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PostSubject: LIGHTSABER FORM III: Soresu   Sun 17 May - 12:02


Soresu Rank 1: When using Saber Defense Skill, you gain +5 to its roll while in Soresu Form. Taking Soresu Form is a free action and does not require turn. However, deactivating Soresu Form, or switching to any other Lightsaber Form requires a turn as a full action.

Soresu Rank 2: If your team member is attacked, you are allowed to counter for them with Saber Defense. If you fail, you suffer the damage meant for the team member you were protecting. Soresu Rank 2 allows you to counter for your team members even if it is not your turn.

Soresu Rank 3: This rank allows you to reflect 25% of damage back to the source it came for. You must success on Saber Defense roll.

Soresu Rank 4: Your base skill rank in taunt is doubled while in combat. Taunts are now free actions and do not require your turn to use.

Soresu Rank 5: This rank allows you to reflect 50% of damage back to the source it came for. You must success on Saber Defense roll. Additionally, you may chose the target you want to reflect it towards, and it does not have to be the source it came from.

Gameplay: Soresu can counter Gun Attacks, Force Lighting, Physical Objects, Lightsaber Attacks. This form requires any lightsaber to use. Unless class specifically gives this form, you need to learn Form I Shi-Cho Rank 3 to unlock this form.

Soresu: Form III, also known as Soresu, the Way of the Mynock, or the Resilience Form, was the third of the seven classic forms of lightsaber combat that was recognized by the Jedi Council prior to and during the Clone Wars. Soresu was developed during the widespread emergence of blasters as an offensive weapon. Essentially a development on Form I blast-deflect training, Soresu relied on tight bladework and subtle dodges to provide maximum defensive coverage, minimizing exposure to ranged weaponry. Over time, Soresu transcended this basic origin, and came to be considered the ultimate expression of non-aggressive Jedi philosophy.

Like Makashi, Soresu relied on economy of motion and energy efficiency, keeping up constant blade-movement to build up momentum and minimize energy-expenditure. Form III focused on strong defensive technique to essentially outlast an opponent, waiting until he began making mistakes due to frustration or fatigue, before taking advantage of these lapses and countering. However, despite its effectiveness, Soresu would receive heavy criticism due to its lack of offensive capabilities, as it facilitated survival rather than victory. As an answer to these weaknesses, the highly aggressive Ataru and Shien forms would be developed side-by-side.

The Soresu form was devised to counter the wide-spread emergence of blasters, a weapon that the previous Makashi form wasn't equipped to combat. The pragmatic Form III became the most defensive of the seven forms, and utilized tight moves, consisting of subtle dodges and efficient parries, intended to provide maximum defensive coverage, and minimize exposure to ranged fire.
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