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(in progress...)

To use a weapon a character must have weapon proficiency feat with that weapon. Some species and classes are automatically proficient with some weapons. If you for example play Engineer who by class is only proficient with pistol, in case you want to use sniper rifle, you must spend feat point to acquire sniper rifle weapon proficiency.

The galaxy is a dangerous place. Most people have access to some kind of weapon, and those who travel the space lanes often carry a blaster or some other weapon as a means of defense. A weapon's legality depends on where you are. No one would look twice at a character wearing a blaster at his side in Mos Espa or Nar Shaddaa. The same character would do well to conceal it while visiting the gleaming metropolis of Coruscant. Weapons are divided on several groups.

Natural include unarmed fighting, using creature's nature itself, such is fist, foot, bite, claw, horns.
Guns include pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle.
Melee include short sword, sword, staff-sword, staff, spear, axe.
Lightsaber include short lightsaber, lightsaber, staff-lightsaber.
Exotic include assault cannon, flame thrower, grenade launcher, pike-lightsaber, disk-lightsaber.

Weapons can divided into categories that sort weapon based on their hand slot on character.

One Hand Weapons: pistol, short sword, sword, spear, axe, short lightsaber, lightsaber. You can dual wield those weapons too, or mix and match.
Two Handed Weapons: shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, staff-sword, staff, staff lightsaber, assault cannon, flame thrower, grenade launcher, disk-lightsaber.
Weapons affected by Monkey Grip Feat (Medium Species): staff-sword, staff, staff-lightsaber.
Weapons affected by Monkey Grip Feat (Small Species): pistol, short sword, sword, spear, axe, short lightsaber, lightsaber.

Another way of dividing weapons is based on weapon size compared to size of species that use it. For example Sword as a medium sized weapon is treated as a big weapon for small sized species such is Ewok. Ewok would need to use two hands to use it, and to dual wield it Ewok would need Monkey Grip feat. On the other side Sword as a medium sized weapon is treated as a small weapon for big sized species such is Rattataki. Rattataki can thus dual wield big weapons without Monkey Grip feat, as big weapons are medium sized for Rattataki species.
Every weapon and specie has its own category size you can examine. For weapons click here. For Species click here. To read about Monkey Grip click here.

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