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Character needs to equip Cyber-Tech-Interface (CTI) to use a tech power. CTI are placed on top of user's hand, above wrist. And while the same hand is free to wield one handed weapon, off hand is required to activate CTI tech power. If you have weapon in each hand, CTI cannot be used. Thus CTI are treated as 1 handed weapons in terms of hand slots. Every basic CTI can use only 1 tech power, but in rare case some CTIs can perform multiple powers. You can dual CTI at the expense of not wielding any weapon. Regardless of how many tech powers you have access too, and how many CTIs you equipped for active use, you can only use 1 tech power in your turn. Tech powers hit targets unless target wins a counter vs DC (Difficulty Check). CTI can attack only once per turn no matter how high your BAB is.

DC equals to d20 + Number of Tech Points invested versus Target's Counter. Every Tech Power has a specific counter to reduce or avoid effect. Any Tech power has default range of 10 meters/hex. Their area of effect spreads from the point/target they hit. The range and aoe may differ if the Tech Power specifies their own ruling in description.

To learn a Tech Power and improve its effect, a character needs to purchase ranks with Tech Points. Tech powers are not affected by alignment.
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