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ZABRAK Zabrak%20Race_zps3wjuoqh3

Zabrak are Near-Human, but had a number of significant physical characteristics that set them apart from baseline Humanity. The most striking of these were a series of vestigial horns that crowned the heads of both males and females. These horns grew at puberty in varying patterns and signified that the time of their rite of passage was drawing near. The horns were one trait shared by the many Zabrak subspecies, which were divided by a number of physical characteristics that differed from subspecies to subspecies. These could include different skin tones (which included peachy white, pure white, yellow, red, tan, brown and black), horn patterns, hair growth (though it should be noted that most Zabraks, unlike Humans, could not grow eyelashes or facial hair – there were some exceptions, such as Maris Brood and Bao-Dur, who had eyebrows) and eye color (which have certain pigmentations that Humans lack, such as purple, yellow, red, and orange). Another of the traits that made Zabrak instantly recognizable were their facial tattoos, which were made up of thin lines received during their rite of passage. These could symbolize many things, including but not limited to family lineage, place of birth, or even a design that reflected their individual personalities. Internally, Zabraks possessed a second heart. They also had great resistance to physical pain. Zabraks were capable of breeding with Humans, and a hybrid sub-species evolved on Dathomir called the Dathomirians, formed from the mating of Nightbrother Zabraks and Nightsister Humans.

Zabrak were often seen by most other species as being single-minded, an observation that was not terribly incorrect. This single-minded determination came from the fact that they were a race with a strong sense of self-assuredness, confident that they were able to accomplish any task that they set out to do. However, this did not lead a Zabrak to develop a sense of prideful superiority towards others. Though it was not uncommon to see competition between colonies, this was not seen as a negative. The Zabraks believed that the various experiences of the different colonies only served to add to the race's overall value throughout the galaxy. Zabrak were proud, strong, and confident beings. They believed that nothing was truly impossible, and strove to prove skeptics wrong at every turn. Some Zabraks carried themselves with an air of superiority, frequently discussing the achievements of their people with pride that could border on arrogance. As warriors or adventurers, Zabrak tended to be dedicated, intense, and extremely focused. Zabrak from Iridonia were considered to be more war-like than Zabrak from their colony worlds, most likely due to the rugged terrain that made up their home world. As such, they developed a highly physical style of martial arts, which were a requirement for young Zabrak to learn. It was not uncommon for Zabrak from Iridonia to be among the best hand-to-hand fighters and weaponsmiths in the galaxy. Zabrak from colony worlds also shared that drive for excellence, but encouraged their children to express it in other ways. It was thus not surprising to see that the Zabrak met with success in many fields, ranging from medicine to entertainment. Zabrak would commonly take their names from animals native to Iridonia, with many Zabrak families named after the Bukk. Many Zabrak males were named after the Blok, Lok, and Zur. Many Zabrak females were known to take their names from the Triz.


Typical Alignment: All
Average Height: 1.8m
Skin Color: Pale to dark brown, red, orange and yellow
Hair Color: Usually born without hair, but in rare cases has human alike color
Eye Color: Varriers like skin color
Average Lifespan: 100 standard years


Attribute Bonus: Constitution +4
Skill Bonus: Survival +5, Demolitions +5
Saves Bonus: Fortitude +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 150xp

BULL RUSH: A Zabrak can fight even without a weapon, they can use their horns to attack. A Zabrak can use Horn Attack once per turn. It can knock down enemy for next turn, which means that target cannot do a counter, on failed fortitude save.
Size: Medium
Use: d20 + STR MOD + CON MOD
Damage: 5 + STR MOD + CON MOD
Critical DC: 15-20 (x7)
Damage Type: Physical Piercing
Counter vs Knock Down: d20 + STR MOD

PHYSICAL PAIN RESISTANCE: Zabrak has great resistance to physical pain. Zabrak has 30% DR vs Physical Damage.

TWO HEARTS: A Zabrak has two hearts, when downed, they can self-revive with 10HP, without life support. This ability is useable once per mission/episode.

NIGHT VISION: Zabrak characters can see in the dark thanks to their glowing eyes. They suffer no penalty when fighting in darkness.
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