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Often stereotyped as slaves, dancers, and criminals, the truth is that Twi'lek are represented in all walks of life. Naturally quick and cunning, they excel in both physical and cognitive skills, and Twi’leks can generally perform feats of dexterity that significantly surpass other species’ capabilities. Their human-like qualities and varied skin pigmentations have earned them a reputation as some of the most beautiful beings in the galaxy. Though this has clearly increased their value as slaves and contributed to the exploitation of their species, many free Twi’leks have learned to use their natural beauty and charm to great effect.

One of the most striking aspects of the Twi’leks’ exotic physical appearance is their ‘lekku’ or ‘head tails’ which are far more than simple cosmetic appendages. The lekku serve as extra-sensory organs, giving Twi’leks heightened awareness and a greater capacity to master the arts of communication. Historically, Lekku and skin color were symbols of social status among the Twi’leks. In fact, to some extent, skin pigmentation appears to be linked to certain personality traits. Twi’leks with red-colored skin, for instance, are generally expected to have volatile and violent natures, but just as with any other species, despite such genetic predispositions, character traits are varied depending on the individual.

The natural grace and exotic beauty of the female Twi'leks made them a popular target among slave traders. Slavery was the main currency of Ryloth, which was tolerated by the Galactic Republic. Some saw it as a chance to make money by kidnapping or selling orphaned children, while others saw slavery as a way of saving children from growing up in Ryloth's harsh environment. A number of Twi'leks believed that slavery was an efficient way to proliferate their species and preserve their culture, as the Twi'leks lacked their own means of inter-planetary travel. Regardless of how it came about, many Twi'leks lived as slaves or entertainers and were considered status symbols, especially the females of rarer skin hues: the Rutian and Lethan Twi'leks. Twi'leks that managed to escape from captivity usually turned to a life of thievery or prostitution, with both genders making use of their powers of seduction. Twi'leks preferred to "ride the storm" rather than "defeat it," as a proverb goes, and avoided to take a stand on any issue. This was exemplified when during the Clone Wars their politicians were loyal to the Republic but other individuals kept negotiations open with the Separatists. While many Twi'leks lived their lives as merchants or even criminals, the species also had a proud and honorable warrior tradition. It was Twi'lek warriors who invented the Chir'daki, or Deathseed, starfighters that married the TIE Fighter cockpit to the S-foils of the X-wing starfighter as well as using a rotation system similar to what allowed the B-wing starfighter. During the Bacta War, Twi'lek warriors assisted Wedge Antilles in the fight against Ysanne Isard. The clothing of Twi'leks depended on their gender. While most male Twi'leks wore long, loose robes, female Twi'leks typically wore tighter, more revealing clothing to maintain their elegant figures and enhance their value to males. Twi'lek dance costumes were typically made up of silky veils that clung to their bodies, although other kinds were used, such as a revealing net costume Oola once wore. When meeting a stranger or guest for the first time, Twi'leks would usually exchange gifts or something else as a welcome. When welcoming a large number of beings they would usually throw a party and use their traditional dances as entertainment. As Cham Syndulla once said, "it is customary to share what we do have." Twi'leks, when on Ryloth, lived in simple mud brick dwellings that protected them against the scorching heat of their homeworld. They often decorated them with native textiles and simple things. When in a city, Twi'leks used more standard dwellings with technology though they were still modified to survive Ryloth's environment. Some Twi'leks were known to worship an unnamed goddess.


Typical Alignment: Any Chaotic
Average Height: 1.6m-2.4m
Skin Color: Red (Mutation), Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Tan, Pink, White, Striped and Dark Gray
Hair Color: Born without Hair
Eye Color: Varriers like skin color
Average Lifespan: 100 standard years


Attribute Bonus: Charisma +2, Dexterity +2
Skill Bonus: Perform +5
Saves Bonus: Reflex +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 150xp

TALENT: Twi'leks are known in history as slaves and dancers. Their hard work grew into talent that caused some of them to rise to the stars. A Twi'lek uses perform to inspire allies differently than other races. Twi'lek's party gains +1 to all rolls. This bonus further increases by 1 point for every 10 base ranks in perform skill. The Twi'lek also gains this bonus. Additionally, no matter what class the Twi'lek is, Perform is always treated as a class skill for twi'lek.

LEKKU: Lekku are the head-tails of the twi'lek. The lekku serve as extra-sensory organs, giving Twi’leks heightened awareness and a greater capacity to master the arts of communication. Twi'leks have increased senses because of their lekku. Every Twi'lek gains +1 bonus to Awareness skill as their Racial Bonus skill. This bonus further increases by 1 point for every 5 base ranks in Awareness.
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