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TOGRUTA Togruta%20Race_zpsms84rha2

Togruta had rusty skin tones ranging in hue from red to orange, with white pigmentation on their faces, and greyish lips. While not all have this feature, white stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms, lekku (head-tails), and montrals. Their heads bore two montrals, with three, and on rare occasions, four head-tails, whose stripes were darker than those of the montrals. Togruta had the ability to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around them by means of their hollow montrals, which detected space ultrasonically. As predators, Togruta had sharp canine teeth, this gave outsiders the false impression that Togruta were venomous. However, Togrutas did nothing to dispel this misconception and even took advantage of the intimidating presence it gave them.

Togruta had a strong sense of unity and togetherness. On their native homeworld of Shili, they relied on each other and would band together to take a stand against the massive monsters that hunted them, such as the akul. It is said that the creatures of Shili most often attacked in groups, which was even more reason for the native Togruta to work together. Togruta were known for their habit of not wearing shoes; they believed that the land was spiritually connected to them, and wearing shoes cut themselves from a bond with the land. In the pack, every able Togruta was expected to contribute his or her own share, as any food attained was distributed equally. Togruta were also known for their belief that those who could not keep up should be left to fend for themselves, because that is nature's way. Other sentient species found this particular belief quite barbaric. Those within a pack who led had a difficult time with fulfilling their goals because of the risk of becoming individualistic. As hunters, the Togruta showed off the pelts and teeth of their game as a sign of pride and maturation. Special pride was taken in the teeth of akul that a Togruta had taken down as an individual. These teeth often were made into jewelry. Togruta were tranquil and silent, though when the situation called for it they were true warriors. Their fidelity to their beliefs was legendary, as was their happiness within large groups. Togruta, not surprisingly, excelled at teamwork and the ability to associate with different cultures. To an extent, Togruta had an aversion to isolation and made efforts to have friends around for companionship.


Typical Alignment: Any
Average Height: 1,5-1,9m
Skin Color: Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Purple
Hair Color: No Hair
Eye Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black
Average Lifespan: 90 standard years


Attribute Bonus: Dexterity +2, Wisdom +2
Skill Bonus: Intimidate +2, Awareness +7, Survival +5
Saves Bonus: Fortitude +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 150xp

PREDATOR: The Togruta learned to hunt their prey on their homeworld Shili. Like the Twi'lek, the Togruta also have an advantage because of their Head-Tails. Their awareness and survival DC is increased by 50% (using base rank). In addition, if they ever roll 1 with either awareness or survival, they receive a free re-roll in the same turn to avoid auto-failure, this is similar to the ability lucky, but only for awareness and survival. They can use this ability only once per cycle.
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