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SPEAR Spear_zpsezbnk2p0

Damage Type: 1d10 Physical Piercing or 1d4 Physical Bludgeon, depending which end is used
Critical: 16-20 (x4)
Size: Big
Quality: +3 attack, -3 defense vs melee and bolts
X-Factor: Spear is Big One-Handed Weapon
Reach: +1 Hex/Meter
Throw Weapon Range: Strength Mod x 3
Throw Weapon Damage: 20 Physical Piercing
Use: Attack and Defense skills

A spear was a weapon used by hunters and warriors in a variety of galactic cultures, especially primitive ones, either as a melee or thrown weapon. A spear consisted of a shaft, with a point at one end that was usually made of stone or metal. Spears were often constructed in a balanced way that allowed it to be used effectively as a thrown weapon. If thrown, user will be unarmed. To arm again with the spear the user must wait his turn and use move actions to the spot where the spear is located on the field. Reaching that spot automatically arms the user. Spear can be summoned back with TK Force Power. If spear critical hits when threw, Spear will incapacitate the target for 5 turns. All attacks made against that target during incapacitate status are automatic critical hits. Target can attempt to set free from this debuff in its own turn, by rolling 1d20 + Fortitude Save + Constitution Modifier versus total attack number done by the one who threw the spear.
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