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PostSubject: ASSAULT RIFLE   ASSAULT RIFLE EmptyFri 3 Jul - 11:43


ASSAULT RIFLE Assault%20Rifle_zps5isr6qq0

Damage Type: 1d10 Energy (Bolts)
Critical: 19-20 (x2)
Range: 1-20 meters/hex
Penalty if not in range: -5 to attack, -30% to damage
Upgrade: Stun Mode (25% chance DC 15 vs Target's Fortitude)
Size: Medium
Use: Attack skills

A blaster rifle was a designation given to certain types of offensive rifle-shaped blaster weaponry, typically with a longer barrel than other types of blasters. Blaster rifles were heavy duty blaster variants, much more powerful than a pistol, although heavy weapons were much more powerful than rifles. Most rifles came equipped with a stun setting, used to temporarily disable an opponent. Blaster rifles had a retractable stock and weighed about 4.5 kg for most models. The ideal range for the weapon was roughly 30-60+ meters (but for game rules we use less). The typical blaster rifle had a value of 1,000 credits in the legal market; however, since the weapon was illegal for civilian use in a majority of systems, black market sales were prominent.
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