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Cryo Blast is a tech attack that fires a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of snap-freezing targets within a certain radius. It bypasses Ray Shields unless Ray Shields have Arkanian perk. If target wins a fortitude save its chilled but suffers only half damage from the Cryo Blast. If target fails fortitude save its frozen and full damage from the Cryo Blast is applied. You can chill and freeze any target that is not immune to cold or that does not have Arkanian shield perk. Ray Shield with Arkanian perk only puts shield points in front of your health points. If Cryo Blast destroys those shield points and damages health points, chill or freeze effect can be applied, depending on the fortitude save.

Ability: Tech
Damage Type: Cold Energy
CTI: Cryo Cyber-Tech-Interface
Counter: Fortitude 1/2, Tutaminis, Ray Shield (Arkanian)

Rank 1:
DPS: 1d5+Int Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 1 Target
Chill Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod
Frozen Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod

Rank 2:
DPS: 1d10+Int Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 2 Target
Chill Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod
Frozen Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod

Rank 3:
DPS: 1d15+Int Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 3 Target
Chill Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod
Frozen Effect: Number of turns equal to Int Mod

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Critical Chance +1 (19-20)
Evolution B: Cryo Explosion +50%

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Critical Multiplier +1 (x3)
Evolution B: Cryo Explosion +50%
Evolution C: Shatter

Chill Effect is a slow debuff. Chilled targets have their attack and damage reduced by 50%. Chilled target suffer 50% more damage from any fire source. Chilled targets are not immune to burning effect, while frozen targets are immune to burning effect.

Frozen effect is a more powerful debuff. Frozen targets cannot perform any actions and all attacks made against them are automatic hit unless they roll 1. Melee damage against frozen targets is increased by 50%.

Shatter Perk allows all successful attacks against frozen targets to be automatic critical hits.

Cryo Explosion is triggered if you hit Frozen target with Overload or Incinerate. Cryo explosion deals cold energy damage that equals to 100% of the damage done with Cryo Blast. If frozen target is a droid, and Cryo explosion is triggered with Overload, then damage gains additional boost of 100%. This Cryo explosion damage can be increased with B Evolutions. Cryo Explosion can be triggered by others.

Cryo Blast: To use cryo blast you must equip a proper tool in your hand. This means that you are subject to overload of the overheat perk. Users of Cry Blast must equip Cryo CTI.
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