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 Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records

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PostSubject: Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records   Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records EmptyFri 12 Dec - 17:06

Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records Mileet10

The Power Of Hate And Hunger

Once there was a young girl, born of innocence into a world of peace. A family of sanctuary and stability.
They raised her with affection and love, their lives were perfect or so they thought. 
But a dark truth would soon emerge, for what would fester in the heart of their child. It would blacken the stars like a great plague that would fall upon the galaxy the terror that would endure. 

Alderaan... a planet among the core worlds, here the family was forged, here the family would be destroyed. 
Tell me what you fear the most, so I will know what to make you face... Tell me what you crave the most, so I will know what to deny you... Tell me what you love the most, so I will know what to take away. 
Within this child's heart a great hunger lingered, from a connection to the family legacy many had forgotten. 
Descendants of a mighty devourer who once lingered in the darkness of the galaxy. 
For he looked upon life, he looked upon the force, and he fed on its embrace, he fed on their destruction. An endless hunger till all would be consumed.
Her sisters would seek out the light, where they would feel its embrace she felt only the cold. 
The warmth of summer was dry... The Cold of winter was heartless, in her eyes the perfect illusion would not last.
For she began to hate those who loved. She disgraced those who sacrificed, and for every soul who would bring goodness into this world she would soon seek to plunge a blade into their hearts.

These are the Records of Mileetra Nightingale. Master of the Dark side, Lord of the Sith. Embrace the truth of her victories and perhaps you too will walk the paths of power. 


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PostSubject: Re: Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records   Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records EmptyFri 12 Dec - 17:46

Awakening Of Nightmares.

"Tell me something sister... Do you think the galaxy is a good place?" 
Mileetra spoke softly to her younger sister. 
"I wouldn't presume to know the answer to that sort of question sis... Why do you ask?"
Renita looked at Mileetra in curiosity. Mileetra simply smirked for a moment.
"Do you really think that the Jedi... Or the Republic for that matter will ever bring the galaxy to peace?"
She gave Renita a cold glance seeing if she would show possible deception in her eyes. 
"I.. well... I dunno, I guess its possible, I mean the galaxy is what we make of it I suppose. What is this about, you still missing Linnie since the green Jedi woman took her away?"
On hearing these words Mileetra relaxes again and smiles at Renita. 
"Yeah something like that perhaps.." She pauses for a moment. "Thanks Ren you can go now."
Renita hugs her sister, then leaves her to her thoughts. 
"The galaxy is what we make of it... hmmm, I shall make it so much more..."
A grin comes across Mileetra's face as she looks at her hand, sparks of lightning ripple across it briefly. 
"Much more indeed."

1 year later...
The shuttle door opens, and the light and dry winds of Korriban touch upon Mileetra's face.
She emerges from the shuttle onto a landing pad along with an imperial soldier and 2 other acolytes of the Sith. 
"You two! that way now, head to your overseer immediately and  we shall see who is worthy to become sith."
"Yes my lord right away!" Both acolytes quickly responded, then the lord turned to Mileetra.
"Remember why I brought you here girl, you will prove yourself as Sith, in these trials and you shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine."
"Yes Lord Nelkor I shall not fail you in this task!"
Mileetra bowed before the man she already saw as her master, even if he had stacked the deck slightly in her favour she was on Korriban now. She knew any signs of weakness our disloyalty would be purged harshly.
"See that you do not, or I will break you... Now, you must travel to the tomb of Marka Ragnos, you will find a small statue inside, acquire and bring it back to Overseer Harkin within the academy, this will show how far you dared to venture into the tomb." He smirks and starts making his way into the academy then suddenly pauses. "Oh I almost forgot... you will need this" He moves his hand out from under his robe and throws to Mileetra what at first glance appeared to be some sort of decorative metal bar, he continued on his way. 
Mileetra examined the item for a moment, the presence of a handle was clear, along with two buttons. 
She pressed one of them and a blade emerged at one end of the staff, then same again for the other end. 
"A vibrostaff... Childs play." she thought to herself. She rotated the blade for a moment spinning it with skill and adapting to its weight before quickly retracting the blades again and heading on her way to the tomb of Ragnos.

Mileetra had arrived, though not far from the tomb she saw an acolyte been chased by two Kor'slugs...
"Help, Help!!!" The young boy screamed, running for his life. Any weapon he must have wielded was now gone as the Kor'slugs began closing in on him hissing loudly.
The boy fell over, right below the ledge Mileetra was standing, he backed up against the wall as the beasts slowed down knowing their prey was cornered.
About to pounce and making the killing blow, suddenly one Kor'slug was instantly struck down as Mileetra activated her double-ended vibroblade and leaped down from the ledge spiking the beast with immense power. There was a large crushing sound as the creature was utterly destroyed by the impact.
Not giving the 2nd Kor'slug a chance to react she blasted it with a shock of lightning from her right hand sending the beast flying backwards.
It lay still for a moment but then some how staggered back up onto its legs. 
The Kor'slug began to make a strange squealing sound and suddenly with a smull rumble from the ground 3 others emerged to join the enraged creature. 
All 4 Kor'slugs now began charging at Mileetra, while the boy watched on in shock and awe...
Mileetra playfully spun her vibroblade "Well perhaps this will be fun after all." She says as a cold grin comes across her face.
As the Kor'slugs began closing in Mileetra, suddenly burst forward at them with great speed.
She plunged her blade into the closest of the beasts then quickly thrust it upwards almost completely slicing it in two.
She leaped in the air over the slain foe and came back down with an immense spinning strike which struck two more of the Kor'slugs down. 
One died on impact, the other slowly tried to scamper away with its wound but was met by nothing other than a quick blast of lightning finishing the beast off. 
The original Kor'slug that had called for help began to cower and back away... Mileetra turned to face it, a ice cold look in her eyes. 
The beast began to Hiss in terror as she lifted it into the air with the force, she than quickly pulled the beast down upon herself but met the falling creature with her blade impaling it through the head and smashing it into the floor. 
It lay at her feet lifeless. As Mileetra again retracted her blade. The boy arose to his feet still in awe as he looked upon his apparent saviour.
He ran over to Mileetra, "Oh my thank you so much tha... ugh... gah..." The boy was interrupted mid sentence as the one who appeared to have saved him raised her hand as she lifted him into the air choking him with the force. 
"Ohhh did you think I was saving your life." Mileetra giggled to herself for a moment then suddenly turned cold a serious. "This is Korriban you fool... you should of kept running." She says as a sudden snap sound emerges as she breaks the boys neck with the force dropping his lifeless corpse in the dust.
"Such weakness has no place among the Sith."
She thought to herself as she leaped back up to the ledge of the tomb and headed inside into the darkness.

Inside the tomb was cold, many scattered remains of destroyed droids and skeletal corpses were all over the place.
Mileetra closed her eyes for a moment, she held her hand and reached out with the force into the darkness... And there it was inside the tomb. The statue she had been sent for calling to her through the force.
She held her blade at the ready in her hand, though kept the blades themselves retracted for the time been. 
Voices began to echo through the tomb, it was unclear if they were from the past or the present. 
Screams of suffering and death. Mileetra suddenly saw ghostly image of several Sith running for their lives and been shot down dead by soldiers in Republic armour.
Cries of children, men and women echoed all around as the people here were exterminated. 
Mileetra began to realise this was the end of the Great Hyperspace War. 
The republic issued a mass extermination of the Sith here and any other Sith settlements driving them away into the unknown regions of the galaxy, lost and broken in the darkness. 
Though clearly from the flames they had been reborn and reforged stronger than ever, though such events of the past would echo forever in this place.

Mileetra pressed onward through the tomb, the call of the statue became stronger and stronger. There was a door straight ahead of her though it was closed. 
As she approached the door, a deep laughter suddenly echoed through the halls of the tomb. 
"Who enters my domain...?"
The voice spoke. Suddenly a ghostly figure wearing an enormous crown with horns appeared behind Mileetra. His eyes were as black as the void itself. Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records Markar10

Mileetra showed no signs of fear. "Marka Ragnos.
She spoke calmly to the presence before her.
"Yeesss..." The ghost replied "Good it has not been so long... They still remember the name... Tell me girl what has become of the Sith?"
Mileetra  looked into the void like eyes and answered "The Republic drove the Empire off this world, but it has returned stronger than ever, and in time the Republic will be crushed."
The ghost ponders for a moment. He appears to hover from side to side, listening to her words. 
"I see, weeellll that brings me back to the original question... What are you doing here in my domain?"
His voice is slightly raised as he speaks this time expecting an answer.
"I am here seeking a relic of sorts, a statue that has been calling out to me through the force since I got here."
"Ahhhh so you are the acolyte... How... Interesting, the power I sense in you is... very deceiving very deceiving indeed, I shall allow you to recover what you seek though do not return here again, or I shall crush you Nightingale."
Ragnos' laugh echoes through the tomb once more, he ghostly image flies right through Mileetra and through the door as well. 
Suddenly the stones on the door begin to move and the door opens, and there the small Statue laid before her against a pillar in the room. Ragnos himself had vanished and the tomb had fallen silent. 
Mileetra lifted the small statue into her hand with the force though she did not enter the actual room, wary of what traps may lay inside. 
She made her way back outside leaving the tomb of Ragnos behind, her purpose there had ended. 

Mileetra made her way inside the Sith Academy, the refurbished and re supported structure of the walls were abundant with banners of the Empire. 
Academy troopers in red armour stood guard keeping a watchful eye on all entering and  leaving the academy. 
Mileetra travelled deeper inside, making her way to the chamber of Overseer Harkin. 
En-route to the chamber, she watched as some Sith had brought in a Jedi prisoner, they dragged him off most likely for torture. 
Making her way round the corridors of the Academy, she heard voices and shouting ahead. 
"Get out of my sight... Slave!" 
The words spoken were said filled with disgust. As she made her way down the corridor a figure in black acolyte robes came out of the room and quickly made their way past Mileetra without a word. 
The door to Harkins chamber was still open, and he was standing there proudly with his back turned. 
Mileetra knocked on the door and slowly entered.
"Slave I promise if thats you disturbing me again I'll... oh."
Harkin looked at her clearly not expecting her arrival yet. He looks her up and down. 
"Ah, not a slave at least that is good. So you must be Nelkor's dark beautiful pet that he is obsessing over... Am I to assume that you have succeed in your trial then?"
Mileetra uncovered the statue from her black robe and presented it to Harkin, ignoring his eyeing of her body and the stab at Lord Nelkor.
"Here it is."
"Hmmm most impressive, most impressive indeed... Though it would appear you have succeeded in your trial, hardly possible to consider how you could have failed with Lord Nelkor fondling over you... The other acolytes who were supposed to be in your group and under take the very same challenge did not survive past an hour on this world I wonder who was behind that..."
Suddenly another figure entered the chamber and made his way past Mileetra. 
"Ugh My lord I..."
Lord Nelkor lifted Harkin into the air and smashed him into the wall while force choking him. 
"Perhaps in future you will keep such pondering to yourself Overseer... You never know who could be listening."
Mileetra watched the scene unfold smiling to herself silently. 
Nelkor suddenly releases Harkin from his grip, he turns and faces Mileetra.
"Of course My lord I forgot my place please forgive me I..." "Silence."
Nelkor puts his hand on Mileetra's face she looks him in the eye smiling at him. 
"As for you my apprentice, you have done well... very well indeed." he takes the statue from her and holds it in his left hand for a moment before securing it under robe.
"Your trial is complete, here take this and use it well." 
He unclips a double ended lightsaber from his belt and hands it to Mileetra. "You can keep the old sword as well if you wish as a great reminder of your success." 
Mileetra takes the saber staff in hand, she takes a step back for a moment and ignites both beams of the lightsaber briefly admiring their red glow before de-activating it again moving back to Nelkor's embrace.
"Thank you my master, I learned much from this trial."
Nelkor smiles, he moves and kisses his now confirmed apprentice on the lips passionately and holds her body against him.
Mileetra joins in the moment returning in the kiss, allowing her passions to flow and allowing his spare hand  to explore the figure of her body as she rubs against him. 
Soon the moment is over. Harkin awkwardly not knowing where to luck put his head down and kept his eyes on the floor. 
Breaking from the kiss Mileetra turned to him "Awww are you jealous Harkin." She laughs playfully though he does not respond. 
Nelkor glances at him also, seeing if he dares speak or even raise his head. Harkin wisely did nothing. 
"Come Mileetra my shuttle is awaiting us. We shall return to Dromund Kaas for now, I have more business to take care of there." 
The two of them leave the chamber and make to head off world from Korriban and back to the beating heart of the Empire itself.
She took one more glance at the dusty red home world of the Sith before boarding the masters shuttle.
Mileetra would serve her new master well for now...

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PostSubject: Re: Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records   Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records EmptyFri 19 Dec - 6:04

This does not look finished. I don't know what is Renita's role besides announcing her as a sister, as some per-introduction of another character? It is well described how Mileetra dealt with trial on Korriban, how she interacted and her story keeps attention of a reader. Good way placing Harkin down where he belongs, but I think he is called Harkun, if you are using an existing character, a NPC, their names should be spelled correctly, if it's an overseer you made up then its fine.

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Ascendancy From Shadows 

Lightning flashed immensely across the sky, the rain was falling heavy, tapping loudly all around. 
Mileetra stood upon the balcony of Lord Nelkor's estate. She looked into the skies as  the water falling around impacted on her skin. 
Despite the rain her hood was down, the rain rushed down her face and her cleavage as she lifted her hand and watched as the water bounced harmlessly against her. 
A loud blast of  thunder echoed all around. Tonight the storm was heavy, one of the heaviest storms she had seen during her time on Dromund Kaas.
Within her eyes there was a truth. A truth of what was about to happen. A truth of what she was about to do. 
For she had spent many months in service to her lord and love but still a greater fire burned within her soul... For an opportunity had arisen and she would grasp it with both hands. 
This was perhaps but a moment of final reflection... a thought on events that had quickly passed before the final blow.

One month earlier...
"My lord the delivery has been delayed by some sort of disturbance at the space port, I'm afraid tha..."
The imperial soldier was quickly interrupted by a choking sensation as both his feet were suddenly lifted off the ground and his neck began to firmly tighten.
"I gave you... One simple task." Mileetra chuckles to herself expressing an almost sort of disbelief. 
"A simple task... to simply... bring the crystal to me, yet all I am hearing is some sort of sorry excuse as to why you will not be handing it to me..." She places her right hand on the soldiers armour while he chokes from her power... she moves her hand up to his helmet briefly moving it away again to pull back her hood, then placing her hand back down.
"You know what that means..." A devilish smile comes across her face. "That means you failed... Which well unfortunately means for the both of us that I will have to go get it myself, which also renders you useless."
She kisses the trooper on the helmet then firmly clenches her left hand snapping the troopers neck with the force and dropping his lifeless corpse on the ground. 
Mileetra kicks the corpse in her annoyance then started to make her way down out of the city following an old path to the space port.
In her mind it was simply faster than having to head back into the city to pick up a speeder to simply come all the way back down here again.

Upon her arrival at the space port it would seem the trooper had been right. Some sort of dangerous cargo had been sabotaged... Likely the work of local slave resistance, grounding a lot of deliveries and pick ups to a stand still.
Mileetra spotted a busy looking imperial officer holding a datapad likely attempting to record what had been lost and what hadn't. 
She walked up to her and tapped the woman on the shoulder. 
"Hmmm what... Oh.. oh... My lord." She quickly greets Mileetra with the Imperial salute.
Mileetra folds her arms as she speaks to the officer. 
"A Hurrikaine crystal was to be delivered here for my master today, you shall retrieve it for me... Immediately."
The imperial officer looked at her almost frozen in shock, she quickly processed the request then quickly responded. "At once my lord, I shall see to it right away."  
The officer scanned her datapad quickly, such a small personal delivery would not be too difficult for her to find a trace of. 
After a few moments she promptly rushed off into the space port. 
Several minutes past and the officer returned.
"Here we are my lord, many, many apologizes for the delay."
She hands Mileetra a small box containing the crystal she was supposed to retrieve.
"Everyone here is attempting to quickly clear the way of the mess the slaves decided to make today. before Darth Jadus arrives." The officer explains.
"Then it would seem their efforts have failed for I am already here..."   
Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records Darth_Jadus_ColdWar
The voice of the masked Darth appears as Mileetra and the officer turn to face him.
"D..D..Darth Jadus...." The officer says in shock and awe.
Jadus raises his hand "Enough... be silent, go and help continue your work of clearing the mess up." He says with firm intent.
Without another word the officer quickly bows before the Darth with great respect then scampers off quickly to finish up her work.
"Now what have we here?"  
His head moves in a motion under the mask suggesting that he quickly looks Mileetra up and down.
"So... you must be the grand prize apprentice of Lord Nelkor, I feel the strength and power with inside of you... Odd how you have not risen among our ranks."
He brings a hand to his mask slightly as he ponders about Mileetra.
Mileetra responds "Yes my lord... I have served my master since he brought me here from Korriban."
"I see."
Jadus nods his head slightly then continues on his way, a speeder quickly arrives for him. The Darth made his exit as fast as he made his entrance.

Mileetra shrugged to herself, she had what she came here for and began to make her way back to the city.
She was not too far from the city when suddenly two individuals both jumped down from the trees activating their lightsabers.
Mileetra reacted and quickly pulled out both her saber staff and retractable double ended vibroblade activating one blade of each.
"Well now what is this? You two want to play?"
The other two Sith say nothing... they promptly charge at Mileetra with their weapons.
Quickly spinning both of her own weapons in hand Mileetra charges back at them. 
A brief motion of flashes and colliding blades take place as Mileetra then overwhelms one of the assasssins running him through with the vibroblade, she leaps into the air over the second assassin, activating both ends of her saber staff. The two locks blades briefly for a moment though Mileetra quickly hits the assassin with a powerful lightning jolt crushing the mans defences and forcing him down onto his back.
She dispatches the would be killer with a rotating strike, brought down from her own head and severing the head of the Sith that attacked her.
"Game over it seems..."
 She de-activates her staff saber,quickly putting it securely back under robe. She also holds her hand out with the force and pulls her Vibroblade out of her fallen foes body and into her hand. 
As she retracts the blade and secures this weapon as well... A beeping of a holo device gets her attention.
Mileetra searches the headless body of the dead assassin, picking up the device it activates and the image of a familiar figure appears before her in her hand.
"Excellent it would seem my feelings were correct." Darth Jadus says admiring the work of the women his assassins had just failed to kill.
"Feel free to try again and send more if you like, I am hardly even done warming up..."
Mileetra smirks to herself.
"Of that I have no doubt." Jadus replies "But these men were simply an evaluation of my... interpretations of your potential. Had I  wanted you dead I would have killed you at the space port." 
"Or tried  to at least..." Mileetra thinks to herself.
"Alright so you are assessing me... but for what?" Mileetra shrugs at Jadus.
Jadus unfolds his arms taking a stance of a serious nature.
"The purpose of this contact is actually your master, you are going to end his life for me in service to the Empire."
Mileetra feels quite a sense of shock.
"Lord Nelkor? What has he done to displease you."
"The Empire must continue to grow and thrive and change, I have felt your power its potential... under his service it is too constricted, it must be allowed to flourish. Know if you choose to act out the commands I give to you I can promise you his title, his power and perhaps one favour."
She pauses for a moment. "I see, and if I should refuse this offer?"
"To refuse would be to deny one's true self, but in which case I will allow you to enjoy been his pet a short while longer before crushing you both."
"Then perhaps I am simply trading one master for another, how do I know you wont just kill me to cover up your own involvement?"
"Because this whole scenario is part of a larger plan I have seen for you, which involves you very much alive... though I shall take this sign of interest as an agreement. It shall take some time to fully place the pieces into place, but when it does you shall strike. Return and serve your master as you have been doing for now. I shall contact you again in time."
The holo call ended and the image of Jadus faded away, seeming she had little choice in the matter she returned to her masters estate and would await further instructions.

The present day...

The rain continued to fall. Mileetra brought her hand back down to her side.
She looked out over the balcony across to the city when suddenly she was interrupted.
"Still admiring the view after all these months?" 
Nelkor said appearing behind her at the Balcony entrance.
Mileetra smiled and turned to face him. "Well... I can say the view suddenly got a lot better."
Lightning flashes again all around, both of them looking the other in the eye. 
She puts both her arms back gripping the balcony barrier with both hands. Swaying her body rather in a seductive like manor inviting her master over.
Nelkor strolls over to her, "I think you might be right about that."
He moves his hands onto her hips, he leans in and begins to kiss her on the lips.
Mileetra quickly responds by kissing him passionately back forcing her tongue into his mouth.
His hand promptly slide down onto her ass as he rubs and squeezes it enjoying the touch of her smooth figure.
She moans and wraps her arms around him rubbing her hands up and down his back... all the mean while the rain continues to fall as the two bodies alive with the dark side corruption continued to tangle.
Mileetra breaks off the kiss for a moment but still rubbing her body against him. 
"Mhmm my lord, perhaps we should continue back inside, out here I am starting to become very wet in more ways than one." 
She giggles, as he kisses her on the forehead. 
"As you wish..."
The two rush back inside into Mileetra's chambers. The balcony door still wide open they begin undressing each other while she kisses him playfully. 
Completely removing her top half of clothing and leaving nothing on but her bottom under wear Mileetra pushes Nelkor down onto the bed. 
As he lay there admiring her naked body Mileetra slides herself on top of him removing his final piece of clothing as well as her own. 
She places herself, and she moans as he enters her... but unfortunately for Nelkor this was merely the ultimate distraction that Mileetra required for him to totally lower his guard.
While riding him she quickly moves to kiss him, within an instant a purple spark of energy starts to appear over her body. 
As their lips touch... Nelkor feels it his eyes spring wide open, but it is already too late.
The purple energy suddenly erupts from her body and over his, and suddenly a beam of energy begins flowing from Nelkor into Mileetra.
Not removing her lips from his own, she drains the very life out of him... Unable to act or struggle within a few moments the kiss ends and he falls back in the bed lifeless.
"Sorry master, but well, you should have seen it coming..." She closes his eyes and gets off the bed redressing herself soon after.
A familiar beeping sound of the holo communicator soon rings through the room. 
She takes hold of it and makes her way back onto the balcony, also force pulling her double ended vibroblade into hand. 
Out on the balcony she activates the call.
"Darth Jadus..." Mileetra drops the sword over the side of the balcony watching it fall as another great blast of lightning and thunder echo all around. 

"It Is done."

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Bane Of The Nightingales

Darth Jadus stood upon the bridge of his flag ship. The Imperial Dreadnought known as the Dominator. He looked out of the main window of the bridge upon the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas. 
His arms folded, his schemes unfolding in his mind. His state of thought was suddenly interrupted. 
"My Lord Jadus." An Imperial officer spoke while saluting the dark council member. 
Jadus slowly turned to face the officer his features will hidden behind his mask. "Why do you disturb me commander..." He enquires to the officer. 
"She is here my lord..." the officer gulps seeing that he clearly interrupted a train of thought.
"Very well, send her in to me at once."
Jadus dismisses the officer away. The officer walks at a very fast pace to the bridge door console. 
He accesses it and at the push of a few buttons the door opens.
A women with a dark robe and long black hair stood waiting. 
"My... My lady Nightingale... Darth Jadus will see you now." 
Mileetra made her ways through the doors onto the bridge. Jadus was still stood looking out onto the planet. 
She made her way up several of the bridge stairs and down the stretch of the bridge itself towards Jadus. 
Several elite Imperial honour guard were standing in opposite lines. Each pair saluted in respect as Mileetra made her way passed them.  She made her way directly behind Darth Jadus and bowed in respect. 
"You summoned me?"
Mileetra asks him... Jadus does not turn to face her but he answers all the same. 
"Indeed I did... Come stand here next to me."
Jadus signals with his hand welcoming her to stand next to him at the window of the Bridge.
Mileetra arises from her bow and takes her place next to Jadus. 
"What would you ask of me my master?"
Mileetra enquires... 
"When we made our deal, and you destroyed Lord Nelkor you asked me in return to inform you of your sisters activities as the favour I promised you... Though the matter has caused me also to take interest, perhaps the time has come to strike."
Mileetra's whole body slightly twitches with the mention of her sister... 
"Lin'drala... What have you discovered my lord?"
Jadus chuckles under his helmet. "It would seem your sister has become quite the success story... a very powerful padawan arisen to the rank of Jedi knight in rather short time considering the slow Jedi traditions... such a power could be an incredibly useful asset.. imagine the pleasure you would get, from breaking your own sister and corrupting her with the dark side."
Jadus turns to face her, she briefly looks up at his mask then back out of the window, Mileetra cannot help but feel a smirk upon her face. 
"The idea of it is invigorating... " the darkness in her eyes at her picturing the image in her mind. 
"How do you suggest I proceed master?"
Jadus looks back out of the window as well. "You must lure her out... return to your homeworld of Alderaan, your legacy still remains there, it is  time for the Nightingales to embrace the Empire... or to embrace their own destruction. You shall return home, and from the fires your family shall be restored to true greatness or perish in the Emperor's name."
Mileetra turns to face Jadus. "It will be done my lord."
He does not face her... "Then you shall leave at once, I know your sister is currently working with the republic in the core worlds... she will feel their suffering, she will not be able to resist their cries for help.... Now go."
Mileetra bows respectfully then quickly makes her way back down the bridge towards the door. 
"My lady your ship is re..." Mileetra interrupts the officer.... " tut, tut, tut, tut... such a shame... you forgot to bow."
"F...forgive m-." Mileetra quickly activated one blade of her red staff saber and delivered an instant strike severing the officers head from his body. 
His headless lifeless corpse fell back dead along with his head that rolled upon the ground as Mileetra made her way off the bridge and to her own ship.
"Perhaps when your sister is broken I shall wield an even more powerful tool."
Jadus thought to himself. 

Mileetra's ship touched down on the planet surface of Alderaan... She was home...

The snow fell quietly and harmoniously all around, Mileetra made her way down the landing ramp of her vessel onto the soft snow that crunched under foot. Her families estate was not far... 
She looked around and watched her breath in the cold air for a moment... "Good to be home..." 
She coldly chuckled to herself knowing her purpose of returning here.
Mileetra pulled up her hood and made her way down the snowy pathway... before long she looked upon the home of her childhood. 
She closed her eyes and began to reach out with the force... "Do you feel it Sister... I am home... I am home... and I am going to destroy them all."
Mileetra laughed and made her way to the gate of the residence. a few standard guards stood watch as she approached, in times of war every family that could afford it would hire what protection they could...
"Halt! Who goes there!" A guardsmen from the other side of the gate yelled as Mileetra drew closer. 
Two more guards emerged blaster rifles in hand and pointed them at the apparent intruder... 
Mileetra lets out a brief sigh... All of a sudden she channels her energy into a powerful dark side telekinetic blast which smashes the gates wide open sending them flying back. 
Two of the guards were knocked back and crushed by the gates instantly while the original guard who called out was knocked onto his back. 
A cold grin came across Mileetra's face as she activated her staff saber and walked towards the guard... the guard was dazed, when he regained focus he saw the Sith before him closing in and tried to slightly shuffle backwards, he did not get very far... Mileetra plunged her lightsaber into his chest and he fell back lifeless.  
A maid saw the commotion that was going on... "Help Help!" she screamed and ran into the household. "We are been attacked by Sith!" 
Five more guards quickly appeared, they ran out of the house, again four of them with rifles and one with a blaster pistol appearing like an acting captain. 
"Inform the masters at once we must get them to safety!" he yelled to the maid who disappeared out of view. Mileetra carried on walking towards her old home... "Men open fire!" The guard captain yelled. 
Mileetra quickly pulled down her hood and removed her cape allowing her to move with ease. 
Her red lightsaber span in a circular motion at amazing speed deflecting the hail of bolts fired upon her. 
One of the guardsmen was hit directly in the head by a reflected baster bolt. 
The others kept on firing... "Blast it all!" The captain spoke in frustration.
Mileetra kept moving towards them... she had closed the gap down enough. "Thats right you fools... its over."
A massive burst of lightning suddenly erupted from Mileetra's Left hand electrocuting and locking the guards in place... they screamed in pain as their flesh crackled and they slowly twitched down to the ground. 
Enraged at his men dying the guard captain charged at Mileetra firing at her with his blaster pistol... she easily deflected the shots away harmlessly. As he ran into range Mileetra delivered a swift kick to the mans stomach stopping him in his  tracks, she then quickly grabbed him by the throat, span round and slammed him into the ground with tremendous force... "Just die..."
She de-activates her staff saber and instead channels lightning into her hand as she clenches it into a fist and brings down a lightning punch on the captains head ending his existence. 

Suddenly a familiar voice caught her ear... "What is the meaning of this outrage!"
A man with a grey beard and his wife appeared outside... Mileetra smiles and turns around. 
"Hello father..."
The man freezes in shock... and his wife cowers at the sight of Mileetra when all became clear. 
"Mil... Mileetra." Than man can barely speak in shock... "We thought you were dead!"
The mans wife pulls at his arm... "Marcus please come back inside I beg you! It cant be her it is some sort of trick!"
Mileetra activates her staff saber... "Ohhh and here I thought you would be happy to see me mother... Oh well... Perhaps Lin will be more happy to see me when she arrives." She chuckles to herself and then coldly looks her father in the eyes. 
"I was dead... always... I was nothing in your eyes, you cast me aside when the Jedi took your precious first born away and then you tried to lock me away and take my own potential away from me... Well I will never live in anyone's shadow again! I am free and now the Nightingale Legacy shall be rewritten and reborn under my legacy..."
"N..n..no. Thats not true we tried to protect you!"
The man stutters. 
"Save it old fool... I just want you dead."
Mileetra suddenly leaps and spirals through the air her lightsaber spinning in an epic display. She lands and lunges her blade forward at her father... "No!" her mother screams, she pulls her husband away but ends up run through by Mileetra's lightsaber herself.
She falls face down dead on the floor her white hair buried in the snow.
The man cries in horror... his sadness quickly turns to rage... "Your crazy twisted little bitch! You are no daughter of mine! I'll kill you!"
He lunges at Mileetra attempting to grab her by the throat... Unfortunately she was easily able to avoid him. Mileetra dodged and got behind her father and plunged her lightsaber into his back.
The man made no sound... he simply stood there for a moment, his head dropped and the rest of him soon followed. 
Mileetra de-activated her lightsaber and walked back over to her cloak, she picked it up from the snow and put it back on, pulling the hood up once more. 
She turned her attention to the buildings of her home... her eyes suddenly glowed red with the power of the dark side, she channelled all her hate all her rage, and began crushing the buildings themselves, bringing them down with the force.
She fired lightning around starting several fires... after several minutes of devastation she stood still. 
Mileetra re-brought her staff saber back into hand as she felt a familiar presence approaching. 

"Hello sister..."
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Bane Of The Nightingales
Part 2
Awakening Of The Storm

The fire and smoke arose into the night sky... Lin'drala had successfully defeated her sister, but she was able to flee.
The damage Mileetra Sought to implement had already been done. 
Their parentage and home had been ultimately destroyed  by this act of the dark side. 
After the sudden lightning flash Mileetra cast at her sister she used the opportunity to flee sensing the odds had abandoned her favour. 
The death of their parents had not broken her enough... Lin'dralas' will was strong, it would not be broken so easily. 
After fleeing into the night Mileetra was able to successfully return to her shuttle. She ascended into orbit and soon after entered hyperspace back to Imperial controlled space. 
She attempted to make contact with Darth Jadus using the ships communications. 
The blue holo image of her master appeared... 
"Master I..."
Mileetra was interrupted before she could continue. "I sense death upon you young Nightingale... do not say any more to me now, I am transmitting co-ordinates to your ship, set course and meet me in person. We shall discuss matters more then." 
Mileetra nodded and obeyed the request. "As you wish my lord..."
The blue image of Jadus vanished and Mileetra entered the new co-ordinates for the ship to travel to.
Mileetra's shuttle emerged from hyperspace at the planet of Mimban. Jadus' flagship was indeed present but the co-ordinates directed her straight down onto the planet itself, it seems on the surface is where her master was waiting for her. 
Her ship descended down through the clouds to a secluded opening, a small imperial base of operations lay present with another command shuttle already present. 
Mileetra's ship touched down and she made her way down the ships landing ramp onto the ground below, there Jadus was already standing waiting for her. 
"I sensed your arrival...  I can feel death on your hands, the hunger from the lives you have taken, but it also seems you were not entirely successful in your mission..."
Mileetra kneels and bows her head before Darth Jadus... "My former parents lay dead and the old estate in ruin... My sister was however much more resilient than I anticipated... It seems the light side of the force is strong within her. "
Jadus turns around and brings his hand to his mask clearly showing a state of thought.
"Yes, yes... I suspected as much. It would seem perhaps the two of you share a higher calling in the force, though it still maybe possible for us to break her in the end... Arise."
He turns back and looks at her as Mileetra rises back onto her feet. 
"At any rate I have summoned you here for a reason... I have made an interesting discovery."
Mileetra looks at her master curious from his words. 
"What would you ask of me my master?" She asks Jadus. 
The dark lord smirks under his mask clearly waiting to take enjoyment at the revelation he has discovered. 
"Close your eyes... feel out with your senses, with the force. Tell me what you feel."
Mileetra closes her eyes and does as she is instructed... At first there is nothing then suddenly it hit her like a tidal wave of mass energy... as if she had been standing in the very eye of a storm which exploded into raging lightning all around. 
Her eyes spring wide open as she gasps from the pleasure of such a sensation...
"Hmmm good... Very impressive, how often something can be missed until one looks beyond the surface." 
"What is it that I felt? What is causing such a disturbance?"
"Come follow me, I shall show you..."
Mileetra followed as Jadus made his way into one of the Imperial buildings, it seems it had been constructed specifically to conceal whatever was hidden inside. 
An opening in the ground had been uncovered. A stone slate that blocked the way had been moved aside revealing a set of stone steps that led down into a cavern below. 
Jadus slowly made his way down the steps, Mileetra followed closely. 
They led down into a long narrow corridor, exploration lights lit up the way for the two of them to follow. 
Carvings and patterns had been crafted into the walls. Jadus pressed on until suddenly the very end of the passage appeared closed by a stone door. 
Jadus stopped dead, and turned to face Mileetra. 
"This is as far as I will go. I have decided what lay inside is for you and you alone."
Had Mileetra not felt the sensation through the force she would assume this was a trap... Perhaps it still could be a trap but the feeling was enough to tempt her curiosity. 
She nodded at Jadus accepting his request that she go on alone.
In response Jadus turned his focus back to the door. He lifted up both of his hands as if he was reaching for the door... Suddenly he began to channel his powers and the whole caverns appeared to tremor and shake. 
Many would assume a ground quake was the cause of a such a huge shift...
A few moments after the tremors ceased completely and there was a sound of a stone grinding against another as the doors slowly opened enough for someone to pass through. Jadus stood to one side and made a gesture with his hand signalling for Mileetra to enter. 
Impressed by the display of her masters power, she made her way past and into the huge chamber that the stone doors led too. 
The chamber was dark with not artificial light appearing present at all. As Mileetra made her way further inside a purple glow appear present in the distance. 
As she grew closer and closer to the glow she began to see what was causing it. 
A purple crystal was floating in the air, as she drew nearer too it still it appeared that there was in fact four crystals present all together.

Mileetra Nightingale Sith Records Strange_weapon_by_lun_art-d6uogxr 

Mileetra approached the crystals, images of a great storm appeared once more in her mind. 
Lightning crashed all around, great sparks of electrical power bounced around the chamber harmlessly.
Still she drew closer and closer to it like a moth to a flame. 
Mileetra reached out her hand and, purple lightning began to envelop around the crystal as the three other crystals that were floating along side of it began to channel a focused flow of lightning into the main one. 
As her hand drew near the crystal reacted, the purple lightning appeared to reach and grip her hand, suddenly the crystal pulled her hand to touch it, she would not have been able to resist even if she had tried to do so. 
Her hand lay upon the crystal... 

An immense blast of energy suddenly emerged as the chamber began to shake all around Mileetra. 
The three other crystals began to glow brightly as their flow of energy into the main crystal rapidly increased. 
The power took hold of Mileetra forcing her arms to spread out wide, the energy took hold of her and suddenly the flow of purple lightning began flowing all over her body, she ascended into the air floating along with the crystals. Even her eyes began to glow purple as the display of flowing energy continued into her.
She felt no pain, the energy did not harm her. The sensation continued to occur until the energy flow of lightning appeared to come to a sudden halt. 
An instant later massive waves of lightning energy began bursting out of Mileetra's hands... the sparkling flow of purple lightning even appeared present inside of her mouth as it flowed over every orifice of her body. 
The room continued to tremor as suddenly the crystals began to crack. 
One by one the three crystals at the back shattered into a million pieces as the main crystal suddenly appeared to split with a huge crack appearing in its centre. 
From its core the glow vanished all for a moment to suddenly exploded out of it throwing Mileetra backwards. 
All lights vanished and the tremors in the room again fell silent, Mileetra was unconscious.
Mileetra appeared on an open grassy plain, she saw the storm for herself clearly as it raged all around her. The storm raged on and grew and grew until suddenly it spread outwards across the entire galaxy, each star exploded as it was touched by the lightning chains... 
Mileetra held out her hand towards the sky and suddenly all the lightning chains that had spread outwards across the galaxy all plunged back down into her... As they hit her Mileetra reawakened. 
She awoke to find herself back on the flagship of Darth Jadus. Her master himself was standing there watching over her. 
"Wh... What happened?" 
Mileetra asked in confusion. Jadus stood silently watching her for a moment before he answered. 
"The crystals you saw in that ancient temple are known as Kaiburr crystals... they are tremendously powerful in the force..."
He explains. "These specific set of crystals seemed more reactive in the force when you arrived... though for how much power they held they were very very well hidden in the force itself. Only when we got close to them could you truly feel the storm of their power... And when you laid your hand upon the crystal, the energy of that storm flew into you... When I witnessed it myself I half expected such power to destroy you, but you remain alive. The crystals themselves all shattered when the event you triggered ended and the blast rendered you unconscious, so I carried you out and brought you back here. You have been in a form of force sleep for several days."
Mileetra sat up listening to Jadus speak, she looked at her hands... a brief flow of the purple lightning flew over them. 
"What did those crystals do to me?" She asks quietly. 
"Their energy flew into you, though perhaps your body is not physically able to unleash the full power inside of you, never the less I sense your powers have greatly increased... master the dark side fully and you will become truly unstoppable. When you face Lin'drala again she will be unable to stand against you."
Mileetra gets off the medical bed and stretches her body after been laid still for several days. 
She feels the new power inside of her...
Jadus speaks once more. "In the mean time, you must construct yourself a new weapon seen as your sister was able to destroy your last lightsaber, you shall find all your require in your quarters. When you are done train and focus yourself to establish your new limitations quickly, the war itself shall take focus for a while before we turn our attention to your sister again. When the time is right she shall come to you... I have seen it."
Mileetra remains  silent taking in everything that has been said, she finally speaks. 
"I shall do as you command my lord."
Jadus nods in approval and makes his way out of the medical room. 
"Perhaps this new flow of energy will help serve my goal of resurrecting the Emperor... the confrontation of the Nightingales seems inevitable, such conflict will serve as fuel for the Emperor to thrive on." 
Jadus thinks to himself as he makes his way back to the bridge.

Mileetra also left the medbay, she made her way to her private chambers. There she found the items her master had requested for her to forge her new weapon. A perfect Hurrikaine crystal would serve as her new weapons core.
She knelt down and let her powers of the dark side flow through her...

The pieces of Mileetra's new staff saber fell perfectly into place as she meditated. 
Purple lightning again emerged all over herself. To most the whole process would have appeared unstable. 
As the two pieces of the hilt merged together over the power crystal Mileetra shocked the core with a quick burst of the energy amplifying the power as it was forged whole. 
She pulled her new weapon into hand with the force and ignited the amplified purple blades. 
"With this weapon I shall strike down all my enemies..." She smiles to herself. 
Within the coming weeks Jadus spent much time testing Mileetra as she would fight against training droids, captured republic prisoners and Jedi or even fellow Sith that Jadus sought to dispose of.
The next time she faced Lin'drala again... she would be ready.

"Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."
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Mastery of the 
 Weapon Of Jadus

Mileetra was knelt down in meditation channelling her power through herself.
The room was in total darkness except for a small glow of red light in front of her. 
A voice emerged present in the room with her. 
"Good... Let your emotions flow through you, let them flow to the source... follow the current let it go deep... deep... look into your heart and see the true darkness you can unleash."
A purple flow of lighting emerged over Mileetra... the sparks crackled and fizzed violently as she continued to channel her powers. 
"The test shall begin... Send in the combat droids." Jadus commanded. 
Four doors around the chamber immediately flew open, two droids came from each wielding training sabers and electrical staffs. 
All of the droids charged at Mileetra who remained knelt down in meditation. 
Closer and closer the droids drew to her until they were all around her.
As one of the droids went to strike, Mileetra suddenly leaped into the air and back flipped over two of the droids also activating her lightsaber in the process. 
Her purple blade moved in a beautiful circular pattern in the air as she empowered her lightning into it. 
Upon completing her back flip Mileetra came down and impaled her lightsaber into the ground and lightning flew across the floor at the droids who had stacked up around her original position in the middle of the room.
The lightning shock wave connected with all of the droids totally annihilating their power cells and processor cores, they each fell back de-activated. 
A smirk came across Mileetra's face as she stood there, her new saber staff still activated in hand. 
"Most impressive..." Jadus spoke. "But anyone with even a quarter of your power could dispatch those droids with ease..."
Two hooded figures silently entered the room, they took their places opposite Mileetra looking her up and down. 
"Lord Vestress and Lord Gurt should be far more of a challenge..."
Jadus turns to the two Sith lords. "Destroy her."
"With pleasure Lord Jadus..." Gurt answered... "This will be far too easy." Vestress replied. 
Gurt activated both of his lightsabers wielding a blue and red blade in each hand. 
Vestress did exactly the same except the colour of the blade he wielded in each hand was the opposite to that of Gurts. 
Mileetra stood silently in amusement at this fancy display. 
"We are brothers and with are combined power we shall rip you apart..."
Both the hooded men suddenly charged at Mileetra, running with both their lightsabers scrapping along the floor along the way. 

As they drew close to her both the Sith brothers leap in perfect sync and try to bring down their lightsabers upon Mileetra expecting to immediately force her onto the defensive.
Mileetra quickly hits Gurt with a force push sending him flying backwards while Vestress continued his decent but his attack was met by that of Mileetra's own lightsaber. 
As their lightsabers were locked Vestress began trying to overpower her, unfortunately for him Mileetra was very good at fighting dirty...
She unleashed a quick lightning spark at his face, the blast from it impacted into both of the mans eyes instantly blinding him with antagonising pain. 
Vestress screamed stepping backwards and dropping both of his lightsabers in response... Mileetra span her staff saber quickly and ran the blade through his chest before quickly removing it again and delivering a swift spinning kick to the man's head sending him to the ground lifeless. 
"No!" Gurt yelled out enraged at his brothers death. He started running at Mileetra and unleashed a duel saber throw at her. 
Both the blades span rapidly through the air in a circular motion.
Mileetra de-activated her own weapon and skilfully ran at them, she dropped down onto her knees leaning back as the blade harmlessly passed over above her. 
She span around quickly gripping hold of both of the lightsabers with the force and quickly cast them back at Lord Gurt. 
"Arggghhh!" The man screamed as each lightsaber hit its mark slicing off both of his arms.
Suddenly he began to choke as Mileetra lifted him up into the air choking him with the dark side... 
"You were correct, that was... easy."
A cold smile came across her face, instead of breaking Gurt's neck and ending it quickly she unleashed a storm of lightning at him using her spare hand. 
She watched in a terrible pleasure as the cocky Sith lord was massacred by her powers.
After several antagonising moments of pain Gurt was dead and Mileetra cast his lifeless corpse aside like a rag doll. 
The chamber lay littered with the smoking remains of the dead Sith brothers and destroyed droids. 
Jadus himself entered the room slowly clapping his hands...
"Indeed you are powerful, you are mastering your new gifts well..."
Mileetra clenched her hand into a fist as the sparks of power flew over her hand. 
Suddenly she turned around a fired a blast of her lightning at Jadus. 
The Darth quickly responded with immense speed... bringing his red lightsaber into hand igniting it and shielding himself from the attack. 
The dark lord laughs in amusement.  Mileetra re-ignites her purple staff saber... 
"Getting far ahead of ourselves are we... come then I shall offer you a true challenge!"

Mileetra charges at her master who simply stands still before her holding his lightsaber in one hand. 
She attempts to strike at him several times but Jadus appears to defend and counter harmlessly. 
He sweeps a low slash at her in response Mileetra leaps over him, as she attempts to plunge her lightsaber into his back Jadus turns and moves away at immense speed hitting her with a powerful lighting blast of his own. 
Mileetra jumps back rotating her staff saber to defend herself against the lightning managing to re-direct it upwards, she lands back down on her feet.
Jadus stands waiting in anticipation simply with his lightsaber pointed at her displaying a taunting posture. 
Mileetra leaps into the air and sends two lightning balls at Jadus but he simply waves his hand and they fly into the wall of the chamber. 
He grips her while she is in mid air and attempts to slam her down onto the floor.
The sudden pull into the ground knocked the air out of her but Mileetra was again able to land on her feet and keep her balance. 
"Hmmm..." Jadus looks her up and down for a brief moment. 
"Is that all you have... child."
Mileetra smirks at Jadus. "I am just getting started."
She charges at Jadus once again spinning both the blades at him attempting to get past his defence.  
This time as Jadus blocks from her attacks he counters and goes on the offensive delivering a swift back hand strike. 
The hit made Mileetra turn quickly but still she was able to keep her balance. 
Both of their lightsabers clashed together again and again in a blurry motion of purple and red.
Suddenly Jadus was able to over power Mileetra using a defensive disarm which sent her staff saber flying out of her hands. 
As he brought his own lightsaber down upon her Mileetra managed to dodge his attack, she threw a punch hitting Jadus in the side of his mask causing him to grunt in annoyance. 
Mileetra jumps and kicks off Jadus back flipping and pushing both him and herself away.
Before she lands she fires a quick shock at Jadus lightsaber which sends his weapon flying out of his hand. 
Jadus could not help but feel slightly impressed from the display of her rising potential, but all the same it was time to show his student the full power of the dark side... 
"You have learned much that is clear, but this has gone on for long enough."
Jadus channels the power over his body... lightning begins to flow down his arms into both of his hands. 
Mileetra does the same a rapid flow of energy and sparks fly all over her body. 
Both master and apprentice in synchronised timing unleashed their force lighting at the other. 
The lightning locked and clashed together both sides trying to push back at the other. 
Jadus was surprised to see their powers were appearing equal. 
Mileetra's eyes suddenly began to glow an extremely bright purple as her powers approached a charged climax. 
Jadus watched as her lightning began to slowly push back his... 
"Impossible..." He thought to himself.
Mileetra continued to push her own lightning and Jadus'all back towards him, it seemed she had the advantage. 
Unfortunately for her, Jadus had studied at the hands of the Emperor himself... Been impressed by her display quickly transformed into annoyance of how daring she had become.

Jadus fury arose beyond all measure as he summoned the power of the Emperor to himself dispersing the furious amount of force lightning away.
A dark red glow emerges from him as he reaches out with the dark side and takes hold of Mileetra... Her eyes no longer glow purple and he forces her down onto her knees using pure dark side energy.
"Ughh.... Ughh...." She struggles but is totally overwhelmed unable to break free of her masters crushing grip. 
An evil laugh echoes through the chamber not from Jadus or Mileetra. 
"Yeeeeessssss.... such power... soon I shall return! Muahahahahaha! All life shall be mine! The stars shall all be mine again!"
The voice of power continues to echo out in laughter for a few moments longer, before suddenly vanishing... besides the destruction already caused the chamber returns to normal.
Jadus stand before Mileetra who was still on her knees. She drops onto her hands and bows in submission to the display of such power. 
Jadus summons his lightsaber into hand and activates it, with Mileetra laid at his feet at his mercy he brings his weapon down as if he was about to finish her.
Though suddenly his lightsaber stopped ignited above her head, Darth Jadus spoke.
"You are a worthy disciple... now you know the true extent of our goals and the power that I wield. Know while you serve me you shall have the Emperor's favour but betray me and his wrath and my own shall destroy you in more ways than you can possibly imagine."
Jadus de-activates his weapon and attaches it onto his belt. 
"I, understand... my master."
Mileetra slowly gets back up onto her feet. 
"Return to your quarters and recover... I shall call upon you soon."
Jadus turns and walks out of the chamber. 
Mileetra holds out her hand and pulls her staff saber back to herself, she quickly exits the room. 
"All life in the galaxy..." She thought to herself.
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Return From Tython 
Personal log entry

Beginning personal transmission...
Transmission activated: 

My dispatch to Tython has proven successful... how the Jedi failed to detain me is almost laughable beyond belief. 
I felt my sister's presence there but it I did not come across her in person... A shame. 
Perhaps I would have been able to end her life before any of the fools even knew I was there. 
Still the Jedi seem to have a knack for sensing each other when you kill them. Perhaps doing so would have surely resulted in my own death, but it is no matter. 

I successfully recovered the relic Darth Jadus sought for me to uncover, you would think the Jedis so called secret hidden home world would be more secure. 
They claim the light is stronger than the dark side yet they were unable to stop me. 
Ironically, the one I believe to be my sisters padawan did discover me during my escape. 
This surprises me even more that Lin herself did not pick up on the fact that I was there. I can only assume she was distracted by some other purpose. 

My master has kept only a few tabs on the goings on of her missions and crew... 
I was even able to catch sight of the Vigilance Beacon itself, given more time perhaps I could have sabotaged its system but a lass, Darth Jadus made it extremely clear that the recovery of this relic was the only objective on this assignment.

Perhaps the war truly has taken a toll on the Jedi manpower present on Tython, I was able to render a few temple guards and a Jedi librarian unconscious without detection. 
Are they so blinded by the so called light? *sighs.* 
It was not until I ran out with the relic I was sent here for that anyone suspected anything at all. 

Another young Jedi seemed to take notice of me and raised the alarm. 
A pink twi'lek made chase after me... the one I feel is the student of Lin'drala. 
This padawan was able to catch upto me as I made my escape but she was unable to defeat me in combat. 
I was tempted to take her life then but it would be no fun if Lin was not there to watch her own student die at my hands. After knocking her unconscious I made good of my escape.  

I sense perhaps I may yet get another chance to end her life... Especially with my masters plan to break my sister and use the conflict to help fuel the Emperor's return. 
I have been in the presence of many powerful Sith but I cannot help and think back to Jadus showing me his true power... 
I have no choice but to serve my master for now. To disobey would mean certain death... I would simply be another victim sacrificed to fuel the Emperor. 

My master is taking full advantage of the situation, our enemies are distracted by the return of the Dread masters. 
They may prove a threat to the Empire as well as the Republic but he has already designed a plan to undo them should they threaten our goal. 
While my sister and her allies wage their battle against them, my master has discovered something else on my home world of Alderaan. 
Greatly secluded in what I know to be one of the least explored parts of that world. 
If nothing else serving him will indulge my own curiosity as well as keep me alive for a while longer.

Transmission end...
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OOC: Keep up the good work I love to read this
Reward: +25 xp

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Calming The Storm
Alteration of Destiny?

As Lin'drala carried her sister away to safety the facility in the mountain was ultimately destroyed. The dark relic of Exar Khun had been utterly vanquished allowing all the souls of so many trapped victims at last to become free and merge with the force. 
This covered the mountain in mass force energy allowing an old friend to appear before her student... One last time. 

Zemalia had come to Lin'drala though her goal was not merely to wish her a final farewell. 
She sensed the great darkness that lingered within Mileetra. 
Mileetra herself who was still unconscious from her defeat and the drugs induced to her had been laid down safely on the ground. 
As the ghost of Zemalia visited Lin'drala she approached Mileetra holding her hand above her feeling with the force. 

"Mileetra... I know you can hear me..."
She heard the voice of a woman, but as she opened her eyes she saw nothing but darkness.
"Who is there! Show yourself!" Mileetra yelled in anger. 
"What Jedi trickery is this! Show yourself and I promise I shall consider making your death painless."
"Such... anger... Such... Hate. Poor child. For so long you have been consumed by darkness that you can no longer see. Let it go... embrace peace."
Suddenly there was a flicker of light... slowly it grew and grew. A Mirilian Jedi stood before Mileetra her gaze penetrating deep into her soul. 
"You... Peace is a lie Jedi! The Sith know this to be true."
Mileetra channels lightning into her hands. "You took my sister from me, your precious order of imbeciles and fools... But I shall keep my word. Embrace your own destruction!" 
Mileetra unleashes her force storm of lightning at the Mirilian Jedi. 
Zemalia stands still, she does nothing... the lightning passes through her harmlessly as if she was not there at all. 
Mileetra gasps and stops seeing it take no effect. 

"I am afraid you cannot harm me... No more than a shadow can harm the figure that casts it. So corrupted you must be, unable to sense the truth of where you are."
Zemalia points at Mileetra, Mileetra herself stands still for a moment. The realisation suddenly hits her.
"You're inside my head! Impossible I felt you die!" Her fist clenches 
Zemalia brings her own hand back down. "Yes... and no... Your mind has been damaged by the explosion that rendered you unconscious, I am a manifestation of the living force. Your master failed to foresee what consequences his actions would have should he fail... and fail he has." 
Mileetra's hands bury her face for a moment she wishes to believe it a trick but slowly she comes to understand that she know it is true. 
"So... Darth Jadus is destroyed along with his precious relic, the power of the Emperor in his hands and yet still he failed..."
Zemalia stands calmly with both of her hands together. 
"Yes. No matter how great or powerful the darkness aspires itself to be, ultimately it will always fail. For all your deceptions, your plotting, your power. Your sisters companions defeated you. Lin'drala has always cared for you and you shall exploit this no longer."
Mileetra looked at both her hands.
"A momentary victory for the Jedi is all this is... You cannot stop what is to come. The Emperor shall return. All life shall be devoured by his essence. He shall blacken every star in this galaxy and as the last pathetic life force is consumed, he shall ascend to true transcendence and immortality. He cannot be stopped."
Zemalia shakes her head. 
"The Emperor is but a twisted manifestation of the dark side, he like your master will be vanquished by the light side in the end. The will of the force is not to be consumed by one powerful mad man. He shall fail just as Jadus and you have."
Mileetra laughs, "Even in death you Jedi are such fools... I have felt and witnessed his power first hand. Anything your Jedi throw at him he will crush with ease. My sister and her crew may have defeated me in combat but she has made the mistake of sparing my life. I shall awaken and I shall kill her." 
The Mirilian Jedi master looks upon Mileetra with pity.
"I cannot allow that, as I feared your very will allows itself to be corrupted by darkness... but as I told you your mind was damaged."
Zemalia lifts up her hand and motions as if she was going to force push Mileetra back.
Suddenly purple lightning begins to flow out of Mileetra's hands into the force ghost who appears to absorb it. 
"Wha... What are you doing!"
A smile comes across Zemalia's face 
"One last good action... it is time for you to face your own redemption child. Your sister has always been my greatest success, her dedication to the light out shines many of my own failings. 
Your power... your hatred it shall all be forgotten. The time has come to embrace your salvation from the dark side."
"No! No!"
Mileetra yelled out but the energy in the form of lightning continued to flow out of her. 
"Do not be afraid, you shall have no memory of this encounter. Your family and the force shall yet remain. But your time under the cloak of the dark side is over. When you awaken you shall truly be free."
Mileetra's eyes began to blur out as the stream of energy into Zemalia's hand finally came to a stop... slowly the blackness re took form over her eyes completely and Zemalia could no longer be seen. "The... The... Force... Shall Free... Me..."
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So that's how it happened. Interesting and approved.
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