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 Barracudas Application (Approved 2.Jul.2014.)

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PostSubject: Barracudas Application (Approved 2.Jul.2014.)    Wed 2 Jul - 2:09

Name: Barracudas
Legacy Name: Zavara
Guild Name: Republic Of Starlight
Race: Twi'lek
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 1,75m
Weight: 50 kg
Eyes: Magenta
Skin: Pink
Birthplace: Ryloth
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Skills (Crew Skills): Synthweaving, Archeology, Underworld Trading
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Brave, Seductive
Motivations: Improving the social standing of her race
Gear: Black gloves, boots, shorts and bra (foto), in official situations: A Black and White Jedi robe

Personel Comment: - She has had a personnal issue which causes her to look down upon males of her own species 
She has 3 different Lightsabers on her at all time. She uses 2 lightpurple lightsabers while dual wielding and has one secret red one for intimidating purposes that she obtained on one of her earlier travels

Background Story: Being born on the planet Ryloth caused Barracudas to grow up in a culture where slavery was always present. Because of her pink skin she was seen as unique and valuable in her clan and considered as a status symbol to others. The main currency was and still is slavery on Ryloth which led to her being trained harder than other unfortunate girls of her race. Her training started at the early age of 4 and she was to become the perfect trophy of the one that would eventually buy her, she was taught all kinds of dances, how to entertain anyone for hours, how to seduce a person with her looks, no matter the race or gender,  how to serve and follow commands without questioning. But the most important one was to use her looks that they considered as a gift of their godess. Even with all of the training and the looks some males gave her she remained strong and fought her way through to remain herself. When she was 10 she was considered one of the best girls that they ever trained but it wasn't untill she accidentally heard the the clan head exlaim her being almost ready to be sold, that she started to really look for a way to escape her future life. In a state of distress she was confronted by one of the male supervisors that guarded the compound for being outside this late at night. The guard in question had been heavily drinking that night and, because they were alone and saw the oppertunity, attempted to get a feel of her developing assets, ignoring the reaction that she had because no one had ever approached her with that intention was the worst mistake he ever made. She panicked and sought in her mind  for a way to stop him. Feeling a stange power well up inside of her she flung her arms forward unleashing a wave of raw power that blasted the guard against the wall a few meters away. The impact was so strong that he was killed instantly because of a skull fracture. Fleeing from the body she run outside of the compound towards the city. When the adrenaline finally subsided, she collapsed on the pathway leading to the city where she was dicovered by a Jedi who was nearby to solve a conflict between  the different clans, who had felt her display of the force.

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PostSubject: Re: Barracudas Application (Approved 2.Jul.2014.)    Wed 2 Jul - 3:55

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Barracudas Application (Approved 2.Jul.2014.)
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