth, Survival, Taunt, Use the Force


Level 1: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Juyo Form Rank 1
Level 2: Feat+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1
Level 3: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 4: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 5: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Juyo Form Rank 2
Level 6: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 7: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 8: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 9: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 10: Sith Marauder Evolution Rank 1, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Juyo Form Rank 3
Level 11: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 12: Tech+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1
Level 13: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 14: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 15: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Juyo Form Rank Rank 4
Level 16: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 17: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 18: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 19: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 20: Sith Marauder Evolution Rank 2, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Juyo Form Rank 5
Level 21: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 22: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 23: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 24: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 25: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 26: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 27: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 28: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 29: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 30: Sith Marauder Evolution Rank 3, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1

LIGHTSABER FORM VII: Juyo - At level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, Sith Marauder gains Juyo feats as a class free feature, even if he does not meet requirement. Additionally, Juyo learned through the class itself is more efficient than Juyo outside of this class. Sith Marauder gains +5 to all Saber Attack rolls when using Juyo form.

Sith Marauder Evolution - At level 10, 20, 30, Sith Marauder is strong enough to evolve into a new stage. At those levels Sith Marauder can select one of the 3 evolution perks. In which order Sith Marauder is going to select them is up to the player, but can select only one at the time. You can have 1 evolution perk at level 10, 2 evolution perks at level 20, and 3 evolution perks at level 30. Sith Marauder loses all evolution perks if he does not have dark side alignment. All 3 Perks stack with each other and are free action to activate. Their duration equals to SIth Marauder's class level, it also ends when combat is over.

Perk A: Force Rage Speed - Sith Marauder gains +1 number of attacks. If Sith Marauder wields two weapons, then each weapon gains +1 number of attacks. Sith Marauder is able to control his rage at this point, so this is passive ability.

Perk B: Force Rage Strength - Sith Marauder deals +100% damage with lightsaber attacks, but his maximum health is reduced by 50%. This ability can be activated at will as a free action, but it cannot be deactivated until its duration expires. Duration is long number of cycles equal to Sith Marauder class level.

Perk C: Force Rage Power - Sith Marauder enters rage mode that allows him to steal life essence of enemies slayed by him personally, and feed on it to increase his own force essence for short period of time. For every enemy killed by Sith Marauder, Sith Marauder gains +50% damage to all lightsaber attacks, to maximum of +250% damage. Duration is long number of cycles equal to Sith Marauder class level. If sith Marauder does not reach +100% damage during this time, when Force Rage Power expires, Sith Marauder's body is weakened, and he is unable to act for 3 cycles.
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