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 The Last Nightingale

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PostSubject: The Last Nightingale   The Last Nightingale EmptySat 1 Apr - 10:45

A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away...

Starlight Saga

Broken,shattered and crippled! The Galaxy lays in a state of total chaos as a new hidden enemy emerges from the unknown regions.
The Eternal Empire under the rule of Emperor Arcann son of Valkorion has declared total war on both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire utterly driving both of them back to their capital homeworlds.
With no other options left, leaders from both sides have signed a pact with Arcann to avoid their total annihilation.

While many have now embraced the rule of the Eternal Emperor, there are those from Sith Empire and the Republic who have come together in a new alliance to stand against his tyranical rule.
While most of the Jedi order have been destroyed by the knights of Zakuul, those few who remain have joined the new alliance.

Now seeking the aid of all those willing to fight the Eternal Empire, Jedi Padawan Mikayla Urso undertakes the quest to find the former legendary Jedi Master Lindrala Nightingale to secure her aid against the Eternal throne.
Insulted by the resistance against his rule Arcann continues to send his own forces to hunt down and destroy any who would stand against him.

While Lindrala has not been seen for many years, Mikayla remains determined to find the once great Jedi and inspire others to rise up against tyranny.
After studying some of her teachings and history, Mikayla begins her search on the planet Alderaan but will she truly be able to recruit the last of the Nightingales...

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Nightingale   The Last Nightingale EmptySat 1 Apr - 16:07

A Search For Hope

Mikayla was sat alone in the cockpit as her ship came out of hyperspace.
"So this is Alderaan." She said softly to herself. Suddenly the friendly beeping of an astromech droid could be heard behind her.
Mikalya turns and smiles, she gets up and makes her way over to the droid that was standing in the doorway to the cockpit.
"Don't worry T9." She said as she placed her hand on top of the droids head. "We have friends here I promise, I wont get you into any more trouble."
T9 responds with numerous thankful beeps then hurries along to continue routine maintenance of the ship.

Mikayla smiles and head back to the chair of the cockpit. As she sits down the ships holo on the console in front of her starts to make a low pitched humming indicating that she was receiving a transmission.
Mikayla hits the accept transmission button on the console and the holo image of a older male with a scared face appears before her.
"Mikayla Urso, this is supreme commander Jace Malcom." Even only a holo the man appeared strong and confident in way that some may have found imposing.
"A mutual friend has made me aware of your arriving presence on Alderaan, you have been granted clearance to land at House Organa. Although it is my duty to remind you, the Republic treaty with Emperor Arcann remains intact, due to Republic security I must ask you to conclude any business you have here as soon as possible. The Republic is currently in no position to openly declare ourselves with your alliance."
Mikayla senses the heaviness in the man's words, the man who wants to fight but out of loyalty to the Republic will not...
Mikayla responds to Jace. "Thank you commander, I assure you once I have what I came here to find I shall be on my way."
Jace gives Mikayla a slight nod then the holo transmission ends.
"T9 brace yourself i'm bringing us in for landing."
Mikayla takes control of her ship and makes the decent for landing.
She flies over to the assigned private landing pad granted to her at House Organa and smoothly brings the ship down.
Mikayla shuts down the ships thrusters and makes her way out of the cockpit.
"T9 stay here with the ship, keep her ready incase we need to make a quick exit."
The droid lets out a concerned beep but does as commanded.

Mikayla makes her way out of the ship and down its boarding ramp, she is met by the cool soothing air of Alderaan as she looks around.
It is lightly snowing, she looks up into the cloudy sky as a snow flake tickles the pale skin of her face.
She closes her eyes for a moment and feels outward with the force.
"You are here somewhere... I know, you have to be." She says softly.
Mikayla opens her eyes, she turns to look towards the trees and the mountain.
Suddenly through the trees and the snow a red flare is fired up into the air in the distance.
Mikayla pulls up her hood and makes her way through house Organa to the main entrance.

A small group of Organa loyalists were gathering outside the entrance, they appeared to be in dispute.
"i'm just saying we should go check it out, someone might need our help!" One of the men yelled.
Another of the group responded in a stern voice. "It's not worth the risk, it could be those bugs or a Thul ambush!"
The group continue to dispute until suddenly a woman in heavy armor with the Organa signet engraved on it's chest marched up to them.
"The lot of you shut it!" She shouted.
All of the men immediately line up and salute her in respect.
"Apologies Captain, we were..." Before the man can finish the Captain interrupts.
"You know the Dukes orders! All patrols are currently on hold until further notice."
All the men remain silent and stand at attention.
"Now the lot of you, dismissed!" The men all hurry back through the entrance past Mikayla.

The Captain remained where she was for a moment, she appeared to be looking at the flare in the sky, Mikayla made her way out towards her through the entrance.
The Captain turned to look at her. "And who might you be?"
She asked raising an eye at her.
"I'm here on Jedi business." Mikayla answered.
The Captain chuckled for a moment then slowly walked past Mikayla back into the entrance.
"Then I recommend you mind yourself outside these walls, it's not safe even for a Jedi."
Mikayla nodded, "Thanks for the advice."
The Captain headed back into the Organa compound, leaving Mikayla alone on the road.
She decided to investigate the flare herself.

Mikayla made her way to the tree line, she looked back at the Organa compound for a moment then pressed on.
Currently there was no sign of anyone... She pulled her lightsaber into hand from under her robe at the ready.
Ten minutes later she was standing directly from where the flare had been fired, still there was nothing...
Mikayla drew closer and closer until suddenly a large creature burst up out of the snow in front of her holding some kind of staff. The bug like creature let out a loud squeal! Four more of the creatures emerged in the trees and began charging toward her.

Lightsaber already in hand Mikayla ignited the yellow blade an entered a stance of Shii-cho.
Two of the creatures ran ahead, straight past their large leader. They lunged at Mikayla together, in response Mikayla leaped backwards through the air in a flipping motion, though mid flip she delivers a strike with her blade severing the heads of the first two attackers.
She gracefully lands back on her feet. The leader Killik and the two others now rush forward and attempt to surround her.
Again they all attempt to lunge at her at the same time however Mikayla is able to keep them away, she spins her blade gracefully defend against all the strikes at once.
Mikayla forces pushes the leader killik back then turns her attention to the other two.
As one of the killiks attempts to strike her again Mikayla delivers an upward strike which cut right through the beasts staff and up into its chest, it falls back lifeless.
The other Killik charges at her in rage, without hesitation Mikayla delivers a reverse thrust which impales the charging Killik which dies immediately.

The Larger leader Killik now roars enraged at the death of its hive mates.
Before Mikayla or the beast have chance to act Mikayla is suddenly stunned by a huge disturbance in the force...
In the middle of its rage, a cloaked figure came smashing down out of the trees with immense force beyond anything Mikayla had ever seen.
The large killik was smashed down into the mountain as the hooded figure crushed it into the ground with a terrifying display of power.
The ground shuck from the impact as snow flew up into the air and the leaves came raining down from the trees and then... Then there was nothing but an absolute silence.
Mikayla stood stunned and in awe at the figure who was knelt down in the snow with what little remained of the creature that had just been annihilated.
Slowly the cloaked figure arose and burst out in a manic laughter, she turned to face Mikayla.
"Ohhhhh such fun!" She laughed as a wicked grin came upon her face.
Mikayla felt terror as she came to recognize who stood before her.
"Vaylin..." Mikayla said, she felt herself gripping her lightsaber tightly.
Vaylin's laughter came to an immediate stop, she looked Mikayla up and down then glanced at her gripping her lightsaber.
"I love games.." Vaylin said as another evil grin came across her face. "I think we should play a game!"
Vaylin suddenly grabs Mikayla with the force and lifts her into the air. "The rules of my game say that you won't need that." She laughs as she rips Mikayla's lightsaber from her hand and crushes it with the force.
"Now little Jedi you are going to run! Run as fast as you can! But if I catch you before you find your friend... I will kill you slowly."
Mikayla stuck powerless in Vaylin's grip could do nothing.
"I..don't...know...wha.." Vaylin tightens her grip cutting off Mikayla's sentence.
"My rules also say you can't slow the game down by talking, now RUN!!!"
Vaylin screams at her, she force pushes Mikayla flying away through the trees.
Mikayla hits the ground but is able to roll and recover. She finds herself sprinting faster than she knew she could.
Vaylin's voice still echoed through the trees. "I'm coming to get you little Jedi!" Her laughter was truly terrifying....

Earlier that day...

As the snow calmly falls over the forest a small camp fire burns, a pot of refreshing substance boils over it as a hooded white robed figure is sat on a log minding the flames.
The light of the flames burned brightly in her blue eyes as she sat there in peace reflecting on the force.
Seeing that her stew is ready Lindrala grabs a spoon and shovels it into a bowl.
She takes a moment cherishing the smell and warm feel of the bowl in her hands, slowly she begins to eat her meal.
Still standing and eating her food she turns to look at the tent she had been staying in for what felt like longer than she could remember.

Lindrala finishes her stew then sits back down on a log near the fire, she places the bowl down next to her and closes her eyes.
Images from her past come into her mind... She remembers the faces of all those she had served with long ago.
Marinez, Barracudas, Axo... All of them.
They had once stood together against evil and saved the galaxy from the clutches of both Dread master Brontes, Darth Jadus and Darth Traya.
Now that seemed like a whole life time ago, yet here still she sat upon the homeworld of her family, the last of the Nightingales.
As she sits there reflecting she cannot help but feel a great sadness as her sisters come into her mind.
The long struggle with Mileetra played often in her mind... How she fought so hard to bring her sister back to the light. To bring her family back together again then Traya took them both away.
Lin shook her head and cleared her mind of the thoughts. "There is no death, there is only the force."
She whispered quietly to herself.

As Lindrala cleared her mind, a sudden shiver hit her as she felt a disturbance in the force...
Suddenly two ghostly figures appeared across the camp fire from her.

One of the figures she recognized immediately while the others figure appeared to remain hidden.
"Mileetra..." Lindrala said softly.
A smile appeared on Mileetra's face. "Hello big sister, it has been some time."
The apparition of her force ghost slowly made it way round the camp fire and sat next to her.
"Why are you here?" Lindrala asked her.
"Mileetra chuckled "Still straight to the point as always... it is the will of the force that has brought me here to you now."
She paused for a moment. "I... We are here to warn you my dear sister." Mileetra suddenly gestures her hand towards the other force ghost who steps forward.

The ghostly figure pulls back the hood to reveal none other than Barracudas.
Lindrala also pulls her hood back her hair still white as snow, she looks in disbelief.
"Barracudas... I... I told myself it was a lie when I felt you had become one with the force."
The twi'lek looked at Lindrala and made her way closer to her. "I am not yet fully one with the force, I cannot go... not while things remain as they are."
Barracudas ghostly hand touches Lindrala on the shoulder as she also sits on the other side of her.
Lindrala looks at her and Barracudas continues to speak.
"You must have felt the great shift in the force, the great hidden enemy that has reveled himself?"
Lin looks down... "I fear that I have been blind, I have been haunted by the past for so long that I could not tell what was real."
Mileetra speaks, "I have seen you in your solitude my sister, you have isolated yourself from the galaxy... You have let yourself know the force greater than anyone in your exile, you must return and restore balance."
Lindrala stands up she folds her arms and slowly walks around the camp fire thinking on their words.
"What makes you think I am strong enough? If the jedi have fallen to this enemy how can I defeat them alone?"
Barracudas also stands and moves to face her. "You are never alone old friend, the force is with you and you are with the force. I can share my knowledge on the enemy with you... I can show you how I fell."
Lindrala and Barracudas both close their eyes.

The images of the conflict against the eternal empire come rushing to Lindrala's mind, she sees the horror as the knights of Zakuul, Arcann and Vaylin strike down the Jedi and republic forces.
She watches as the eternal fleet decimates planets with endless bombardment and how they have besieged the core worlds.
Suddenly Barracudas personal experiences play over in her mind.
The Twi'lek Jedi master is aboard the republic flag ship  The Gav Daragon commanding forces in battle against the Eternal fleet!
Suddenly there is an explosion as the main door to the bridge is blown open by skytroopers and knights of Zakuul.
Republic soldiers and Jedi engage the enemy on the bridge at first seeming to push them back until then... They appear...

In the midst of combat Arcann and Vaylin appear at the destroyed door to the bridge, the remaining sky troopers stand still waiting as Arcann and Vaylin begin walking forward together.
Several Jedi knights and padawans rush them but one by one are all cut down by the power mad siblings.
Barracudas gives the order to open fire as the remaining republic soldiers go to unleash everything they have left... Vaylin suddenly lifts them all into the air force choking them, then snaps their necks and tosses them all aside.
Along with Jedi masters Bela Kiwiiks, Syo Bakarn and Yuon Par, Barracudas engages Arcann and Vaylin.
Arcann senses Yuon is the weakest target and overwhelms her immediately. Unable to resist Yuon is decapitated by Arcann.
Master Syo jumped over Arcann and engaged Vaylin in an attempt to stop her from overwhelming them all with her powers.
Vaylin instead turned her powers on him and delivered a severe force crush to his chest killing him instantly.

Barracudas and Master Kiwiiks fought Arcann together but were ultimately unable to break through his guard.
In a sudden display of tremendous speed Arcann severed both the hands of master Kiwiiks and then ran her through with his saber tossing her to the ground.
Barracudas continued to fight Arcann, Putting all of her speed into a strike with both sabers she was able to clip Arcann's robotic arm. However as she did this he impaled her through the stomach and kicked her back.
Barracudas dropped both of her lightsabers and fell to her knees. Arcann moved to stand above her.
"You fought better than most." Arcann moves his saber ready to strike her down.
"There is no death. There is only the force." Barracudas closes her eyes as Arcann brings his saber down upon her chest, she falls back dead.

In a sudden eruption of light Lindrala opens her eyes and she is back at her camp site on alderaan.
She looks around, both the ghosts are now gone though suddenly she still hears their voice together in unison inside her mind.
"Someone is coming here to find you... Help her, help yourself... Sister."
The voices fade away and the feeling of their presence passes.
Lindrala looks at the log she was sitting on, she reaches out with the force and lifts it up off the ground.
With her other hand she uses the force to pull a lightsaber into her hand and gently places the log back down.
She looks over the weapon in her hand then slowly she activates it revealing a beautiful white blade shinning in the snow.
Just then she hears another voice through the force. "You are here somewhere... I know, you have to be."
Lin deactivates her blade and hides it under her robe. She pulls up her hood and heads off into the snow.

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Nightingale   The Last Nightingale EmptySat 6 May - 13:45

Titans of the Force

"Run little Jedi Run!" Vaylin laughed and cackled in the distance, Mikayla was still running for her life faster than she knew her legs could move.
She rushed through the trees more and more, ducking and jumping over branches. The snow was fortunately not deep enough to be a real hindrance on her movement.
She glanced back to see if she could see Vaylin but she saw nothing, still she carried on running.
Eventually the tree's started to fade has Mikayla kept running more and more, She looked behind her once more then came to an immediate stop when she looked back forward, she had come to the edge of a cliff looking down it fell deep into a valley.
Mikayla looked back and sighed. "Great..."
Slowly Vaylin emerges out of the trees as well.
"Awww what's this, my little pet has no where left to run?" Vaylin smirks. "Well then, i guess i'll just have to let you go." She shrugs.
Before Mikayla can respond, Vaylin sends a force push at her knocking her back. Mikayla manages to roll backwards and grab the ledge of the cliff.
Vaylin brings her lightsaber to hand, an evil smirk comes across her face as she starts to make her way over to Mikayla.

Suddenly Vaylin is stopped dead in her tracks. She turns to see a hooded figure in white robes to her right.
"You!" Vaylin cries!
Lindrala stands before her reaching out with the force she holds Vaylin.
Vaylin gathers her rage and breaks free, she points her lightsaber at Lindrala.
"I knew chasing this little insect would draw you out... Now i'm going to bring your head back to my brother as a gift."
Lindrala slowly pulls down her hood, she brings her lightsaber into hand and ignites the white blade.
"You are mistaken." Lindrala said softly.
Mikayla is able to pull herself back up onto the cliff she watches in both shock and awe as the other two face off.

Vaylin channels lightning into her lightsaber and rushes at Lin. Lindrala stands her ground ready, waiting.
In epic speed as Vaylin moves to bring a overhead slash down upon her, Lindrala blocks as the yellow and white blades lock together.
Vaylin unleashes a series of attacks upon Lin but none are able to get through her defense.
Frustrated, Vaylin unleashes a blast of lightning at Lin. Lin rotates her lightsaber and absorbs all energy from the lightning, suddenly her eyes glow white as she transforms the energy back into a push and smashes it straight back at Vaylin.
Vaylin is unable to resist the push and is sent flying backwards, she lands on her back dazed for a moment.
Looking up at the sky realizing what just happened, Vaylin jumps to her feet outraged!
"You'll die for that filth!"
Suddenly her energy channels all over her body... Her eyes begin to glow purple as she suddenly unleashes a huge flow of force lightning at Lin melting the snow as it flies toward her.
Lindrala quickly deactivates her lightsaber attaching it back to her robe and raises both her hands.
She closes her eyes and focuses.
The lightning impacts with Lin but her defense with the force was able to hold.
The ground itself shook as the two masters of the force collided.
Vaylin channeled more and more energy into the attack while Lindrala began to send the flow right back at her.
As the flowing energy from both sides collides a huge shockwave bursts out knocking everyone to the ground.

Vaylin and Lin both quickly rises to their feet again. This time it is Lindrala who moves to go on the offensive as they both draw their lightsabers to hand once more.
As Lin begins moving towards her Vaylin decides to charge as well. As they get close both of them unleash a flurry of attacks but both seem able to counter and block the other.
They lock sabers once more.
"Do you really think you can best me! I will crush you!"
Lindrala remains focused as Vaylin's words do not effect her resolve.
"You are blinded by power which has broken your mind. I do not wish to harm you but I will not allow you to continue the path of destruction you have brought upon the galaxy."
Lindrala uses her strength and is able to push Vaylin back out of the saber lock.
Vaylin spins and quickly recovers meeting Lin with another set of strikes.
Again Lin defends from the strikes, her greater experience in combat begins to show as Vaylin slowly begins to lose her concentration in the fight.
Lindrala takes advantage of an opening locking her blade close to Vaylins she quickly side steps round her and delivers a hilt bash to the side of Vaylin's face.
Vaylin staggers from the hit, sensing she is losing the fight she leaps backwards away from Lindrala.

"You think you're winning?" Vaylin laughs. "I love it." Another evil grin comes across her face.
Suddenly she turns her attention to Mikayla, she reaches out with the force and grabs hold of her.
"Say goodbye to your little Jedi!"
Vaylin launches Mikayla from the cliff sending her flying.
Lin's eyes suddenly grow wide, she force sprints right passed Vaylin and leaps off the cliff after Mikayla.
Lindrala is able to reach Mikayla and is able to grab hold of her, Mikayla holds onto her as the two continue to fall.
"Trust in the force." She says to Mikayla.
Mikayla nods as the two closes their eyes and focus.
Together both of them manage to roll and land the fall, they dust themselves off and look back up to the top of the cliff.
Vaylin looks down at them a great scowl of discontent on her face. She glares at Lindrala for a moment then turns and walks away.  

Lindrala turns and looks at Mikayla. "Are you hurt?"
Mikayla looks at her finally able to speak after everything that just happened.
"No, I... I'm fine Master Lindrala?"
Lin smiles at her and nods. "I sensed someone was looking for me, though it seemed you weren't the only one, come we should keep moving, I get the feeling that the one hunting is not done yet."
Mikayla nods, "That was High justice Vaylin she's the sister of the emperor of..."
"The Eternal Empire." I know Lin says softly.
"I know why you are here young one, you do not have to explain."
She turns and smiles, placing her hand on Mikayla's shoulder.
"I will join your alliance and aid you in your fight."
Mikayla cannot help but feel a huge smile come across her face. She drops to a knee in respect of the Jedi Master. "I thank you... Master."
Lin pulls her back to her feet. "Come we need to regroup, we will face Vaylin again though I doubt next time she will be alone."
The two begin to make their way down the valley back towards the settlements of House Organa.

A short while later...
"Sister? Why do you contact me?" A holographic image of Arcann appears before Vaylin back at her personal shuttle.
"I need you to send the fleet to Alderaan, the Jedi master I have been hunting is here."
Arcaan rises up from his throne. "You need the assistance of the eternal fleet to deal with one Jedi?" He shrugs in disbelief.
"I... underestimated her.." Vaylin struggled to find the words in her mouth.
Arcann can see that her pride is damaged. "I see... Interesting, very well i'll shall dispatch some of our forces to Alderaan and we shall deal with this Jedi."
Vaylin nods, "Thank you brother I will not let the alliance have this victory."
Arcann slowly sits back down in his throne. "I trust you will not fail." He waves his hand and the holo cuts out.
Vaylin grins her expression one of almost complete insanity."I am going to kill her." she says happily to herself."

To Be Continued...

Bonus scene: Starlight Fury

As blaster fire is seen all across the sky Starlight Companies ships descend onto the planets surface.
They land on the fields above the valley base with the commanders landing shuttle at the lead. Major Marinez rallies his men.

"Here we stand, defiant in the hours of tyranny as the oppressive eternal empire seeks to take Alderaan. On this day we shall drive them back into the wild space from whence they came. My brothers, sisters in arms. Stand with me on this day, our friends and allies need our help and we shall lead the charge. With me now men, today we fight! For the Alliance! For the Republic!" All cheer, ready for the battle to come.
The landing shuttle doors fly open. Major Marinez along with Commander Nateyl, Commander Hyzenberg, Captain Axo and Jedi Battlemaster Tibilich rush into the field at the head of Starlight company.

Tibilich ignites both of his blue lightsabers and immediately begins deflecting blaster fire from skytroopers.
He leaps through the air and performs a duel throw of his sabers wiping out an entire group before bringing both blades back into hand, he rolls and carries on charging with the rest of the forces.

Marinez, Nateyl and Hyzenberg charge forward unleashing a storm of blaster fire from their raging assault cannons the Sky troopers are cut down by the bolts in great numbers.
As they near a bunker the group engage sky troopers and some knights of Zakuul.
One of the sky troopers jets into the air and fires a missile at the squad.
Nateyl immediately responds and drops an emergency shield probe which protects the squad from the blast.
Marinez and Hyzenberg both then roll forward as they throw thermal detonators.
They explode in sync destroying Skytroopers and knights a like.

Axo moves with the men avoiding most of the direct conflicts, using a blaster pistol and his cybernetic arm he is able to easily dispatch the sky troopers.
He leads some of the squads tech specialists into one of they Eternal empires forward positions.
Axo activates his stealth belt, he slips passed some knights of Zakuul and accesses one of the key command consoles.
Using his cybernetic interface he hacks and sends the Zakuulan formations and strategies to Marinez.

The battle rages on as the troops of starlight company smash against the Eternal empires forces.
The commanders of starlight re group in the middle for a heavy push down into the valley.
Tibilich engages combat with 3 knights of Zakuul at once while Marinez, Nateyl and Hyzenberg continue to gun down any enemy forces they can.

Lindrala, Mikayla and the forces of house Organa continue to try and hold off High Justice Vaylin.
Trust in each other, Trust in the force. They may yet see victory on this day!

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Nightingale   The Last Nightingale EmptyTue 13 Jun - 0:10

(Hey guys due to moving Lin's canon to a new rp forum I wanted to share the original climax I had for the story.)

Stars in the Darkness

The Starlight Fury was in flames all around them, Commander Marinez called for the final evacuation as the eternal fleet continued to open fire upon the Starlight ships.
They had beaten back the boarding parties Vaylin had sent against them but the damage was done.
The main Starlight squad along with Mikayla made a break for the escape pods as another wave of boarders impacted onto the ship.
Skytroopers began flooding all decks as they attempted to finish off the remnant of the crew.
Refusing to leave himself Marinez intended on going down with the ship. He had given Nateyl a direct order to take over the remnant of the Starlight along with Lindrala so that they could continue the fight against the Eternal Empire.  
Unaware of Marinez decision to remain Lindrala finished off dispatching a bunch of Skytroopers and began making her way to the rest of the crew.
Lindrala made it to the escape pods, where she found Axo and Nateyl commanding the evacuations.
"Axo, Nateyl! Where is the commander?"
The two glanced at each other then looked to Lindrala. Nateyl stepped forwarded "He ordered us to evacuate while he stayed behind."
Lindrala looked down at the ground then back at Nateyl.
"Go.... I can't just leave him to die, I will convince him."
Before Nateyl had chance to respond an explosion tore into the hull of the ship on several meters from where they were standing knocking everyone to the floor.
Marinez activated emergency shielding to protect them from the vacuum of space.
Lindrala arose to her feet, Nateyl had been knocked unconscious, some of the troopers and Axo grabbed hold of Nateyl and moved her into the escape pod.
Axo turned back to Lin."We have to go now!" he yelled as the ship continued to shake.
Lindrala nodded though as she got close to the escape pod instead of going through the door she used the force on the console which closed the door.
"Noooo!" Axo yelled, he ran and started punching the door, Mikayla and the others watched in a stunned silence.
Lindrala launched the escape pod, she turned around and began running back to the bridge.

As Lindrala got to the bridge wreckage was blocking the way, she closed her eyes and lifted the wreckage with one hand, she was able to crawl under onto the bridge.
Marinez was stood at the helm of the ship still managing what was left of the ship defences.
"Marinez!" Lindrala cried out to him. She ran to him as more of the eternal fleet had began to arrive.
He turned, "What the hell are you doing here, I ordered everyone off this ship!"
Suddenly they were interrupted as Vaylin's flag ship emerged from hyperspace, she hailed them on the bridge holo.
"Well, well, it looks like I missed most of the fun ugh i'm turning more like my brother she chuckled to herself."
Lindrala interrupted her, "It's over Vaylin, the alliance is safe... You have failed."
Her eyes grew in anger, "You may have slowed down the fall of your pathetic alliance but now you can watch all of your friends die, prepare to fire!"
Marinez slammed his fist down on the holo ending the call, Lindrala and Marinez looked out of the window as they saw Vaylin's ship began to light up and channel is energy, other ships from the eternal fleet were moving into position and doing the same thing.
"She's going to open fire on the escaped pods!"
Lindrala yelled... Marinez clenched his fist. "The hell she is."
Marinez ran back to the main helm of the ship, suddenly he was hitting buttons and the ship began to move.
"What are you doing!?"
Marinez tilted his head to her, "Ramming speed."
Lindrala watched as he redirected the ships power to the front shields and engines. The ship began flying straight towards Vaylin.

One of the eternal officers quickly yelled, "High justice Vaylin, they are moving to ram us!"
Vaylin let out a cry of frustration. "All remain skytroopers move on their bridge now, everyone open fire on the ship! Destroy them!"
Her shouting became frantic as the Starlight fury continued to gain speed heading closer and closer.
Back on the Starlight Fury's bridge there was an explosion clearing the wreckage as skytroopers began to storm the bridge.
Marinez suddenly took a blaster bolt to the shoulder as Lin ignited her lightsaber and began deflecting the blaster fire.
Marinez leaped over the console and took cover, Lindrala pulled a blaster from one of the enemies and threw it to him.
He opened fire on the Skytroopers as the two of them defended the bridge console.
The eternal fleet all started to fire on the Starlight fury but the direct shields continued to hold.
Together Lindrala and Marinez dispatched Skytrooper after Skytrooper as they continued to storm the bridge.
"Master Jedi... it's been an honour to fight by your side." Marinez said strongly as he continued to open fire on the enemy.
Lindrala crouched down behind the cover next to him.
"The honour has and always will be mine, old friend."
The pair clasp hands one warrior to another.
"One last fight..." Marinez said as he and Lindrala slowly arose to their feet.
"For the Republic!"
Together the two of them charged the Skytroopers.
The Starlight Fury gained full raming speed as Vaylin watched in horror as the ship smashed straight into hers sending out a massive explosive shock wave which appeared to set of a chain reaction crippling rows of ships from the eternal fleet one after the other.
Vaylin had no choice but to flee and abandon her own ship.
The Starlight crew watched from the escape pod as the ships smashed into each other.
In that final moment in the heat of battle on the bridge suddenly it seemed as if everything stopped, Lindrala stood there lightsaber in hand as Marinez and the Skytroopers were all frozen in place.
Lindrala looked behind her to see the ships colliding as everything began to fly through the air.
Suddenly a ghostly figure appeared before her and reached out with her hand. "Sister... Welcome home."
Lindrala reached out and smiled as the moment passed and suddenly all turned to white.

Mikayla and the Starlight crew had escaped, as the Alliance fleet arrived out of hyperspace.
Lana Beneko looked out at the destruction... "Force, we were too late... Quickly we must retrieve the survivors."
The Alliance fleet recovered the escape pods and the survivors.
"Commander this is Lana... We have them."

Barracudas 55
Axo 30
Marinez 20
Blood'gunner 20
Sicilia 5
Jag 0
Ceviran 0
Zemalia 0
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