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SITH PUREBLOOD Sith%20Pureblood%20Race_zpsqiodvgy1

Descendants of the original Sith species, the red-skinned Sith Purebloods inherit a legacy long intertwined with the dark side. The ancient Sith were warlike, competitive, and ambitious, and they performed arcane rituals to create powerful Force artifacts. For those Sith in whom the old blood still flows strongly enough to be seen, there exists a strong current of innate darkness, making the rate of Force sensitivity among purebloods near one hundred percent. Genetically speaking, the term “pureblood” is a misnomer, as all modern Sith are hybrids, a product of the unions between the ancient Dark Jedi and the original Sith race. However, the term is useful in distinguishing those who carry enough of the blood of the ancient race to still be evident in their features.

The Sith were a proud and violent species of humanoids that evolved on Korriban, a planet within the Horuset system in an isolated Outer Rim region called the Stygian Caldera. Sith had a larger than average number of individuals with potential to use the Force in their species, so high in fact that the entire species was considered strongly Force-sensitive. The abundant Force-sensitivity resulted from a symbiotic relationship with the dark side of the Force, where they—like the other few creatures that inhabited the planet—derived sustenance directly from the dark side of the Force, and empowered it in–turn.

Adult Sith characteristically had skin of a crimson-hue, although infants of the species appeared a lighter shade of red. However, even though typically a dark red, some members of the species retained more pink shades of skin tone in adulthood. Sith had sharp, fierce predatory profiles and features all over their bodies, including bone spurs protruding from under their skin at various locations like the elbows. Their faces displayed a notable pair of cheek tendrils that hung down from their high cheekbones. Sith also had cranial horns, pointed teeth, simian mouths below their small noses, and glowing yellow eyes covered by cartilaginous eyebrow–stalks. In addition, some Sith had long bony chins, while others did not show this trait and instead possessed less prominent chins that receded from their mouth. Most Sith had three clawed digits on each hand, and three on each foot; two forward facing and one backward facing. However, some Sith had five digits on their hands and feet, such as Sek'nos Rath. The Sith were commonly left handed too, and as a result their signature weapon, the lanvarok, was constructed only for their left-handed tendencies.

The cheek tendrils on the jowls of Sith that descended from their cheekbones displayed different expressions amongst their species through twitching and other movements. For example, slight curling of the tendrils showed that the particular Sith was of a rejuvenated attitude, while stroking of the right tendril was an expression of thoughtfulness. Also, quivering of the tendrils could show signs of anger, as well as a questioning expression when coupled with raising of the eyebrow–stalks. The Sith—specifically the Massassi subspecies—also had very keen senses relative to those of Humans, particularly their hearing, despite their small ears.

Though they were in an almost constant state of war, their civilization was quite sophisticated; they saw these acts not as cruel or barbaric, but simply basic aspects of existence. They were notable for engaging in supposedly primitive practices such as sentient sacrifices in the name of their gods. Their constant warring led to a dwindling of the population on their original homeworld of Korriban as well as cultivated an intensely xenophobic society. Native Sith culture included the Sith language, the consumption of bloodsoup, a rigid and stratified caste-based society, live sentient sacrifices to the Sith deities and use of ancient and arcane alchemy and magic. For the Sith, war and violence were just as much a part of the natural order of life as peace or serenity. Their social order was very rigid, and while many rose to the title of Sith Lord, only one, King Adas, attained the position of monarch. Another aspect of Sith culture, the creation of Sith holocrons to record knowledge, originates from their first contact with the Rakata of the Infinite Empire. One aspect that originated from Korriban was the position of Shadow Hand; a title that was analogous to that of a Jedi Padawan. One of the oldest and greatest strengths of the Sith was their knowledge of sorcery. This great power allowed them to accomplish great feats such as causing stars to go supernova.


Typical Alignment: Any Evil
Average Height: 1.8m
Skin Color: Red, Obsidian
Hair Color: Black, Brown, Red
Eye Color: Varriers in levels red, orange and yellow
Average Lifespan: 100-120 standard years, Around 200 with force sensitive individuals


Attribute Bonus: Strenght +2, Wisdom +2
Skill Bonus: Intimidate +5
Saves Bonus: Fortitude +5, Will +5
Size Category: Medium
Forum Level up: 200xp

ENRAGE: Sith Pureblood are a force sensitive species, fueled by the dark side of the force from the planet Korriban. As they get hurt in combat they increase their damage reduction and damage done, depending on the character level. They must have a certain point in HP or less to be able to enter into the Enrage mode. Activating Enrage is a free action and does not require a turn to use.

Character Level 1-10:
Enrage Point 10%HP
DPS boost: 25%
DR: 25%

Character Level 11-20:
Enrage Point 20%HP
DPS boost: 50%
DR: 50%

Character Level 21-30:
Enrage Point 30%HP
DPS boost: 75%
DR: 75%
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