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FORCE ADEPT Force%20Adept_zpsuz7sjqhl

Force Adepts were Force-wielders of all species with varying powers and abilities. Some of these Force Adepts were known to wield Force weapons such as quarterstaffs imbued with the Force, which inflicted more damage and were able to withstand lightsaber blows. This generic concept of Force Adepts often depicted them with little to no formal Jedi training in the Force and often coming from primitive planets.

A mystic was a Force Adept with no formal training. They were often found on remote worlds with no knowledge of the Force. Mystics had no idea of how they got their powers, and often considered them the results of sorcery or magic. These people were often shunned by their society and this sometimes caused them to fall to the dark side of the Force.


Hit Points Per Level: 10
Base Attack Bonus: Medium
High Saves: Reflex, Will
Weapon Proficiency: Staff, Pistol
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Force Points Progression: Medium
Feat Points Progression: Medium
Tech Points Progression: Low
Skill Points: 2 per level
Class Skills: Aim, Awareness, Defense, Medicine, Stealth, Survival, Use the Force


Level 1: Force+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Orb Rank 1
Level 2: Feat+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 3: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 4: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 5: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Orb Rank 2
Level 6: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 7: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 8: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 9: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 10: Force Adept Evolution Rank 1, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Orb Rank 3
Level 11: Force+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 12: Feat+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 13: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 14: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 15: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Orb Rank 4
Level 16: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 17: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 18: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 19: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 20: Force Adept Evolution Rank 2, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Orb Rank 5
Level 21: Force+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1
Level 22: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 23: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 24: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 25: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 26: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 27: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 28: Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 29: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 30: Force Adept Evolution Rank 3, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1

Force Orb - At level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, Force Adept gains Force Orb powers as a class free feature. Force adepts takes full action to summon Force Orbs, and cannot use them in same turn. Force Adept must wait next turn to use summoned Force Orb. Using summoned Force Orbs also takes full action and ends the turn. The number of Force Orbs and their power depends on its rank. Force Orb deals Physical Damage by default. Each time a Force Adept summons Force Orbs, he/she must roll Orb Power. Each time Force Adept rolls attack with Force Orb(s), he/she must roll Use the Force skill. Maximum Number of Orbs Force Adept can have active at same time cannot exceed Force Adept's class level divided by 2, to maximum of 15 orbs at level 30 Force Adept. Levels in other classes do not increase the Orb maximum number.

Rank 1
Number of Orbs 1
Orb Power: d5

Rank 2
Number of Orbs 2
Orb Power: d10

Rank 3
Number of Orbs 3
Orb Power: d15

Rank 4
Number of Orbs 4
Orb Power: d20

Rank 5
Number of Orbs 5
Orb Power: d20

Force Adept Evolution - At level 10, 20, 30, Force Adept is strong enough to evolve into a new stage. At those levels Force Adept can select one of the 3 evolution perks. In which order Force Adept is going to select them is up to the player, but can select only one at the time. You can have 1 evolution perk at level 10, 2 evolution perks at level 20, and 3 evolution perks at level 30.

Perk A - Orb Master: Force Adept gains progression in Force Orb even if he no longer takes levels in Force Adept class. This also means that Maximum Orbs Number increases with character level, not class level. Additionally Force Adept can change physical damage of any orb to energy damage, at will.

Perk B - Shaman: Force Adept can use Force Orbs for healing. All damage orb can do are converted into healing at Shaman's will. You cannot heal non organic targets with Force Orbs.

Perk C - Mystic: Force Adept gains damage reduction 5% for every active Force Orb, to maximum of 75% damage reduction with 15 Orbs. This Damage Reduction does not stack with armor, the highest value applies. Additionally, Force Adept can imbue non energy weapons with Orb damage. Every imbued weapon will then deal additional damage that orb can do and this effect lasts until Force Adept cancels it or falls in battle. By default its additional physical damage, but if Force Adept has Orb Master perk, the extra damage can also be energy damage. Mystic can imbue weapons of only 1 character per turn, be that himself/herself or ally. Only 1 orb per weapon can be used. Imbued weapons have "active orbs" and thus count against maximum number of orbs that Force Adept can summon at same time. All these orbs still give 5% Damage Reduction to the character that has them.

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