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MIRIALAN Mirialan%20Race_zpsmq6cabka

Mirialans were a species of near-Humans native to the planet Mirial. Their appearance varied from yellow-green skin to paler skin very similar to many Humans. Deeply held spiritual beliefs are the cornerstone of Mirialan culture. Their understanding of the Force is based on the idea that the actions of each individual affect not only their own fate, but also the destiny of the Mirialan as a whole. Personal achievements are recorded on each individual’s body with geometric tattoos. The shapes and locations of the tattoos denote different actions in the life of the Mirialan, and upon death the markings are used to determine the cultural worth of the individual and their contributions to furthering the Mirialan as a whole. The Mirialan homeworld—simply known as Mirial—is a cold, dry planet near the Hydian Way trade route. Though Mirial first joined the Republic several centuries ago, its’ lack of resources has allowed some measure of isolation even while giving the Mirialan the freedom to explore the larger galaxy. Exposure to other cultures has led to greater diversity among the Mirialan, and even some surprising inclinations from their society as a whole. During the Jedi Civil War, Mirial sided with Darth Malak against the Jedi Order. After Malak’s defeat, the planet was re-assimilated, and in the current conflict, the Mirialan have come down decidedly on the side of the Republic. At the start of the Great War, when the Sith Empire first returned and began to sweep through the Outer Rim, many displaced refugees fled to Mirial. After witnessing such suffering, more Mirialan than ever before began venturing away from their homeworld. Many have enlisted in the ranks of the Republic military or joined the Jedi Order, while others have simply spread out to wander and experience the never-ending variety the greater galaxy has to offer.


Typical Alignment: Any Neutral
Average Height: 1.8m
Skin Color: Yellow,Green
Hair Color: Varies, usually black and brown
Eye Color: Blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and a rare few have orange
Average Lifespan: 100 standard years


Attribute Bonus: Wisdom +4
Skill Bonus: Diplomacy +5
Saves Bonus: Will +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 150xp

TATTOO: The Mirialan endure rigorous mental and physical training rituals to become both formidable warriors and skilled negotiators. Their tattoos speak of their maturity, skill and experience. A Mirialan can only choose one of these 2 rituals as training:
Ritual of the Spirit: Mirialan gains +10% effect on all Force Powers, and additional +2 to all social skills.
Ritual of the Body: Mirialans were very flexible and agile, making them fast and formidable foes. The Mirialan gains +2 Dexterity and +2 Constitution as racial bonus.
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