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PostSubject: ATTRIBUTES   Fri 3 Jul - 22:30


Attributes describe to what extent a character possesses natural, in-born characteristics common to all characters. When an atribute score changes, everything associated with that score change accordingly. A character does not retroactively get additional skill points for previous levels if she increases her intelligence via items, buffs, etc. But it gets them if character increases its base rank on level up.

Character starts game with level 1 with all attributes set to base rank 8. At this level Character has 30 Attribute points to add to base rank.
If an attribute reaches base rank 14, then rank 15> will cost 2 Attribute Points.
If an attribute reaches base rank 16, then rank 17> will cost 3 Attribute Points.
At Character Level level 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 character gains 1 attribute point every 4 levels. Attribute points gained like this can increase any attribute without extra cost. Only first 30 Attribute points have cost increase at level 1.

Attribute Score12-34-56-78-910-1112-1314-1516-1718-1920-2122-2324-25etc

Strength increases your aptitude in melee combat. A measure of how physically strong a character is. Strength often controls the maximum weight the character can carry, melee attack and/or damage. Some armor and weapons might also have a Strength requirement as well as some situations that Game Master may put your character in (example to hold the falling door from closing with bare hands so that your teammates can pass through).
Melee attacks gain bonus to attack roll and damage from Strength Modifier. If weapon is held with two hands (usually big weapons) then damage roll adds double Strength Modifier to the damage. Strength Modifier also helps in cases of locking lightsabers.

Dexterity measures agility and reflexes. A high Dexterity adds modifiers to ranged attack rolls (blasters, grenades, throwing weapons) and increases a character's Defense rating, making them harder to hit. Dex increases your aptitude with ranged weapons. A measure of how much character can be precise with attacks from afar. Dexterity modifier increases Relfex save and dexterity based skills.

Constitution increases the amount of damage you can suffer before being defeated. A measure of how resilient a character is, constitution often influences health points, resistances for special types of damage (poisons, illness, heat etc.) and fatigue. Many games combine Constitution and Strength. Some implants require high constitution. Constitution modifier increases Fortitude save. Health Points or Hit Points increase as you level up. Constitution adds (or takes away if negative modifier) bonus health points equal to Constitution Modifier timed with Character Level.

Intelligence increases your aptitude with technological abilities. It's a measure of a character's problem-solving ability. Intelligence often controls a character's ability to comprehend foreign languages, solve puzzles. Intelligence helps in use technology like hacking computers, scanning, holograms, jamming signals, and knowing how to use alien technology In some cases, intelligence controls how many skill points the character gets at "level up". Intelligence adds (or takes away if negative modifier) bonus skill points equal to Intelligence Modifier timed with Character Level.

Wisdom represents willpower and perception. A high Wisdom adds modifiers to Jedi Force Points and Force Power saving throws. The Force Powers of a Jedi with high Wisdom are also much harder to resist. Increases your aptitude with Mental Force powers. Is a measure of the character's mental resistance (against pain, fear etc.) when falling victim to mind-altering magic, torture, or insanity. Some games combine wisdom with willpower. Anyone can be wise but only Classes who can use Force have full benefit from it in combat. Wisdom modifier increases will save.

Charm, Social skill. A measure of a character's social skills, and sometimes their physical appearance. Charisma generally influences prices while trading, and NPC reactions, influence of companions or for example successful twi'lek's dance. Charisma score increases all social skills by halved charisma score. Charisma is also important for mental Force Powers in offensive manner. Charismatic characters use their force of personality to command mental Force Powers, whose victims with low will save fall under influence. Perhaps the best known force power for this is Mind Trick. But there are far more powerful abilities that can tear your mind apart if your will is not high enough to resist.

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