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PostSubject: TEMPLE GUARDIAN   Wed 9 Sep - 11:58


The Jedi Temple Guards were an ancient security group in the Jedi Order. The Guards comprised various Jedi in the Order. The Jedi Temple Guards were tasked with the protection of the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant and Tython and were a part of the security force, reporting to the head of security.

Temple Guardians know what they guard, and from this knowledge they grow their power in the Force. Temple Guardians are very skilled in using powers from the holocrons without revealing its secrets to others. They are one of best defensive roles and a perfect addition to a team where one can win with strategy. Temple guardians are capable of moving allies and foes on the battle field through the Force, to achieve victory and support Force Healers.

A Jedi Temple Guard would disappear inside the formal robes and identity-concealing masks, the ultimate expression of emotional detachment required in service to a higher calling. Temple Guards carried imposing lightsaber pikes -- thick, double-bladed weapons that produced a rare and distinctive yellow blade. Temple Guardians do not limit their security to the halls and grounds of a Jedi Temple itself. When they detect a threat and danger to the temple they guard, they are more than capable of setting foot outside and lurk far far away even to opposite side of the galaxy to hunt and arrest those who represent danger to a Jedi Temple.


Alignment: Light Side
Base Class: A Jedi Class
Lightsaber Form: Shien rank 1
Force Power: TK rank 1
Skill base rank: Use the Force 5, Archaeology 5


Hit Points Per Level: 15
Base Attack Bonus: High
High Saves: Fortitude, Will
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber, Short Lightsaber, Staff Lightsaber, Pike Lightsaber, Pistol
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
Force Points Progression: Medium
Feat Points Progression: Medium
Tech Points Progression: Low
Skill Points: 4 per level
Class Skills: Aim, Archaeology, Awareness, Defense, Piloting, Survival, Taunt, Use the Force. Xenology


Level 1: Force+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1, Temple Mystery Rank 1
Level 2: Feat+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1
Level 3: Force+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1, Temple Mystery Rank 2
Level 4: Feat+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1
Level 5: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Temple Mystery Rank 3
Level 6: Force+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1
Level 7: Feat+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1, Temple Mystery Rank 4
Level 8: Force+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1
Level 9: Feat+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Will+1, Temple Mystery Rank 5
Level 10: Temple Guardian Evolution rank 1, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1

TEMPLE MYSTERY: - At level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, Temple Guardian gains Temple Mysteries to use as force skills and force powers. This is Temple Guardian's specific training and can be learned and improved only by Temple Guardian levels. Temple Guardian loses this training if he does not have light side alignment.

Rank 1: Shien Form gains +20% Damage Reflect

Rank 2: Shien Form gains +20% Damage Reflect

Rank 3: Shien Form gains +20% Damage Reflect

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Can Move Ally/Foe 10 hex away from the spot with Force. Moved ally is healed for 10%hp of the current Temple's Guardian HP. Moved Foe suffers fall damage of 10%hp of the current Temple's Guardian HP.
Evolution B: Temple Guardian gains +100% natural HP

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Moving an Ally or Foe is a free action once per cycle within your turn
Evolution B: At the start of every cycle, Temple Guardian is healed by 10%
Evolution C: Force Healers, the allies of Temple Guardian gain 50% healing power

Temple Guardian Evolution - At level 10 Temple Guardian is strong enough to evolve into a new stage. At that levels Temple Guardian can select one of the 3 evolution perks. Temple Guardian can select only one evolution perk. Temple Guardian loses evolution perk if he does not have light side alignment.

Perk A - Munificent: Temple Guardian, can at will, heal his allies that equals to the damage he suffers. Temple Guardian cannot heal himself, and cannot use this healing power if he hurts himself. Temple Guardian can use this gift at will outside of his turn, and can stack up 3 injuries. Temple Guardian must be hurt by foe to access this ability. Through his sacrifice is not in vain.

Perk B - Touch of the Light: Temple Guardian can inspire and protect an ally that is in melee range with a touch. Targeted ally is fueled with the Light Side of the Force protection, that not only absorbs 50% of all damage to HP, but also reflects the intended damage back to the source by 200%. Duration of the Touch of the Light in turns equals to Temple Guardian's Wisdom Modifier and Charisma Modifier. Temple Guardian cannot use this on himself.

Perk C - Beacon of Light: Temple Guardian aura of Light Side of the Force reduces the effectiveness of dark side of the Force. All who attack the Temple Guardian or his/her allies with Dark Side of the Force suffer 70% penalty on the effects of dark side force powers. Additionally, all allies as well as Temple Guardian himself/herself gain +7 bonus to saves to resist Dark Side Force Powers.
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