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PostSubject: FORCE SPEED   FORCE SPEED EmptyFri 10 Jul - 8:10


Force speed increases the speed of the character on field, his reflexes and attacks quickness.

Power Alignment: Universal
Damage Type: NA
Counter: Environment

Rank 1: Movement d5x2
Move action d5 has its result doubled. For example if character rolls d5 and result is 4, Character can move for additional 4 hex fields (total 8 hex). Character does not have to apply the full bonus. Rank 1 is passive and can be used at will when its your turn.

Rank 2:
Character gains +1 number of attacks with main hand. Rank 2 must be activated as a full round action and lasts until the end of battle.

Rank 3:
Character gains +1 number of attacks with off hand. Rank 3 must be activated as a full round action and lasts until the end of battle. Activating rank 3 activates rank 2, Rank 4B and Rank 5B at same time (if you have those ranks).

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Movement d5x3 (passive)
Evolution B: Reflex +5

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Movement d5x4 (or d5x3 if you lack 4A rank) (passive)
Evolution B: Reflex +5
Evolution C: +1 Free non Move Action in same turn (passive)

Speed: Force speed, also known as burst of speed or Force sprint, was a core Force power that allowed the user to maintain sprinting speeds for a brief time. Greater aptitude granted greater boosts to speed and/or greater duration. The increased speed of the Force-user enabled the individual to see the world and the entities around them in slow motion, allowing them to dodge attacks easily and attack quicker with greater accuracy. With sufficient skill in this ability, one could actually run on vertical surfaces for brief periods of time.
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