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ZELTRON Zeltron%20Race_zpsespp5lba

A humanoid race best known for their skin and hair color (which can range from bright red to pink) and their aversion to all things labor, the Zeltrons are a humanoid species from the planet Zeltros in the Outer Rim. While most Zeltrons are in excellent physical shape, due to a metabolism that allows them to eat even the richest of foods. Another difference between Zeltrons and Humans was the presence of a second liver, which allowed Zeltrons to enjoy a larger number of alcoholic beverages than other humanoids. As a race most are extremely lazy. Since the entire planet has been converted to a pleasure world, work is seen as unnecessary, and so has been declared as an offense by the Monarchy. If anyone wasn't having a good time on Zeltros, the Zeltrons would certainly know of it, and would do their best to correct it. Considered highly attractive and desirable by most humanoids, the Zeltron race possesses two special biological traits. One is that all Zeltrons can produce pheromones, similar to the Falleen species, which further enhanced their attractiveness. The second trait was their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others. Because of this ability, "positive" emotions such as happiness and pleasure became very important to them, while negative ones such as anger, fear, or depression were shunned. This in turn has influenced their culture, which is largely based on sexuality and the pursuit of pleasure. Most of their art and literature is devoted to the subject, bringing the galaxy the term, lustier than a barrelful of Zeltrons. Zeltrons are known throughout the galaxy as people to have fun with. Unfortunately, the Zeltrons think so too. Many a Zeltron has been known to follow other spacers and adventurers for years in a type of love-lust. On encountering a Zeltron, many spacers remark that he/she seems extremely familiar. It has been speculated that this is a side-effect of the pheromones, but no scientific proof has surfaced.


Typical Alignment: Any non Evil
Average Height: 1.8m
Skin Color: Light Pink to Deep Crimson
Hair Color: Red, Blue, Brown
Eye Color: Human alike, yellow, pink, purple
Average Lifespan: 80 standard years


Attribute Bonus: Charisma +4
Skill Bonus: Diplomacy+5, Bluff+5, Perform +5, Treat Injury +5
Saves Bonus: Will +5, Reflex +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 150xp

PHEROMONES: A Zeltron can produce pheromones to distract an enemy. This increases her/his attractiveness and likeability which prevents the Zeltron from being targeted by the enemy. Hostiles will always seek other targets to fight first and leave a Zeltron as the last standing opponent. If there is more than one Zeltron in group, the one with the highest charisma will be the last target. Targets must be in range of 10 meters to be affected by Pheromones, and must be organic.

In addition, a Zeltron can focus their pheromones to distract hostile targets, which lowers the target's DC by 5 for five turns. This is a 1 turn action and requires a successful Pheromones DC (d20 + Charisma Modifier vs Target's will save).

Pheromones gain bonus from the Charisma Modifier. If it fails, it can distract an ally and lower his/her DC by 5 for the entire cycle, usually the one that's next in turn or the closest to the Zeltron. Pheromones can affect any organic being within 10 meters, and it ignores gender.

Pheromones as Skill: This is not listed in character sheet. Every Zeltron can roll d20 Pheromones which uses charisma as modifier for bonus.

EMPATHIC LINK: Second trait was their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others. Because of this ability, "positive" emotions such as happiness and pleasure became very important to them, while negative ones such as anger, fear, or depression were shunned.

Positive: Zeltron can draw strength from a nearby light side ally, increasing her DC by 5 to all rolls for 3 Cycles. Connecting with an ally requires 1 turn

Shunned: If the light side ally is harmed by dark side source, the same ally that the Zeltron is emphatically linked with, Zeltron suffers -5DC in her next turn, and he/she also loses 5hp herself/himself that were meant for the linked ally. Zeltron must spend 1 turn to break empathic link with the ally or it will last the said 3 cycles.

Dark Side: Zeltron with dark side alignment suffers penalty of 10DC to all rolls and -10% too all effects. At level 21 Zeltron is strong enough to fight her or his nature, in which case dark side penalties no longer apply.
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